About Billie…

Once upon a time there was a small girl child who ran bare foot and wild with her dog Pip and the company of trees who were everywhere, like towering, kind guardians. The trees and the stones, the rivers,  the mountains and the animals all had feelings and words which she understood.  There was a lot of pain for them.  And for her.  Because she was part of them and they of her.  There was no separation.

I wish I could tell you I was brought up by faerie, or discovered by an old Druid or shaman or woman of High Degree.  But no.  I was just called “too sensitive”, and made to feel like I was wrong somehow and didn’t fit in.  But before I was ten I found my voice and tried to tell the grown ups around me that all life was precious.  It didn’t go down well.  I couldnt understand how they didn’t feel what I did.

I knew would be a writer or a vet by the time I was 10.  I was always journalling and writing poems.  I loved animals.  I knew my future.  But not the path. Nor the outcome.

I became a journalist with a huge interest in entertainment.. (was an entertainment journalist for years) . I also studied a wide variety of healing modalities  It gave me a perspective for my vision of the world.  Even though I never wanted to hang out my shingle as a healer, I saw the world through a healer’s eyes.  I also saw a possible future of peace.  Not just for humans, but the animals and trees and natural world which I loved so much. I held a vision and everything I did contributed to that vision –the indigenous prophecy of peace.  I saw it as Deep Peace for All Species.

Along the way I wrote for all kinds of magazines as a photo journalist and journalist, wrote children’s books and for children’s TV, (Network 9’s Hi-5 and Cushion Kids) wrote for stage and stand up comedy, performed sketches and improv with my beloved husband the word wizard Andrew Einspruch,  did community radio, made indie films, won a small Best Actress for an indie feature film I wrote, directed and took the lead role in. (Finding Joy) And followed that up with some indie, no budget docs. (7Days with 7Dogs, This Sacred Earth: the 2012 Phenomenon)

At the same time I wondered what kind of human I was, and found myself studying with all manner of shaman, healers, mystics and druids. I learned so so much.  I realised my non-human perspective wasn’t that common. I was happiest with the unseen and the natural world.  My Celtic blood sang through my veins.  The faerie claimed me as one of their own, And I wanted to help others understand the old language so humans could live more lightly, and remember that our Mother was a living being. And we were deeply connected to nature and all the realms. Life was magical. Our natural state was joy and love.  And peace.

So I helped others with my gift of interspecies telepathy and became known as an animal shaman, working for clients around the globe. I did that for four decades.  I actually never quite meant that to happen.  I thought I was supposed to be a filmmaker. But doing that work heightened my psychic perception and that fuelled my writing.  I wrote my signature book  Secret Animal Business and taught around Australia and overseas.

Today I realise my view of the world is an important one for the narrative because humans have lost their way, and they need new stories  to become one with the Earth again and to understand how everything ripples.

I was guided to the land I now live on to be Her custodian and build an ark.. a safe place of peace for animals who called to be here. We could be Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary.  Or we could be Little Avalon, floating in between dimensions powered by the peace of the souls who come here, experiencing true safety, love and their own sovereignty.. a glimpse of the future.. of the vision I hold. An earth of the higher realms. The new earth.

In the 3 D world  you might call me an animal advocate, vegan, writer and teacher for social change, visionary, animal shaman, sanctuary person, scriptwriter, poet, counter culture queen,  founder of the social change charity Deep Peace Trust , and it’s enormous farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, founder of Wyld Shamanism and  co-founder with Andrew  of  the vegan-friendly story studio Wild Pure Heart.

But in the New Earth I am simply Billie the Bush Elf Bard. Someone who loves to tell stories, visually and with the written word, feels deeply for animals and nature and is called to nurture and protect these sacred Beloveds.   May both the works, inspire.

Andrew and I have been on the journey together for over 30 years.  I’m so blessed with him and our adult daughter Tamsin who currently helps us keep the sanctuary going.  We all live the path of the heart,  honouring the ancients and the unseen in a ramshackle 130 year old weatherboard house called Owl Cottage who we share with a one-legged goose called Gwen, several dogs and loads of cats. And the various sheep and goats who burst in looking for treats1 Every day you’ll find us busy tending the mundane – feeding out hay, tending the sick, cleaning cat litter, shovelling manure, fixing fences and pipes, doing the washing and cleaning, taking photographs of beauty.. and writing our stories. But the mundane is always magical and enchanted  when you wind in the bright threads of the mystic .Every day is beauty.

Thanks for you for your interest. May your life be enriched, always enchanted, and filled with the blessings of light, love and laughter. And may you always enjoy a slice of vegan chocolate cake, and a hot mug of chai!

Billie xxx

Billie Dean and Erin

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.



Montana with Billie, January 2011

Don Francisco and Billie Dean

Clea with Billie

Clea, February 2011 to September 19, 2011, with Billie

Billie Dean Teaching

Billie Dean with Thunder at Stonehenge

Billie Dean with Thunder at Stonehenge

Billie Dean and WillowBillie Dean and Finnian the brumby

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat

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