The Magic of Solstice – Word on the Wind

June 20, 2014

Here’s my latest Word on the Wind Energy Alert video. In “The Magic of Solstice,” I talk about taking pause for the ancient celebration of solstice, and welcoming the return of the light.

As always, if you have something you’d like me to talk about, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is the author of Secret Animal Business, and an internationally known interspecies telepath with an innate ability to commune with animals and the natural world. Billie brings together an eclectic body of shamanic and Celtic native wisdom, metaphysics and more than 30 years experience as a professional animal communicator, shaman and alternative healing practitioner. She blends this into what she calls the New Shamanism, a gentle path that embraces deep reverence and respect for animals and all of nature.


  1. Monika Hollander says:

    Hi Billie, Can you give us the actual date of the different solstices. Thank you. Monika.

  2. Off topic I know Billie but I just wanted to say how amazing this turquoise green looks on you. Beautiful. Just like you.

    Wishing you many blessings over this solstice weekend.

    Nicole xox

  3. Mary Gill says:

    Thank you Billie for the wonderful video. I will also be sending even more love to my beautiful Boy Zeus, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a week ago. He was, like all animals, one very special and much loved doggy. Sadly, he lost his battle with Cushings, though I have been blessed with more ‘bonus’ time than anyone my vets or I have known a dog to have who was diagnosed with Cushings. Although I miss his physical presence, I know beyond any shadow of doubt he is well and happy in the Summerland, free from pain and can run fast and free, bark loudly and have fun. In the middle of crying my eyes out I felt a peace and calm which no words can describe and I just ‘knew’ it was Zeus, telling me he was safe and well.

    Love and Blessings for the Solstice and always xxxxxxxxx

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