Energy Alert – From Grand Sextile to Grand Sextile

July 31, 2013 As there is so much going on in the world and in the heavens right now, I want to help everyone stay connected because there is a new way of doing things in the new energies and we really need not to be going through this new time alone. There are a lot of people still processing their stuff physically and emotionally.  So please remember to be gentle with them, and only ever use kind words  Words carry enormous power to hurt or to heal, and as the world is the way it is through hurt, pain, fear, and suffering, let’s turn the tables and simply express as much loving kindness as we can. Imagine the world if everyone simply acted from loving kindness. It would make a huge change, just through this one action. The doorway is currently wide open for consciousness to be made manifest and  this doorway will stay open through the month of August, where there is another Grand Sextile on the 25th. Someone mentioned to me the last time there was this kind of astrology, World … [Read more...]