News from A Place of Peace – January 2012

January 22, 2012 It's late here at A Place of Peace, the rain falls gently, and when we step outside, we're greeted by the gentle knicker of a wild mother mare who recognises us as "The Ones Who Bring Food".   It's time for their last meal of the day, and the garden has been turned into a nursery for three mother mares and their little filly foals.  The house yard is quite large, and they go under the pine trees and the Hawthorn Tree, the little ones racing around with their tiny tails stuck high in the air.   They are so beautiful, and growing up in complete security, knowing that if they can't find mum, aunty is close by.  The mares are great mums, and very proud of their babies.  I shudder when I think these foals may never have been born, and their terrified mothers, killed horrifically in slaughter houses which should be shut down forever. During the day the wild horses graze peacefully in three herds.  Merlin the stallion has his herd which includes the baby colts … [Read more...]

Brumby Rescue Video

Andrew and I put together a short video about our work with brumby rescue here. We hope you enjoy it. The glorious music is "Behind Your Eyes" by Susan Raven. We are incredibly grateful to her for her permission to use the song, and we encourage you to go to her web site and check out more of her music. … [Read more...]

Kossie Brumbies Arrive at Ballyoncree

July 15, 2011 Suddenly, late last Wednesday night, we got the call from NSW Parks and Wildlife that our brumbies had walked into the traps. 15 of them, including three pregnant mares. They wanted to deliver them on Saturday, and I had to leave on Sunday with Tamsin for her writing course in Sydney. It felt like really bad timing. High winds had blown trees down across fences, the yards needed re securing and we had no meadow hay – yet. I couldn’t sense the stallion I had been communing with down in North Kossi, and my sense of the herd that was trapped was that they were waiting for my decision. They had gone inward.   It was very curious. They didn’t feel like the family who had asked to come to me. And that put me in a huge dilemma. If they weren’t mine, then what about the promise I made to the stallion who had contacted me? If I took these horses, I wouldn’t be able to support the ones who had contacted me as well. And as a shaman, it is vital to me that I keep my … [Read more...]

Ballyoncree News – June 2011

The Ballyoncree Diaries Solar Eclipse - June 1, 2011 Something pushed me awake.  I lay in bed, desperate to return to sleep.  I’d only had a few hours.  “Dusty,” I thought.  He had woken me up in that silent world of telepathy. I put my psychic attention onto the dog who slept in the office, the one who travelled away from us yesterday after one of his turns.  His heart had still beat weakly, but Dusty was not at home. I’d done a healing with him, reaching for Source and allowing the Divine energy of Light and Love to do whatever was needed for Highest Good.  And I’d left him, finally, on a cosy blue knit patchwork covered with a soft baby blanket, feeling so grateful for the donations of both of these and the kind generosity of the people who supported us this way. Our blanket collection had been getting thin. As I went to record his condition in the Ballyoncree animal health book, I noticed the words ARS ALB 1M.  This is a homeopathic I use often for horses needing to make … [Read more...]