Shamanic Healings

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What I Do

I now offer Andean shamanic healing as phone or Skype consultations, and already have clients all over Australia and around the world.

My work is multi-dimensional, and helps remove the entities and blocks which are in the way of you moving forward in your health and life. Shamanic healing works on the luminous energy field, clearing the sludge and denser energies, illuminating the chakras, and returning lost soul parts.

This returns lightness and vitality to the client, and allows the physical body more freedom to heal itself.

In life, there is healing and there is curing. One may effect a “cure” but not necessarily a return to wholeness. This return to wholeness is the healing I desire for my clients, and for the planet.

The techniques used are gentle and effective methods of healing from the medicine men and women of the high Andes in Peru.

I am a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School and hold much gratitude for my teachers Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Linda Fitch.

In recent years, my Soul Retrievals have evolved into Shamanic Story Reweaving, healing multiple timelines and souls at the same time. This is necessary for the time we find ourselves in now, where healing the past and coming into wholeness is essential.

My healings are always assisted by gentle Medicine People  in spirit. And I give deep thanks to them for all their assistance.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.  It is my goal as a healer to always leave people feeling uplifted with new insights and maps to consider and embrace for a way forward!

“The soul retrieval that came through during my shamanic healing with Billie was so relevant to what I am experiencing right now in this lifetime. In healing this part of my past , I am now able to move forward with understanding, forgiveness and compassion for the situation I find myself in at the moment. Billie’s teachings and messages are filled with hope, love and joy.  I will forever be grateful to this incredible person, who works so tirelessly and passionately to achieve deep peace for all species.” — S.P.  WA Australia

How it Works

The session normally takes roughly one to one-and-half-hours, and as mentioned above, we do it live by Skype or phone. It is important that you have a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted for the whole time we are working together. You should also allow some time to integrate afterwards. Please have a pen and paper with you for taking notes at the end, where we discuss new maps to ground in the work for lasting transformation.

Since my healing with Billie, parts of the old me – the positive optimistic, motivated and  laughter-loving me (and more) – are beginning to surface and I feel I am returning to who I inherently am.  It is all happening in a quiet but sure manner.  This healing has been a turning point for me in that I feel I now have the opportunity to move forward to achieve what I know will be the next chapter in my journey.

 Billie Dean’s light shines true and she walks this Earth with integrity and compassion, and her gifts are many which she generously shares with others.  Her healing is a special gift you can give to yourself to help you evolve and grow in this lifetime – after all, isn’t that why we are all here? — Dolour Bigg, WA, Australia

How to Book and Cost

If we have not yet spoken or emailed about a session, please use the contact form to get in touch and let me know you are interested. We can talk about scheduling a suitable time when we both are available.

The cost of a session is $300. My preference is for payment by EFT if you are in Australia, and I can provide you EFT details when you get in touch. If you prefer not to EFT, or if you are outside Australia, please use the Paypal button below for the payment. Once your payment is received, we can confirm the time.

Shamanic Healing with Billie Dean

What People are Saying

Thank you for the amazing work you did for me, I felt as though I couldn’t move forward and there were huge blockages keeping me stuck and not able to move. It was like be frozen in chaos and turmoil. The energy work you did was incredible it lifted the cloud of despair and the feeling of total bliss and happiness returned. The forgiveness piece we did has shifted something within my heart centre that has been holding me back for a very long time.

With all my gratitude thank you, thank you.. I feel protected and safe, you are an angel and the powerful work you did for me has brought such peacefulness within my soul, there are no words to express the lightness of my heart. Bless you….— Sandi Hay, Alberta, Canada

From the time (22 years ago) the father of my three children died, my mental, emotional and physical health began to deteriorate. I went to Doctors, Naturopaths and had Healing sessions, psychic readings, Reiki, reconnection, etc. and have been in and out of hospital. If one symptom improved it was replaced by another. I always felt drained and my energy level continued to fall, developing into diabetes. I could not heal, no matter what I tried.

I had a shamanic healing session with Billie over the phone. I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. I am more peaceful. My body is beginning to heal. I have more energy. I can now start something and stick to it. The mental and emotional negativity is no longer in control of my life. I now feel I have a choice and I am not fighting an internal battle for my life. I believe whatever type of healing you receive from the Shaman, Billie Dean, you will be glad and happy that you experienced the healing. I am very grateful to Billie and Spirit for my Healing! — Anna Curby, Western Australia, Australia