I think stories shape and define us. Right now there is so much global unrest and we need writers who tell positive stories to take us out of the dark and into the light of enchanted realms.  Stories which give us hope and direction for the future, and help mend our battered hearts and souls. This is the intention behind all my work.  To help people walk a higher path, to soar, to connect deeply, to remember their ancient roots, to bridge the worlds.

These days my interest is in softening the edges between the worlds and helping people remember that the world isn’t the mundane place we have been led to believe. I want to encourage people to be kinder to all animals and to each other, and to envision an age of delight where no being walks in fear.

Once upon a time, Celtic travelling bards were told stories by the earth as they walked, the rivers who sang, the trees, the stones and the animals. Ancient shamanic storytellers would be “stalked” by a story which wanted to be told. Modern bards still tap into the mystical Awen, the well of inspiration which wraps its loving arms around them as they type or perform.

My signature work is my book Secret Animal Business, which is drawn from my decades as an international animal shaman, and includes my vision for peace for the planet through adopting kindness and compassion towards all animals, and indeed, all life.

This is the book that led me to become a global leader, speaker and teacher on the subject of animal spirituality.

Fans have told me that Secret Animal Business literally changes their lives, and has them reading till the wee hours. In it are not only stories  of animal sentience and psychic ability, but practical tips,  suggestions and lessons for how to listen to the universal silent language and  walk in the world with beauty and reverence. It is of course recommended reading if you are taking my on-line class in animal shamanism.

This year I’ve been writing the screenplay for The Return of Arthur, which will also be a book.  For this I delved into esoteric texts to link the faerie connections to the Arthur mystery and legends.  I’m really excited about this project. The book will  be out in 2018.

Currently I’m working on Spiritual Wildness, the book of the course I developed in 2016. Again my research and Awen took me across the veil to meet with ancient wise Elvin Fae folk with humanity’s best interests at heart.  If you want to help make the world a better place, this is the book for you.

This year I’m also working on completing my book for my long -awaited Fae card deck.  The tone of this has changed a few times since  they first suggested I write it, but now we are both happy and are planning to launch the cards in 2018.  This is very exciting.  The cards are all infused with a very high resonance and the delightful light of artist Chris Leefe. Just holding them lifts your spirits.

For my thoughts, rants and rambles about the current state of humanity, the cosmos, the fae, kindness, peace, love and cocoa or  how to turn the world upside down (or right way up), please follow my blog, From the Edge.

If you love animals and nature and want to follow  my reports on sustainability and sanctuary life, please go to the deeppeacetrust.com website.

And finally—here’s a very simple bardic poem I wrote::

Out My Window

Wild horses eating their hay,

Majestic wattles keeping the heat at bay.

A green carpet and cloud-dotted blue sky,

I could stay for hours, watching the world go by.

Billie Dean

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