Wisdom School

Welcome to Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers

This is a Mystery School to help people remember ancient whisperings and ways to walk the path of life with medicine, harmony and right relations.  It helps students walk with beauty, takes them further towards the Age of Delight, and much more deeply connected to nature, animals and the unseen.

I pass these teachings down from the Inka shaman through the Four Winds Society, through the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, through the Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, through shaman Lynn Andrews and Denise Linn and mostly through animals, the trees, the stones, the earth, the rivers,the elementals, the Wild Elfin Fae  and my spiritual grandparents on the other side. 

Animal Shamanism Level One and Level Two

Animal Communication, introduction to the elemental kingdom, shamanic journeying, walking in beauty and understanding death and dying. We have a private Facebook group for students to share and gather in a safe space.

30 Days of Spiritual Wildness and Deepening the ReWilding

These two classes help people get closer to their authentic self, ditching programming, inspiring them to find their truth , follow their heart and wind more meaning and magical moments into their life. We have a private Facebook group for students to share and gather in a safe space for this too.

Live Events

These days I occasionally do live teaching. These are rare but magical events where the gathered energy of the attendees and the portal we open together, makes the Age of Delight come alive. 


We're working out the details of the new store, and are getting the items in place. If something looks wonky, or you can't find something, send an email to info@billiedean.com, and we'll look into it. Cheers, Andrew Dismiss