My first self-produced feature film was Finding Joy, an award winning independent different kind of romance about a woman following her dreams, and how she succeeds when she takes in a stray dog.

This film was shot completely in the rural town of Braidwood,NSW using a soundtrack of Canberra and regional musicians.

It was the second film in Australia after Redball, to be made completely digitally. And it was the first film in Australia to be digitally distributed, advertised and screened.

The Melbourne critics loved it and it ran for seven weeks in Melbourne. It was also screened in Canberra and regionally. It was picked up by Hollywood producer Stephen Simon to launch his home entertainment business The Spiritual Cinema Circle, seen in 60 countries and was his best selling feature for two years. Stephen’s agenda was to screen films which made people feel better about being human. Finding Joy met that expectation and many fans reported that it changed their lives, saved their marriages, helped them get through tough times .. and they related very much to Raffi the dog. And the woman who was his friend.  They loved the world we created on the screen.

Raffi incidentally, turned up at our place as a homeless dog, just when I was writing the screenplay. After we took him in, I realised he was incredibly smart and born to be an actor. We never trained him. He just did what he did naturally, and improvised to make the film even more warm hearted.

I wrote, directed, acted in and co-produced this film, and won an AFTI Best Actress Award for the lead role of Joy.

After that I made a couple of documentaries which you can read about on our film and book production company website, Wild Pure Heart.

Films in Development

I have a large slate of 12 film and TV scripts in varying degrees of development They are all family-friendly, non-violent films with a touch of magic or mystic, for a target audience of women 40 plus, and a niche of  people who want intelligent, thoughtful, gentle films representing their interest in metaphysics, magic, the unseen, the enchanted and the extra-ordinary.  Many of  these scripts have already received development funding from various Australian funding bodies.

I am currently turning them all into books, as well as pitching them for screen development. Private donors and investors can please send an email to

We are independent filmmakers and will go ahead and get the job done. If we had waited for screen industry approval for Finding Joy, it would never have been made. Instead we broke through barriers, and pioneered a new way of making and distributing films. We already have a team of  AFI award winning crew and are in alliance with a savvy distribution company.  We can make stories come alive.

Why our films, and why now?
The world is in terrible crisis and I fully believe that people today need nurturing films that give them hope, inspiration and humour. We need strong women and gentle men to be depicted on the screen, and stories that, as Stephen Simon says, make people feel better about being human. All my stories do that. My agenda for writing is always to increase understanding of the edges of reality and make the world a better, kinder, gentler  place, safe for all species.

The Return of Arthur
Arthur Pendragon returns from Avalon in this modern day romance about finding and living your passion.

For this story I dug deep into esoteric thought about the King Arthur mysteries and legends.  And the mysterious Isle of Avalon.

Thanks to a grant from ACT Arts and Screen Funding, the story was developed with international story developer Stephen Cleary  who called it “startingly original and funny.”

Second draft treatment.

The Farmer

A feature film about a fourth generation farmer who wakes up one morning to find the souls of legendary poets and philosophers  inhabiting his cows and sheep. He is the only person who can hear them. And it ruins his life.

First draft screenplay

This screenplay was developed through a Screen Canberra initiative for Low Budget Feature Films, led by international story developer Stephen Cleary.  It was in the top 10 of the 40 scripts developed and won our company Wild Pure Heart a trip to the Cannes Film Market to pitch to international sales agents.

A Slice of Heaven: (TV series)

A professional couple make a tree change. And they don’t like it.

This is a comedy with punch and heart.

Pilot script written and series outline.

Mystic Hearts

A feature film about how the spirit of a horse returns to  help the woman who loved him, heal from her loss.

Script edited by AWGIE award winner Christopher Lee, thanks to a grant from ACT Arts.

First draft screenplay.

We have many other scripts and ideas in various stages of development for youth and women.  If you are interested in supporting the Wild Pure Heart slate and putting a big dose of positivity out into the world, please get in touch.


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