Animals and Nature

If you yearn for deeper connection to animals and nature, a kinder world, inclusive of farm animals and wildlife, and want to make a difference, you might be interested in my blogs and pics about sanctuary life and advocacy on my charity site the Deep Peace Trust, which supports A Place of Peace, the Deep Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Reserve, a 600-acre sacred place of peace for animals.

I’ve been working with animals for decades, and am a strong believer in animal rights and the value of understanding the spiritual and psychic lives of animals. The hundreds of animals who cal our A Place of Peace home, are family, safe for life. The sanctuary is run entirely by our family of three, out of pocket with some donations from supporters.

The sanctuary is not only a safe refuge for formerly at risk animals, but it works on a higher level to promote peace through the relief of prey animals safe from the human predator and thoughts of being killed.  As such the sanctuary is closed to the public, because the animal’s peace and rehabilitation is paramount .

The vision we hold for this land, is one of a future model of sustainability working with the elementals, spirits of place, nature spirits, trees and the animals themselves.

The Deep Peace Trust site also has vegan resources for those interested in embarking on a plant-based journey. (The animals thank you!)

My world is deeply entrenched in the world of animals and nature, and my observations inform so much of my writing.  Like so many of us, I’m tired of the violence of the old paradigm and it is a culture shock to me. I believe the vegan movement can change things for the better.  But we all need to be the change inside as well, to effect real social change. This is why I teach.

Please enjoy the pics  in my instagram feeds , and the stories from sanctuary life.  The image featured here is one I took of our daughter Tamsin, with  one the wild horses we rescued from culling. It speaks to me of the deep connection we all can enjoy with other species and with each other, if we become authentic and transparent, and instead of being a human predator, become a human partner.

If you can support our work through a kind donation (we love monthly givers who help us with on-going costs like feed and medical bills) , please go here.

Thank you!

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