Divine Love Healing Circle – August 29, 2011

Puppy Love

Hi everyone,

It is time to get ready for my next Divine Love Healing Circle.  This one will be held at the New Moon, August 29, 2011.

Here is how it works.

If you would like one or more animals included in this particular Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal’s name and breed.  On the the above date, I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care.

To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked.

Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment below on this bog post (or click the Leave a Comment link above).  Note that comments are moderated on my blog, so your comment will not appear instantly.

Note that I am doing this for free as a service to you and your animals.  Having said that, donations toward helping us take care of our Ballyoncree animals are always appreciated.

Oh, if you experience a change that you can attribute to the healing circle, please feel free to leave that as a comment as well. Also, it is worth checking back on this page once the Circle is done, as I sometimes leave comments and suggestions.  So have a look.

Warm blessings,



Photo credit: Praveen Selvam

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  1. LYNE

    many many thanks to the power & love of the Healing Circle! Our Tess is so much more mobile, healthier & happier now- its the best she has been in months! And everyone is noticing & complimenting on her much improved state of being 🙂

  2. LYNE

    I would really appreciate it if you could put our little rescue poodle Ruby into the Healing Circle. She has suddenly become very agitated at night. She seems to bark at nothing & is constantly waking up many times during the night. She is quite aggressive and hyper-aroused. This is a sudden change. We have had her for 4 months. She has also become very aggressive towards our gentle Tess who shares the bed with us too making it very awkward. I am not sure why she is so upset or suddenly over-protective. Can you help. She is normally such a sweet little ‘fluff ball’ of energy & cuteness. I don’t like to see her so stressed.

  3. Keiko Omata

    hi billie, i have a chook(Australorp) names “Kuro-chan”(kuro means black in japanese). she is 9 years old. nearly 2 years ago, she had strange illness, i took to vet so many times. she was up and down for long time. one day vet asked me to put her down…. since i never go back to them. but she still strong and bright. since she had this illness slowly getting better. if you see my facebook pic, thats my kuro-chan before she was sick. if you can help send healing to my kuro-chan, i m appreciate your kindness. divine love and forgiveness is perfect for her. thank you.


  4. Juliana Braunsroth

    Hi Billie, thank you for all the love and light. We have 2 black cats, one of them is 9 years old and has been having some digestive issues, he is overweight too. We would appreciate very much the love sent to him. His name is Zinho. Be in love and light

  5. Lain

    Her name is Chase and she is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix rescue that I am no longer with. Thank you for sending Love and Forgiveness to her, and ALL Life. No words for how grateful I am to know that beings such as yourself exist on Earth!


  6. Marni

    Hi Billie, can you please send love & light to my labrador Sunny in your healing circle. The vet recently told my that she has the beginning of arthritis in her knees, but she is only 2 yrs old. I’m not sure that this is the issue and have been sending her healing energy and giving her lots of love.

    Thanks so much,

  7. Nicole

    What a wonderful offering this is! Please send love and light to my eight-year-old Arabian, Joey. He has severe allergies that sometimes lead to mast-cell tumors, as well as self-mutilating and other stress behaviors.

    And for my beloved Birman cat, Beau, who blessed my life for seventeen and a half years before passing in February… He is a pure and wise soul who says he’s been with me in previous lives and will be with me again soon.

    Thank you so much,

  8. Sherry

    Please register Augustus (aka GUS -a black & white bi-color aussie w/ blue ghost eyes) and Annabelle (aka ANNIE – a blue merle aussie w/ deep baby blues) — Gus is 5 and very protective and thus has some aggressive tendancies, sometimes when he shouldn’t. In my eyes he’s the bomb…. Annie just turned 4 last Friday and she doesn’t know any ugliness, she’s a girly girl and turns your head immediately with her loving personality — would prefer she were a bit quieter and not so excitable at times — but not a day she’s not in love with life it appears.
    Thanks and appreciate your including us.

  9. Rosemary

    Hi Billie,
    Thank you so much for doing Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness for our friends again. Could you please include again Ailsa and Teesha, both Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Ailsa is bright in mind but her body isn’t doing what she wants. Teesha has settled in well, she’s still destructive when left at home but its just her bedding and not a problem to us but she still shows signs of fear sometimes and that does stress me, she is such a sweet and gentle soul. The chooks are chirping again and are getting back to there own selves. Thank you so much.

  10. Rosemary

    I don’t know what happened there, the box at the bottom appeared when I hit “Post comment” it hasn’t happened before, and I couldnt see any way to remove it. OK I just saw, theres a little box under that button. Sorry.

  11. Gianna Marzi

    Dear Billie,
    please include in your healing circle Buffy, my 11 year old tortoiseshell cat. She is growing older and developing a number of health issues.Please send love and forgiveness to her. Many thanks. Gianna

  12. Lyn

    Hello Billie
    Please would you kindly include:
    Maz – chestnut gelding. Think he isn’t getting as much attention as he deserves and I worry about him.
    Speck – grey gelding. we are working on getting him some company but he has had anasty abcess on his face and would appreciate a boost!
    Any dogs/cats on the Kill Lists in the pounds.
    Thank you Billie,

  13. Greg

    hi Billie,
    Could you pls include Joe, Nikkitas dog this week and also my lovelycat Astro.
    Thank You
    Many Blessings to you and yours
    Greg C

  14. Sarah B.

    Please include my 16 year old Maltese Bernie in tonight’s Divine Love Healing Circle (again). We are in the 5th week of treating his corneal ulcer. His spirit is pretty strong, considering all that he’s put up with, but his eye is still not completely healed. I know this part of his journey has a purpose (for Bernie, for me & even for his dog-sister Sophie), but I feel we are all ready to move on to the next chapter of our life together. He is sleeping so much & therefore getting a bit weak from lack of exercise. He’s a tiny little guy, but he fills up my heart!

  15. Irena

    My dear dalmatian girl Punca is now 14,5 years old. She is doing great for her age. She does have problems with not seeing well and hearing well, but that is ok. I am more conserned about back problems, pain she feels when she is walking. She actually prefers to swimm than walk, so i take her to the sea, lake or river whenevery possible. I love her dearly. Please, include her in your Divine Love healing Circle, she and I will aprishiate it a lot. Hugs and best wishes to you, Billie, your family and the participants of your workshop. Best wishes from Irena, Ljubljana, sLOVEnia.

  16. Kay K.

    Hello Billie-
    I’d appreciate your including my horse Ranger in your Divine Love Healing circle. He is a 16yr old standard bred gelding. Quite a handsome guy – a retired trotter. He gets agitated when our mare (his pasture mate for the last few months) is out of his sight. I’d like to build a friendship with him but his behaviour frightens and saddens me. With an open heart, Kay

  17. elizabeth

    Thankyou Billie and Andrew, and all the animal sensitives with you for this divine love & healing circle!

    My British Alpine doe, Violet, is still not looking really healthy. She has been wormed and has had slippery elm, and I am now giving her lots of branches. Please include her in the circle tonight.

  18. Rachael Hutchings

    Hi Billie. Thanks for this opportunity once again. Could you please include Lewis ( we also call him Antonio) the freisan steer. He has a big growth on his third eyelid, vet coming this week. Thank you.

  19. Kim Brown

    Hi Billie, Glad to hear you have such wonderful company for tonights circle!! Could you please add our beloved black labs Bronte and Mara and our 5 brown Road Island Red chooks please.
    Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. With love and gratitude. K

  20. Sonya Bowditch

    Dear Billie
    Please include Bella(lab x kelpie) into your circle. She is currently experiencing alot of pain in her sacral region, and she would like to once again be part of this group to send but also receive love.
    Many blessings and deep love

  21. Kayla Lamb

    HI Billie, please include Tess SnowOwl, white maltese terrier, 14yrs, as discussed in class in a bit of a bind with health.. and her son Ben, black maltese shitzu. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Will be good to participate with you! Kayla

  22. melindy doughty

    Hi Billie,
    could you please include my lovely 34 year old pony Duke, Bundy -pom x papillon, Bella- ragdoll, Rose – dsh cat she still after 6 mths doesn’t like Bella. and Leroy – ridgeback x mastiff, he is a rescue puppy that im fostering 🙂
    thank you xxxx

  23. Sandra Hagan

    Hi Billie and friends,
    Could you please again include Mona’s Filly in the devine love healing circle to help her continue on the path of healing after plant poisoning and liver damage. The vet was quite amazed this morning how far she has come! So thank you all.
    Love and Best wishes

  24. Kaz Kiss

    Thank you so much Billie! My lovely Kelpie girl, Sassy had been lame for over 6mths due to a chip of bone off her elbow that is floating in her muscle. But since your healing circle in June Sassy, she has been able to run and run and play again. Now I’m hoping that we will find her a friend so that she can run and play all day long!
    Thank you so much!

  25. Elaine Cruse

    Hi Billie

    pleaase include The dolphins being slaughtered & captured in Japan.. past & present. XX

  26. Carrie Eatock

    Baxter, a beautiful border collie 6yrs, nerveous dog with skin itches, don’t know how to help him with the skin problems.
    Oliver- Tabby cat, adjusting to Poppie
    Tinker – grey cat 2yrs, very fearful and now introduced to a new family member, Poppie, a large dog that takes too much interest in her.
    Poppie- GreatdaneXgreyhound, 1yr brought home from he pound 6 weeks ago, still grieving and settling in to her new family.
    Roo 9yrs, holds the fort for us and Fly, 2yrs, adjusting to Poppie, our border collie girls.
    Skipper- 24yrs standard bred, sending much love
    Oscar- 23yrs, thoroughbred, sending much love
    Bundy-15yrs, bay stockhorse, bought from the sales 2yrs ago, very emotionally hurt,
    Lunar Rose-5yrs Ex-racer, brought back to reasonable health but still not thriving
    Jester 9yrs QH, Jemmy Moss 6yrs WarmbloodX
    Junior-17yrs Grieving my son going to uni (his partner), past grief also.

    Thankyou, I know there’s a lot but that’s where it’s at!! Much appreciated.

  27. carrie

    Since I got home from our time together in Braidwood, Poppie has been outstandingly vibrant and playful. She has really shown a beautiful change. She appears to be feeling very comfortable here now, carefree and joyful with a bit of mischief mixed in. Thankyou.

    Baxter has a new peace about him. I know we did some extra work with him but he shows a much more peaceful demeanor and… I saw that cheeky vibrant smile again- something he reserves for only the specialest of occassions! He is right by my side most of the time and is super affectionate. Thankyou so much for his help.

    Oscar is looking healthier than when I left, coat glowing and great condition. Makes me happy…

  28. Michaela Meyer

    Hi Billie, can you please include my beautiful kelpie cross Sam in your healing circle. I think he would appreciate the support and comfort of divine love at this point in his journey. Many thanks, Michaela.

  29. Jan willey

    Dear Billie,

    We have an unhappy mare that I would really apprecate if you would include in your devine healing circle tonight please. Her name is Gypsy and she is a chestnut paint. She came to us after being neglected for 4 years and although she is now in lovely condition physically, I believe she has some deep seated emotional issues that we have been unable to help her with, including a tendency to occassionally lash out and at other times, seems to enjoy us being with her. She was not liked by many people (or horses!) before coming to us due to a rather unfortunate attitude and general grumpiness that still is with her.

    Thank you so much.

    With deep gratitude,

  30. Christine

    Hi Billie,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    I have a special request for a very special black horse Alchemist asked to be on the list for tonight he is frustrated and angry – his health is suffering.
    I would also like add these horses, beautiful Matriach, Reebok, Selina, Spirit, Poco and Lilly. Handsome Helium and Merlin.
    My own beloved crew of horses Jody – the budda of horses, JJ sore hind leg, Indy – sore shoulder, Gracie who loves all, Ronnie – founder, Wazza – the brumbie, Prince Harry, ACDC and sweet sweet Alice who worries over everything.
    My wonderful dogs Zeeco the chihuahua, Rocco the border collie and Bear the carebear of red kelpies.
    Kizzy (border collie) who passed over and will aways be remembered for her loving eyes was always with me through thick and thin. I miss her so much.
    3 special horses that all passed over with cancer Chrissy grey, JB chestnut – my organiser in spirit now…. and Emerald forever greatful for starting me on my healing journey from a very young age.
    Cheeky and Chuckles the cockatiels.
    BJ the horse who has just had a huge change in life – and brought hope back into my life thank you.
    Lastly ruben and Dallas dogs who need our thoughts at this time also and little Mothy and cat.
    Divine Love, Divine Peace and Divine Light to you all and all creatures in need at this time.
    We will be with you in spirit tonight. xxoo

  31. Monique B

    Thank you so much Billie This is truly wonderful.The first time I put my beautiful four legged family members in here i was actually away for that weekend ,but knowing the love and protection was around them made it less stressful for all of us.Thank you.
    So here are my babies plus my sisters dog.
    Pepper 13 yrs cattle x , Teaka 8yrs cat Teaka was in an accident6 yrs ago ,almost lost her front right leg.Instead lost 2 toes and 3 claws ,lately Teaka has been losing the hair on that leg.
    Jack 5yrs mastiff x , & the Brothers Tre & Doughboy 2 yrs cats.
    Cocoa 7yrs Husky x malamute
    Blessing , Love & Light to you & yours

  32. Eva

    Please include my four horses, Willow, Midnight, Noah and Gypsy (especially Gypsy as she is only 3yrs and had only known abuse in her short life before coming to live with us – she is still very wary of people).

    With deep gratitude,

  33. Jeanette

    Hi Billie, could you please add Molly 14 yrs young corgi x, she is just not herself, looking so sad, suffering from repeat bouts of constipation, wanting to be by our side continously, but wanting us not to close if that makes sense, feel like she is trying to tell me whats wrong but i’m just not getting it :((((. Bella 2 yrs red cattle, has a sore front right foot from getting to close to the car yesterday.
    Thank you so much Billie for the beautiful luv u share with our precious friends.
    Love and Blessing to you and yours

  34. Karen

    Hi Billie and all the wonderful students with you tonight …. there is a huge list for Canberra pound this week http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/225770-das-dogs-in-need-this-week/ and also some at Queanbeyan http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/225678-queanbeyan-pound-pooches/
    Could you please send them all Divine Love and Forgiveness as we see them finding new homes.
    Love karen xx

  35. Bobbie

    Mimi is my cat. She has recently started having cystitis problems. She is currently having an episode and had a small amount of blood in her urine this morning.

  36. Michelle O’Neill

    Hi Billie, would love you to add our golden retriever, TULLY, to your circle tonight please. He has arthritis although only 6, & often seems to have spasms in underbelly area. (arches it up, runs outside & scratches it along the ground) Vet can’t work it out.
    Thank you for everything you do for our animals.
    Love & light

  37. Deb Matthews

    Please send love and light to my darling little Tootie Cat who is in remission from Cancer. The other day they found a lump and she is being tested tomorrow to see if the cancer has returned. We are hoping not as she has been happy and contented the past 3 months.

    Love & Light
    Deb X

  38. colleen

    Hi Billie, can you please include ‘luka’ our 12 1/2 yr old weimaraner (who we rescued 2 yrs ago) she is developing a few cysts latelt & these appear to be interefering with her digestion. one of them is close to her stomach. also another rescue weimaraner ‘zac’ who we’ve had for a year & he is 7 & still has some aggression tendencies when other dogs “approach” him.
    thank you

  39. Sussannah

    Dear Billie

    Thank you so much for the healing circle and for all you do for the animals,

    Could you please include my four cats in tonights healing circle, whom I love dearly, I’m sure they know that as i tell them all the time
    Sylvester almost 15 black and white moggie male Boss Cat
    tweety 5 year old grey/white tabby female
    shelley 6 year old calico female
    wilbur 1.5 year old black kitty male

    Love and peace to all animals especially those without homes.

    in divinity

  40. Geoff & Donna

    Hi Billy, can you please add our 3 cats to your circle, we live in Christchurch NZ and our cats Monster (Black fluffy ), Chardonnay (Tabby) and Sundays ( Tri colour) are still stressed by earthquakes and after shocks we are still experiencing.
    Thankyou very much.

  41. Karen

    I have noticed an improvement in our mare Tess’s lameness and skin itch since she has been included in the healing circle. Thank you so much Billie. Could you please include my beloved horses once again.
    Tess, Xena, Pete and Dexter.

  42. Mary

    Hi Billie,

    Please include my brumbie Astron in tonights divine love and healing circle. He’s still away from home in Tamworth and I love and miss him very much. I hope he is happy and learning lots..
    I would also ask that his horse friends Bledisloe, Amber, Evie and Sasha be included. Amber is still recovering from a severed tendon and Sasha seems to be feeling her age.
    Jasmin and Clancy, our 2 border collie friends would benefit as well. Jasmin seems so scatty and I don’t know what to do to make her feel more settled.

  43. Danielle

    Hi Billie
    Thank you so much for all that you are doing for the animals – they are all truly blessed as we are to have them in our lives.
    Could you please include cat Tabitha (black Xena princess) who passed suddenly last weekend – she has left such a hole.
    Also, could you please include a reasurrance to Mac who has just been adopted from Wildcats Qld (Barb is amazing!) letting him know that this is his forever home and I hope he loves it!
    Our other cats Brody (9 year old crippled Burmilla), Mia (Tabby Queen) and Jinx (Black & white fluffy terrorist…) and reassure them that they are loved just as much as ever.
    Also, could you please bless our gorgious horses, Saboscar (17 years young thoroughbred), Jazzabelle (10 year old friesian warmblood mare), Bella Devine (2.5 year old 3/4 friesian filly) and Duke (8 year old grey arabian rescue horse). And please send my love to Thunder, grey Arablian gelding sadly passed.
    Warmest wishes


  44. Chris & John Leefe

    Hi Billie,
    Thank you thank you thank you, thinking of you all and so wishing I was there with you, I am in love and spirit! Please pray for our beloved kitty Max. He has a bladder infection. He had a blocked urinary tract and had a stint placed there last year. He absolutely adores John and I think he may be picking up on John’s stress, don’t want to speculate though. I know Divine healing and Divine love will give Max the healing he needs. Deep heartfelt gratitude and divine love to you all and deep peace for all species. xoxoxo

  45. Tracey Sartari

    Hi Billie,

    Could you please include my 2 dogs again..Taasha who is a blue heelerx staffy, 10 yrs old and Bodhi a pit bull x bull mastif 7 yrs..thankyou. I feel there has been an improvement with Bodhi, we have been able to have another friend into the house and he has been happpy to welcome her.

    With much gratitude,


  46. Andrew Einspruch

    From Wendy C:

    Please bring Diana, a 9 month old corgi into your healing circle tonight. She has been poisoned, probably from picking up laced meat in the paddock. She belongs to our neighbours, Max and Cathy, and this will be the 4th dog poisoning in our district in recent months.

    Many thanks for your care,


    From Kathleen D:

    Hi Andrew,

    No luck with rehoming the poor horse yet.

    But I read on email that you guys are doing healing tonight and my little 5 months old “ Renegade” is in need of one. I just found out his testicles has not dropped. He is seeing a specialist on Friday and most likely having surgery in a week or two’s time when I can raise the money for the vet bill. Here’s a picture of him just in case. Please include him in the healing!! Thanks.


  47. Robyn Anthony

    Hi Billie – I have a Belgian Melanois female dog – she is 11 years old approx. She showed up on our ranch when she was just a pup-maybe 8 mo old. She had been starved, beaten and dumped – she was almost dead. She has always had major anxiety issues her whole life, but due to the fact the horses are her ‘job’ she has had a very happy life. A couple of weeks ago, she started having extreme panic attacks and constant anxiety – once she goes ‘into’ this state, it is impossible to get her out of it – i am very very worried about her, i don’t want to put her on medication. Thank you so much for putting her into the healing circle – her name is Chewy.

  48. Michele

    Siamese, Name is Alice, about 1 year old.

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