How to Pray Rain

Please join me in praying rain the old and sacred way. Most of NSW is currently in drought.  In our area, we haven’t had decent rain for a year. You often see people say they want to pray “for” rain.  This pushes rain away. It makes it in the future and it continues the drought. “Praying rain” the old and sacred way recognises the Law of Attraction and speaks in a language the rain spirits can understand. It manifests rain.

To pray rain, put yourself in a sacred space outside. Call your compassionate allies and helpers, ancient ones and guardians. Call on the rain spirits. Ask them for forgiveness. Ask them for anything they might need from you. And then feel it raining, see it raining. Use all your senses. Activate your imagination. In this reality it IS raining. You can feel it on your skin, smell it, taste it, see it. Your imagination is key to your manifesting success. As is your personal frequency — your love and bliss at the receiving of the rain. Make the rain you feel gentle and nurturing rain, thus telling the rain spirits in a positive way that this is what you want. Thank the rain spirits from a deep place of gratitude, and thank all your ancestors and unseen helpers.

Rain spirits are considered by the old ones to be feminine. They don’t like to be cursed at. And people often do, not understanding the blessing of rain. Believe me, we need rain in our lives. Water is life. We are largely made up of water and water is used daily for so many things.

Here in the country, I am always conscious of my water usage, having lived through a very long drought before. I am forever filling up water buckets, washing out the animal water troughs, washing the mop after washing the floors, washing all the dirty animal bedding, washing clothes, washing hands, showering, washing dishes, cleaning. Watering the garden. Filling the little pool to give Gwen the crippled goose her  daily exercise. Rain also makes the grass grow so the animals can eat. Aside from drinking water, we use water all the time to keep clean and hygienic. In a drought, all that stops.  

So being grateful for water and blessing the water spirits, giving thanks and saying “Bless you”, are things to always do. We need to be in relationship with water. We need to give to the water spirits to keep the balance. They like to be thanked. They like to be blessed. They like to be listened to. They want to be considered and acknowledged by the human beings who live on this planet.

They want us to live in reverence and harmony like everyone used to.

And human beings living in a modern materialistic world have forgotten these Old Ways. They forget the truth of our world which is beyond the limitation of our five senses. The worship of a materialistic, throw-away culture is  the root of the suppression of our personal power and our enslavement. It makes us puppets and keeps us in survival mode. It makes money the primary goal.. It keeps us separated from our true spiritual nature and truth. We are Divine.

Our world is made up of many realms, mostly unseen. And it is time to remember, acknowledge and respect the spirits who help us live, including the living being Earth who is Mother to all.

When spiritual teachers say “we are one”, modern humans often can’t quite grasp this concept. Perhaps intellectually they can. But it’s different to actually experiencing this oneness, this kinship with all life. When we Know we are One, that we are all connected through the sharing of the Divine Spark in each child of Earth, then we begin to act differently. We care more for other species, knowing they are our kin. We come into more respect, reverence, and remembrance. We honour all life forms, including the unseen.

This is what the rain spirits want. They either come in fury, or withdraw their life giving water completely. They want us to wake up. They want us to be in relationship.

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto proves to the western mind the intelligence of water.  This intelligence responds to love, peace and gratitude in the most powerful of ways. True telepaths who understand the Old Language of Silence the shamanic way  already know there is intelligence in everything, from rocks to rivers, animals and trees. Now more than ever it is time to  return balance and harmony to the world, and walk forward in Beauty.  

Pray rain for drought-stricken areas, and keep up a conversation  and a relationship with water.

. . . . . .

© Bille Dean 2018. All rights reserved.  Billie Dean is a writer and innate telepath who speaks with all life.  Her book Secret Animal Business is said to change lives. Billie writes for the story studio Wild Pure Heart, and founded the not-for-profit charity Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, working for peace for all species and founded on the principles of her own New Shamanism.  Billie and her family run the Trust’s Deep Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary, where hundreds of animals reside in their own place of peace.

Please feel free to share this article but only in its entirety with author and website in tact.  Thanks for the respect!

Crop Circles and the Promise of Hope

Solstice, June 21, 2016


This morning, being full moon with Solstice energies blaring, I received a loud message to share. It came with a discussion with my guides about choosing worlds and healing worlds. So I Listened. This message was for all of us:

It is up to you all now to choose the world you want to live in. Keep your feeling states uplifted and focussed on beauty. The natural world is key.

Remember the other dimensions and realms now. What you do ripples.

What I heard also was that we are choosing which frequency and thus which dimension to live in.  Free will. And yes we all want the bells and whistles, but they are unfolding as each of us are ready.  The fabric of the world and the dark that held it together and held us as slaves, has gone, is going and will go. And if you are reading this then you are probably among the ones about to enjoy an increasing self-sufficiency as your magic returns.  They can’t keep us caged anymore. Free all earthlings!

It is so important now, how gently we walk in the world, if we want the world to be gentle and kind.  This is the truth behind “be the change,” by embodying the qualities you want to see, so it becomes. Be peace.

Mars finally goes direct on June 29 and I think we will all be relieved when his sledgehammer approach to prying us away from old stories is finally put to rest. Grateful, but relieved. Thank you Mars! Got it!

I was not immune. I had a rare “accident” where I “fell” from the high rails in the yards when we were de-sexing the boy calves with the vet. I fell flat on my back and once I got my wind back, and the shock had worn off, I journeyed to decipher the message. What hurt the most was my heart chakra and wings. And I realised I had been subject to a rough major recalibration. I was going to be shaken loose of an old core imprint, like it or not!

I share this because I heard lots of people were having “accidents.”  They aren’t “accidents”.  Spirit is asking you to step up some more and free yourself from any old baggage and bad habits.

And now we step up further a long the road to self-sustainability, because this powerful solstice is a wide open gateway for creating dreams. And if the dreams are the yearnings which are the conversations from your Higher Self, then there will be an alignment.

A recent crop circle landed near Stonehenge right in time for the Solstice. an auspicious time for our ancients who also designed Stonehenge with the sun’s light and many other Mysteries in mind.

The crop circle immediately rang bells of faded memory for me, teasing me at the edges of my mind. I put it to my Rainbow Fianna students and we delved a little further. The symbol is familiar. It feels like a key to activate those who are ready.

The crescent moons in the four directions and multi dimensions — the crescent moon is an old priestess symbol. The Divine Feminine returning for a world set to rights. From the solstice gateway.

Leave a comment, and let me know if you recognise the symbol which speaks to me of ancient Mysteries and also the Goddess Diana who, according to Barbara G. Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets, is a supreme deity and considered Mother of Animals. A nurturer and protector – the Divine Feminine incarnate.

When I journeyed with this crop circle symbol, it became a merkabah. And we went inside my light body. All I can tell you at this time is that we live in exciting times. Leave the past behind. The old world is gone, gone, gone. Hello new one.

If you are ready, let the key activate you!

Interesting also that the news of underground cities is finally coming to “surface” (chuckle). The narrow box of what most people consider as reality is about to implode.

If you get any information from this crop circle, or know what it is, please share it with us!  I would love to know your thoughts, experiences and any knowledge ou might have around the signs and symbols therein.  Maybe someone recognises the symbol!!  Let us know!

PS. I promised some readers news of Harambe and the beautiful wolf also killed. They both knew what they were doing because humans needed something (sadly) to break the spell of apathy and complacency.  We need our wild.  And we need them in the wild.  Animals really dislike being in enclosures  and being stared at.  Even my cow people dislike being stared at, and my wild horses.   They complain to me about it.  It’s why we have a strict no visitor policy at A Place of Peace. It is their home. Zoos need to be closed down and large sanctuaries offered instead. Learning about animals doesn’t come from staring at them in a zoo where they are miserably milling around feeling uncomfortable. Seriously horrible! And don’t get me started on petting zoos. We need humans to learn respect and reverence, and that these animals are our kin and live here on planet earth with us, not for us. It’s sad that we need to be jolted out of complacency. Humans could make the choice to change with ease and grace.

Both these animals shared a similar message.  They hoped their sacrifice made a difference.  Their job was to contribute to the change. The great Shift in consciousness. The Golden Age. Let’s not disappoint them!

. . . . . .

Image source: Spirit Science

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