The Opportunity of 11/11/11

10 November 2011 I invite you to join me in meditating for peace for eleven minutes on 11/11/11 starting at 11:00 and finishing at 11:11.  As I have written about here and here, together we can help bring in the new world that we all want. Here's a short video where I cover the most important aspects. So, again, please join me and thousands of people from around the world, as we create a morphic field together, blanketing the world with peace, and as I always say, deep peace for all species. … [Read more...]

Prayers for Peace

August 10, 2011 We are in challenging times as the acceleration of life continues, and so many people are finding the pressure too much, especially if they don’t understand the big picture. This is resulting in breakdowns everywhere, and we are seeing chaos throughout the world. The truth is that life as we know it has to break down so the new world can emerge. This is what the 2012 Phenomenon is all about. The old ways of scientific materialism have to be replaced with green vision. It’s time for counterculture to become mainstream – those gentle, earth- and animal-honouring ways of living with this great planet being. Change IS accelerating. But we don’t have to combust with it. What we have to do is what we have said in our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon. That is, we have to return to the ancient and wise ways, finding deep peace by honouring our essential selves, as well as the animals and our Mother Earth who carries us in so many ways. This can be … [Read more...]