Equinox Energy Alert: Birth and Laying New Tracks

Bare Feet

20 September 2013

Woah! Can you feel the shifting of the energies? Happy birthday New Humans!! Welcome to the energies of the September Full Moon and Equinox! It is truly an exciting time, and while on the surface it may look like chaos, many sensitives will be able to feel the shift that heralds new land. This past weekend was a turning point.

Hope you took mental notes of what was up for you.  And also dropped it — or shifted in some way.  We really are creating the world anew with our thoughts,  So what are you creating?

There is an abundance of Light pouring onto the planet – solar activity galore and the energies have been edgy and crunchy. To me it feels like the splitting of the worlds. Or perhaps we are gearing up for the solar flip that NASA says is coming any time soon. I’ve been very light-headed, and it is has been almost impossible to function for about two weeks now. (Better today!)

Lots of people reporting the same. Unsettled, lots of crying, depression, sadness. Extreme fatigue.  And stuff is up for healing and release. Time to ditch the core issues now! Spring cleaning of Self!

Those of us who are the wayshowers, the lightworkers, the trailblazers have been doing so much conscious and unconscious work to change. And now many have reached a point where we can begin to move forward.

Are we collectively mourning the Old Earth, and filled with sadness for those who are choosing to have lessons in suffering? Are we clearing and cleansing? Or are we just feeling the sadness and suffering from the collective? Perhaps all three.

Laying Down New Tracks

It’s like we are at the crossroads now, and going through the door into the New Earth. But to do that, the old paradigm has to dissolve and chaos ensues. Look how much chaos is going on in the world right now and I would urge people to remember that it is an illusion and the more energy we put into animal suffering and other atrocities, the more there will be. We can act for change of course, but work for peace, not against war. This is why I founded the Deep Peace Movement for my own animal activism. (Please join us!)

Further, to change the paradigm, we must heal the wounds within. When we hold wounds, it is reflected into the world and the collective consciousness. So heal your wounds! When more of us wake up to the way the world is made, the quicker we will see change. And the new paradigm.

Many folks are considering this Equinox the real birth of the New Human – but again, not something to happen to us suddenly, but gradually as it has been. My sense is all the storms we have been experiencing, for example, are like the birthing waters. But “ascension” isn’t immediate. If the Equinox is our birthday, then we have to learn to crawl and walk, before we can dance. Most of us anyway. I’m going to still try for baby dancing!  Who knows!!

We are all yearning for this new world! Now is the time to lay down the new tracks, and this is what we are doing with our Deep Peace Farm Project. So exciting! This is a brand new blueprint of living with the Earth and animals. It is why I am here. If you want to be involved with this, support now by donating here. This is everything about new paradigm living! Come on board the Deep Peace train now!

My Spirit Sight has seen the doors opening and lots of Otherworld help for those of us who are feeling a bit bedraggled at the finish line. And probably everyone else as well.

I hope so. On top of that the last Full Moon impacted people, asking them to really see what is up and healing it and moving on once and for all. To change your state, change your perspective and thoughts. Reframe it.

Working in the Dreamtime

Many people have reported seeing me in their dreams recently, and in my own dreams I am busy creating something new, teaching, travelling. Little wonder one wakes up tired when we are so busy in the Dreamtime.

This is not a new phenomenon or upgrade. Ancient teachings talk about the Dreamtime across many traditions, if not all. It is well known that we travel when we sleep. However it is interesting to me that so many people have seen me in the last couple of weeks. This is new. I seem to be incredibly busy and most of the people I haven’t met in person in this lifetime—but all are part of this community. Some I do know, and I know we have been together before, doing our work.

The other day I woke up with what felt like a sprained foot. How do you get that when you are sleeping? I told Andrew it was because I was exploring the ruins in South America! The foot healed itself during the day.

My sense is that what we are all doing is healing old stuff – and perhaps it has been so intense lately because we are approaching BIRTH. Clean out the old!  There’s also a lot of other work happening.

We are multidimensional beings, and our task at the moment is to come into wholeness. It’s about healing old wounds so we can move forward as beings of Unconditional Love. It is about understanding how we create the world with our thoughts, words and deeds – and choosing the good ones.

Do the Tears Flow?

The intensity of change seems to have accelerated again and I know I am not alone in “tears for no reason”. I hear so many people say they are crying, and it’s almost a daily occurrence. The tears come and the unsettledness and waves of dizziness that tell me that the world is moving and that I need to hold the energy for myself. I need to be the calm in the middle of the storm. It also tells me that there is something happening, somewhere. Lately, it is been even more of a challenge to ground. But that has to happen too.

To reach the state of peace amidst the chaos is what we are being asked to do. And this is especially hard for animal sensitives and Earth stewards – because we care and feel so much. But for the animals and the earth—we have to. And it is easier in community. It is easier to know you are not alone. And it is easiest, of course, when we laugh and for those of you who know us, it will come as no surprise that Andrew and I are offering Laughter as Medicine – as part of our fifth dimensional work. This is what we both did when we met 27 years ago, and then together, until we went bush   Watch out for our upcoming launches – coming soon.

This time for me has felt incredibly intense on one hand, with enormous amounts of light on the other. It really is a time for us to get into our fifth dimensional places – relationships, work and homes. And across the board I am seeing people struggling with their relationships and work and whatever their challenge is. That challenge is what you came here to heal. This is your core wound.  We have to learn to step into love — not fear.  It is about living in a different way to what went before.

So let’s get on with it. The new earth is exciting. Don’t despair. Put on your dancing shoes and let’s roll up our sleeves and together put down the new tracks of a new way of being. This next period is about learning to walk! We have arrived on the beach of the New Earth!

Please note I am  currently available for personal shamanic healing consults for those who need help. Please get in contact for more information.

. . . . . .

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Photo credit: bark

Saying ‘Yes’ and the Curse of ‘I’m Not Good Enough’

23 August 2013


Billie and Andrew as “David and Joanna”, checking in with their intuitions. Dallas, Texas 1988  The dolphin T shirts are being dusted off as we speak.

The moon’s soft light illuminated our sacred land so brightly, and all was so quiet and still. No sound from outside, not even the wind stirred. I was looking forward to going out into the biting cold under the whispering pines for sacred ceremony. I could feel the presence of the spirits of place – waiting. But then a wave of energy came over me as I tidied the kitchen, my heart tightened uncomfortably and I knew I just had to go to bed. I gave in to the symptoms and rested the entire next day.

We all receive the energies uniquely, and I was being told to rest in a big way. I know there is nothing wrong with my heart. For me personally, it is merely an ascension symptom, but my advice for everyone these days is to know your own bodies and listen to your inner guidance. I also knew I had to honour my body’s wishes.

The astrology of this time is about saying “yes” and understanding what is possible, of riding the waves with ease when you let go into the intuitive stream. While I was resting (read: working from bed) the phone rang and our hay delivery guy wanted to come at a time when Andrew would be in Canberra with our daughter. Without hesitation, I said I would go in his stead. That was the open door – the easiest thing to do. I said “yes”. Besides, I don’t have the physical strength to help unload the really big bales of hay.

So I spent yesterday afternoon putting up flyers for my workshop Set Yourself Free (next weekend, Aug 31-Sep 1), all around Griffith, my favourite Canberra suburb. I can’t wait to help people become more free spirited, and share some of the latest teachings from the fae. I see so many people stuck in old limited thought systems and beliefs, struggling with the energies, cranky, closed down and alone, and I was imagining the delight on their faces when they let go into magical living (read: excited and grateful to have a gift to share to help people, and knowing that it will also help us keep our own large animal family in hay).

The last stop for me was a comedy venue. I have been guided internally for a while now to go back to comedy with Andrew, and the next action to take, of course, is to book a venue and do it. I checked out the stage with rising excitement (read: Higher Self talking), then noticed two women with a deck of Angel cards sitting at a table. I introduced myself and my flyers and the woman invited me to sit with them,  introducing herself as a free spirit.  She  asked for permission to do a reading of me (not with the cards). I don’t let just anyone read me these days, because words are so powerful and can block you if they are negative or badly interpreted – but I could tell this was no ordinary meeting. It was a heart meeting of two free spirits – in a comedy venue. She was of fae lineage, that was clear. And I liked her.

One of the many things she told me was that I needed some love and that I spent far too much time giving. (Not news!) She wanted me to soak my feet when I got home, something I knew I would never do as self care time isn’t high on the agenda when one has a large family to care for.

We chatted for about half an hour and to stay in ayni (right action reciprocity, or right relations), I asked her what she would like, even though the conversation has included a quick reading from me. She asked for a sandwich. I only had $10 in cash with me, but it felt so good to give (read: giving tells the Universe you are already abundant).

Self-Nurture and Acceptance

Driving home through the dark, cold night, Tamsin asleep beside me, my thoughts turned to the challenge of self-nurturing. It’s something I teach and know how vitally important it is, and while nurturing for me was spending time in spiritual pursuits, in nature and with the animals and family, there were other things I wasn’t doing because of the pressure we are currently under to provide.

I decided to spend the drive home doing processes around why I wasn’t important or good enough to take time for, and where this might be holding me back in my bigger picture.  Why couldn’t I love my S-Elf and take care of me, as I took care of the animals? I began to view my S-Elf as a neglected puppy and the waves of love flowed out to wrap me in the love the psychic told me I needed. Self love is the foundation to real freedom.

Like many of you, I grew up an ultra-sensitive, in a home that didn’t really understand. My soul chose this for a reason. And of course my “story” led me to quest for understanding, meaning and enlightenment. In the 1980s, I met personal growth teacher Sondra Ray who I remember one time, came down from the stage, put her hands on my shoulders, shook me gently, and said firmly, “Why are you so stuck on this?”

The “this” was a process on “I’m not good enough”. She gave me an affirmation “I am good enough”. But for me – that wasn’t good enough! I was so “not good enough” that surely I needed a stronger affirmation! Before Sondra, my acting teacher, Leila Blake, had told me that being shy and self-conscious was selfish. And she was right. An actor must give their all to the audience. To hold back part of your essence is selfish and denies the audience a full experience. This is true of life. Are you being All to life? Or are you hiding behind a wall, and not letting the world enjoy who you really, really are.

What is the fear that stops us all from loving ourselves enough to be really free?  Isnt it time to leap into love?

Thanks to Leila’s training and Sondra’s life coaching, this shy, “I’m not good enough” journalist went on to become a stand-up, sketch and improvisational comic, performing on stages around the globe. I also took my gift of empathy and telepathy and used it in service for animals and nature internationally, to make a difference.

As the love for the puppy S-Elf that I am flowed around me all the way home and to a sound sleep, I felt nurtured and even more able to give to humans as well as animals.

These days, true wild freedom is vital for me and for all of us if we are to meet the challenge of creating the new world of peace.  It starts with love.  It starts with nurturing.  It starts with doing things for yourself, that will help set you free.

Open the door, and say “yes” to  joining us next weekend for Set Yourself Free and let’s together, drop the chains that bind us, and create new stories that nourish the S-Elf, and the world.

. . . . . .

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August Energy Alert: It’s Time to Transform in the Face of Blowing Winds

Blossom and babyThe August winds screamed through the trees, rattling tin, ripping towels from the line, and sending feed buckets flying. Polly, the poddy goat, curled up in her shelter and pushed out a baby that wasn’t alive – just as the sun broke over the horizon. Confused and sad, she showed us, and she cried. And she cried. We hugged her, gave her remedies, and cried with her.

The next night Blossom gave birth to twins. Under torchlight we made her a clean safe house in the goat shed, putting down straw, and made sure the little ones drank their first precious milk. An image of a handsome feral goat rose in my mind. The girls met him by the creek, beyond their normal boundary. Like some erotic Pan, he called them, and all we could do now was stand back and see which souls had come to roam our sacred land and shelter at night in the backyard with our poddy goat herd.

The babies cried, Blossom cooed, the cows bellowed restlessly, calling out to their mothers across the neighbour’s fence, who had new children, curious and proud to be alive.  That in itself made me incredibly sad, because of the way humanity treats and uses their species. Polly grieved, an awful sound, telling Tamsin about her pain, and grooming Tam’s wayward hair. It was not a restful night, and the tension in me rose to almost bursting point. If I could just let go, maybe something huge would shift. It felt like I did before Japan’s massive earthquake. I felt punchy and grateful I was self aware enough not to take it out on everyone around me.

I felt like I was about to erupt.

Mother Earth erupted in New Zealand. (Blessings and prayers for everyone over there.)

dandelion-2462476884_58c617b26a_zAnd the wind calmed, the temperature dropped, the tension left, and I wasn’t surprised to see we had more solar flare activity. My body knew. There was also moments of light headedness, waves of dizziness – but the tension, this time, was the give away.

This is one of the mutations I’ve been talking about. We are changing, constantly upgrading to become more refined and more connected. We are One with Mother Earth and we feel what She feels, and She feels what we feel.   And it isn’t always easy for the wayshowers.  But we have to be peace to help the Mother feel peace.  And you will see those that walk the path of truth to themselves, will have an increasingly open heart, will refrain from eating animals and contributing to suffering, and start to See and Know and Hear more.  The illusion falls away for those who are true,

There is a New World coming and our species is being affected strongly by this relentless solar activity – changing. The Old Ones call the Sun, Father. The Mother Earth and the Father Sun, both gave nourishment. Today we feel the Mother’s energy in our own bodies, and the Father shifts our DNA. All the things we wayshowers have known forever are now crumbling in the face of transparency. Flouride, live exports, animal slaughter,  vaccines, Monsanto, chemtrails, television programming – and all the  outdated social systems are crumbling. The world we live in is not the world we want.  It does not make us happy or healthy or thriving.

There is another world. Another Way.

We have a lot more solar activity coming, talk of a sun reversal, a flip, in October, uncertain weather, and a major societal change in values. We have the long-awaited ninth month fast approaching in September and the Sacred Equinox. The Spirits are watching and waiting all around us. “Be patient. Soon”, they whisper through the veil.

And right now we have a special blue moon in Aquarius, with a Grand Sextile, Grand Square and Star of David  coming up on August 25 –  amazing astrology which could be seen as the birth of the age of Aquarius. Plenty of light pouring in for peace and prosperity for all, manifesting our secret yearnings and wishes for a better world and a happier, more contented life.   This is a time for healing and nurturing oneself, for stretching our wings, for flying.

This is about freedom and creativity and New Thought and it is affecting everyone. This astrology is something to get excited about. It is so helpful to us right now. What sort of world do you want to see? How visionary can you be? How high can you fly to Dream in the New Earth? Are you the Dreamer? Or is your subconscious running your life, your past life wounds, and your set thoughts about what life is meant to be? Are you truly Free?

I was thinking this question when an old loop from a past life came to claim me yet again. In that life I had been killed horribly and so had my animals. It left me feeling powerless, deeply depressed and a victim. As a healer I was consciously choosing not to play that unhealthy victim game. But still it reared its ugly head like an abscess ready to burst, and I knew I had to take a day off and work on my own healing. I couldn’t escape the angry black dog growling at my heart.

My goal this life is to be fully actualised and truly Free, and the Soul Retrieval method that has come to me over the years helps people step out of their loops and become whole. Soul retrieval is a process where the healer finds a part of your soul that splintered off sometime in the past, usually due to trauma. That Monday, I lay on my bed and healed the offending  timeline and my whole chest opened up and swelled with Divine Love. It was an incredible feeling of expansion and in that moment, I knew that I could now make my life different. I could be Free. And since then much has happened to push me along to my goal.

The people from the Otherworld, who I call the Fae, have an ulterior motive in us not being stuck in the old world or tangled up in our old past life wounds. When a person is truly free, they can find and act on their authentic self, their core essence, which might be different to who they think they are. And when that happens, they raise their vibrational frequency to happiness and joy, they become happy and filled with energy, and this in turn affects others, contributes to a tipping point and ripples out to positive change.

This helps create the conscious Dreamers. The ones who shape the world with their intentional words and thoughts, and make a difference. Our world is an illusion. It is a powerful illusion, but if we want it to be different, we need to be different. We need to be free.

This is why my workshop Set Yourself Free is about breaking free. It is designed to pluck people from conformity and the mundane, and transport  them into a land of wild, free, magical living. It is designed to heal, transform, and connect deeply to nature and the Otherworld.  It sets people free. Free to dream a better life – not just for themselves, but for the animals we all love, and for our Mother, the Earth and all her Relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. If you are called to be with me here to make a difference, thank you from us all.

See you on August 31st.

. . . . . .

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Photos: Tamsin Dean Einsrpuch, Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

Energy Alert – From Grand Sextile to Grand Sextile

July 31, 2013

As there is so much going on in the world and in the heavens right now, I want to help everyone stay connected because there is a new way of doing things in the new energies and we really need not to be going through this new time alone.

There are a lot of people still processing their stuff physically and emotionally.  So please remember to be gentle with them, and only ever use kind words  Words carry enormous power to hurt or to heal, and as the world is the way it is through hurt, pain, fear, and suffering, let’s turn the tables and simply express as much loving kindness as we can.

Imagine the world if everyone simply acted from loving kindness. It would make a huge change, just through this one action. The doorway is currently wide open for consciousness to be made manifest and  this doorway will stay open through the month of August, where there is another Grand Sextile on the 25th. Someone mentioned to me the last time there was this kind of astrology, World War II ended. And this time, it is coming with a lot more cosmic force.

So don’t be afraid of any changes you might see going down in the world. Focus on creating a better world through your choices, your actions and asking what is possible. Here we are working for Deep Peace for All Species, dreaming in a world of peace, plenty and freedom for Mother Earth and all her children. We do this with our choices and actions every single day.  It is what we can all do. Step by step, all of us, walking lightly on the earth and acting on the visions and guidance, we are currently receiving while the portal gate is open.

Together we can create a new world. And like I have been saying, not all humans are travelling at the same speed right now. So please have compassion for yourself and others, and just know that you plant a seed of change by being the Light you are.

This is an incredible time, and those of you who have been in a holding pattern, hibernating and not knowing how to move forward, will start to find yourselves moving forward with ease and grace and new direction and conviction. Enjoy. Its like somebody pressed PLAY and the tape rolls.

And if not, then be gentle with yourself, self nurture, and pour Divine Love into the wounds of pain you carry, to heal them and carry them away.

. . . . . .

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Energy Alert – Important Cosmology of Today

July 29, 2013 

Today, July 29th 2013, is a very special day astrologically.  We are being given the opportunity to call in the beautiful world we all yearn for — peace and plenty for all.  And of deep peace for all species.

Please join us in a meditation tonight at 8 pm Sydney time — to spend a few moments, giving thanks and appreciation for a beautiful , gentle, kind world of happiness and abundance for all species and our beloved Mother Earth.

Today is a portal to the higher dimensions.  Are you ready to make the leap?  Keep working on letting go old karma, working with forgiveness  and moving into Divine Love.  This is the key.

We are currently going through a time of expansion and compression. You might notice what is showing up for you in your life and dare to ask for your fullest expression of you. Where are you holding yourself back? This is a perfect opportunity to let go all that doesn’t serve you.

This is a perfect time to look at the mirror of your life and  see what is unlike love that needs to be transmuted.

The energy is such that I can feel the tear in the veils now, the bliss, the humour, the wild freedom that we can touch when we allow the cosmic frequencies of Divine Love to touch our souls.  That’s the expansion.  And it is holy and it is the way of tomorrow.  And it is here today.

The compression is everything unlike love.  It is the smallness, it is the wounded, it is the unhealed.  It is all the triggers, and fears and pettiness that we see in our world that is programmed for hate and violence.

It is up to us to break through this density and rise above it.  For the world as we know it, is crumbling and will continue to crumble and those who stand in the faith of a new tomorrow, are the ones who will create it, and soar with it

Meanwhile it is vital we focus on the love and beauty we see in the world.  The day I saw the sad old cow shambling up the road with a working dog at her heels and a man at her back, I was filled with so much sadness.  I could feel her thoughts as she radiated misery and dejection.    As an empath it is hard not to feel the misery of these animals our kind consider less then sentient.   They are sentient, and they do suffer terribly, knowing their fate as somebody’s hamburger lunch.  This cow was the epitome of everything that I know to be truth.  She didnt want to be there.  She wanted to be free to be loved and cherished and run with her tribe.  Cows are very very social beings.    She didnt want to be sent off to an ignoble and frightening end in a slaughter house.  She was depressed and reluctant and frightened.

I prayed for a miracle.   I was going to the feed store, sometimes challenging for me.  But I kept my focus on love and being the gentlest, most loving I could be. A kind man materialised to help me load the car with hay. He didn’t even work there. But I asked, and I received angelic help that day.

On the way home, the light glistened in the trees, just as the fae had shown me the fifth dimension looked like.   And when I posted about the old cow, people rallied, also hearing her call for help, and now she is to be saved.  Because people cared.  Because action was taken.  That is a miracle.

The day before, Andrew and I were driving home from our photographic exhibition, the car loaded up with boxes, when we saw two dogs on the road. We pulled over with the intention of reuniting them with their people. They wore no tags. They had taken off on what I call a “glee run”. As I stroked them and went through a number of scenarios in my mind of how to find their people, I set the intention that the person would materialise.  And soon.  We still had an evening of feeding out hay in front of us and it was cold and rapidly getting dark.  The next minute a large truck pulled up in front of me. A guy got out who knew the dogs. The following instant, another ute pulled up with another guy who was going to see the dog’s people.  The dogs were thrown on the back of the ute (I held my tongue and my breath) and were delivered safely home – just up the road from where we were.  It was all handled in seconds.

These may not be miracles to others, but they are miracles to me. This is a road where few vehicles are ever seen. To have three in the one place is a major rush hour. And to have two people who knew the dogs, was a major miracle.

This is the world we are moving into.  One of grace and beauty, synchronicity and trust and magic and miracles. Enjoy the unfolding – because it is happening now, and we still have a few more months of alchemical change to go  Expect the best!!

. . . . . .


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Transitions, Change, Crunchy Energies and the Power of Giving to Self and Others

June 17, 2013

Red, with Totem the goat

Red, with Totem the goat

It’s been such a difficult time for so many people that the challenges of 2012 for many have been looking like a holiday! My goodness what a difficult eclipse passage! Ouch.

May was so challenging on so many levels that I wasn’t able to think, let alone write. Being a sensitive little antennae, I could feel the collective grief and struggle. The weight was oppressive. There has been so much death and loss and grief as both animal and human souls let go and go elsewhere. So Andrew and I and Tamsin want to extend condolences to all those struggling with loss or illness, or illness of loved ones, and just send you our greatest love. Know you are not alone. My heart goes out to those who have had loss after loss after loss.

In the big picture, know this is all as it is meant to be. And it is okay. Be gentle with yourselves.

Disease seems rife, and also emotional heartache. People are feeling the pinch financially, and others are simply exhausted. My favourite phrase “stripped to the core of our authentic selves” has never been more apt. On some days I felt completely shredded. Others I felt like I was imploding. And I really got the manifesting boomerang. Talk about quick show ups of thoughts — both good and bad. Don’t “worry”. It shows up! It is truly time for thought mastery. Focus on what you want.

And right now — crunchy energies abound as we go through the dark, choppy seas of our portal of light this solstice weekend. Yes, it is a portal of light — and after the super moon, things will get better.

Lots of transition, and change. People are turning inward and many wonder if it will ever get better. Some people are feeling disenchanted.

But the difference about 2013 is there is hope and new frequencies dazzling in their brightness. More about that below.

Here at home we haven’t been untouched, and our beautiful senior cat Red passed, after insisting that I bring more cats into our family to keep his sister Lilac company. We rescued their entire family from living in cages in filthy conditions nearly two decades ago. So she isn’t used to being an only cat.

What followed was a few weeks of pound rescue where we saved more than 50 animals from death row, from wolfhounds to baby kittens too young to be away from their mothers. All have settled into their new homes in Perth, New Zealand, Queensland, NSW, Melbourne and the ACT. Yes, New Zealand.

It took an enormous amount of effort and I’m grateful to those people who helped and took in new family members. And so are all those animals. Huge, huge thank you. I hope others will continue the work of saving precious lives. Because as I keep saying – all life is precious. The world is richer for an animal whose life has been saved.

Andrew was away when Red started his transition. But as they were always close, Red waited, and slipped from this world with Andrew holding space for him. Lilac was comforted by the fire that night so very sweetly by one of the new rescue cats whom Tamsin called Benedict after the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes. Last night, Lilac had the two kittens we kept seek her out for company and comfort on my lap. Both of these small cat people were instrumental to groups of cats being rescued, calling loudly for help. Both are motherless. So Red was right in asking me to step up and help another round of animals in need for the healing it represented on many levels – for Lilac, and for the ones whose lives were saved.

And the plus side is that Lilac has begun to act more kitten-ish — she is right now sitting on my shoulder purring loudly. She never used to sit on shoulders, until one of the kittens did it!

Transition is not just about death. Many people are changing and feeling the call to do something different. This has been welling up for a long time. But for many it has reached crisis point. Their soul is yearning for change.

And now is the time for it.

We have so many planetary forces acting upon us, with major solar flares for over two weeks in May, and the resultant dizziness and high emotion, fatigue and other health challenges. I was hit by a wave of light headedness in the local supermarket the other day, so much so I thought I was going to faint! I later learned there had been an earthquake in Uluru.

For the entire eclipse season in May, I felt the earth very unstable. The house didn’t feel stable, and I was convinced the foundations would crumble at any moment. Not a comfortable feeling when one lives in an ancient cottage in need of renovation. The earth felt not only hollow but sideways. It was tilting and indeed, it appears the poles are shifting more quickly now.

The earth changes are in full force. And nature is acting confused. My spring plants are flowering — a bit, in the opposite season. But the animals and the fae both tell me that stillness is vital, and to trust. And I think that that advice is universal. Further it is definitely a time to raise our frequency with lots of rest, good organic food, and self-nourishment. Here in the southern hemisphere, it is time for hot chocolate and warm fires, good movies and books, and doing whatever creative thing you might be into.

You might enjoy our films Finding Joy, (still some people’s favourite feature film) or 7 Days with 7 Dogs. You might like to read Secret Animal Business, which has lots of animal stories in it, and peoole have blamed me for their staying up way too late because they can’t put it down!

I know people are grieving and hurting, but it doesn’t, sadly, serve us.   I mean, of course we grieve, but the souls who have left, always want us to celebrate their life.  They know the weight of our grief keeps them bound.  So” keen” in the ancient Celtic tradition, and empty your selves of loss ,and  remember the good times.  What serves the collective is inner peace and gentleness.  Honouring the dead.  And letting go. This can be helped through meditation, forgiveness and staying in the moment.

The moments are the magic.

We are manifesting very quickly, also. So watch your thoughts. Especially the quiet ones. You might make affirmations for something, but your heart is sending messages out for something else – and that is what will show up.

We’ve got tons of astrology applying pressure to us right now. The first thing that’s hurtling towards us is the solstice, and it is definitely something to pay attention to this year. A gorgeous cat client recently showed me an image of a boat sailing through choppy dark waters through a portal.

I don’t know where the portal went. But it seemed to be high ground — a beautiful beach. More love. Definitely heading to more light and and calmer waters. But we had to sit tight to go through.

It seems like the earth is getting ready for a huge activation, but I don’t know if that will be on solstice, or perhaps the massive super moon on June 23.

And then of course we have Mercury going retrograde on June 26. And the energy of that is already affecting us.

It’s all full on.

Here’s a thought.  If we were spiritually conceived or born on solstice 2012, it might take nine months or more for ourselves to grow into who we are becoming.  For me, this solstice marks a turning point.  I see a lot of Jupiter in the charts and this means expansion of good things.

In shamanism, we talk about medicine. Not pills. Not potions. But the medicine held within. And when life gets too much and you are dis-spiirited, it is time to use the medicine we were born with – dance, song, self expression.

Laugh. We are changing. Let go and flow through the portal. Perhaps where you are going will be exciting. The world is rapidly changing and we need to focus on manifesting a better one. So give to yourself, and give to others. When we are kind to ourselves and others, kindness grows.

It’s so important to remember that we are all going through this time together. When we give love and support to others, it helps them get through. When we give love to ourselves in the form of rest, good food, chocolate and a good laugh, then we are more able to help others. And the circle of connection continues to grow as we travel the new pathways as one.

. . . . . .

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Energy Alert – Mid-April 2013

April 16, 2013

Full MoonThe April Libran Full Moon was extremely powerful and swept away many loved ones around the planet, including two of our own ponies.  Neither had been sick.  Magick, glossy and loving as ever,  chose the weekend I was away to go.  She leaves behind her mother, Cocoa.  The two were always together, and Cocoa, instead of grieving, was also at peace.   This, at least, was something to ease my heart.

Shetland Samantha, although 35, looked glowing. But she just decided that the Full Moon would take her. Both had quick and easy, peaceful transitions. I hate that, but I love that. You know what I mean. You couldn’t ask for a better way to go.  Both assured me they were happy and had other work to do now. But the sudden unexpected leavings left us all reeling, and that spiralled into a kind of numb depression because the pace here at our sanctuary was relentless at that time,  and there was no space  to grieve. We were exhausted.

I read later that many sensitives sunk into an array of depressions for whatever reason. Lots of ascension symptoms from the flu to digestive troubles , and the impossibility of making decisions also were reported.   There was definitely an air of “I don’t know what to do” around at a time when Aries was demanding action.  The energies seemed peaceful out in nature, but the human world was so, so  challenging.  This hit a crisis point for us in seeing (again) first hand the shocking reality of the animal product industry. The carcinogenic toxic cocktails used on and in the animals, the rough handling and rough conversations between people who really don’t see these beings as anything but commodities.  Life as a sensitive human had just got worse as 3-D smacked into us head on. The nightmare that is a farm animal’s reality (READ: sensitive, intelligent, sweet, innocent, sentient, family-loving beings) is a crime that we humans pay for daily with a world stuck in a paradigm of fear and violence. While they suffer, we suffer.

It has to change now.

On top of that, I received an email alert from a channeller I enjoy following who suggested grounding with “animal protein” as a way to deal with the intensity of these energies.  This was the most unenlightened advice I had ever heard. There are so many other ways to ground and deal with energies that will raise your vibration (and hence ascension) at the same time.   Hug a tree, lie on Mother Earth, dance,  dance barefoot, eat root vegetables, eat cocoa…anything but animal protein.

From dairy ice cream to mince, if you eat animal products, you ingest loss, grief, anxiety, terror, fear, adrenalin, toxins and carcinogens. It’s an unhealthy cocktail for humans, the planet, and definitely for the animals. Animal protein is also energetically dense (I talk about the energy of meat in this YouTube clip from A New Era for Animals). If you want to reach the high frequency of a magical life of grace, don’t touch it. And definitely don’t give your power away to so-called gurus or channelled people from the stars who would suggest and therefore condone such barbaric behaviour towards the other species who share this planet with us. Be discerning. Now is the time people are showing their true colours. Who speaks true?

It was under this New Moon Energy that I simply gave up (or let go!).  I don’t like being down for long, (not healthy) and I know the animals are always at me to work at detachment.  We care for each other, we love each other.  They make an impact on our life in the most indelible way, and they always ask to celebrate their life when they are gone.   Not grieve.  (Not always easy!)

They need our love.  They need us to grow up as a species.  And it is with passion that I dedicate my life to this request.

Still a bit numb from the losses (Samantha had been with us for Tam’s entire life) , and feeling a bit stressed out by the lack of rain, and trying not to focus on that, we went to work with our script consultant  to feed our creative souls. That night, cuddled up in bed with kelpie Daisy licking my face, Andrew beside me keeping me warm and new rescue Ben snuggled at our feet, I realised I was content.   In the wee hours of the morning, the Fae arrived to tell me I had shifted upwards into another level.  With my spirit eyes I saw Light beaming out of my heart chakra.  Checking in, I felt even lighter.  Transparent!  How that will manifest is anyone’s guess.  But I have been told to “use your magic” .

The magic is important. It is not the magic of spells I am talking about.  It is the magic of the Divine.  It is the alchemy of change within to understand who we really are, and to come from that space of knowledge.

It was in the acceptance of what is, the letting go, that got me through the next door of the journey.  No matter what life is throwing at you, if you can just accept it, instead of feeling distress or frustration; if you can let go, instead of hanging on, then the river of Divine guidance can flow through you, and take you where you need to be, offering grace and synchronicity.  It’s being mindful and aware  of the Light dancing in the Shadows.

After the washing away of the old , the new energies are still like wading through water. The new world is a little confusing. There is still this old world mentality and need for money for survival.  And this is collapsing, making a lot of people even more scared and edgy. There is that feeling of impending eruption, thanks to all the solar flares, played out in Boston and in Korea, and earthquakes everywhere, and closer to home with bad tempers and, for example, doggy aggression.

The new way of being calls for  new training of the S-elf.  It’s lifting the blindfold to see the Light. You have to intend that whatever you need will be there.  You have to play the high vibration game through gratitude and acceptance of what is, while creating the new tomorrows with the imaginative spark of a conscious creator.  The trick to any magical life is doing what you really love. Those self-nurturing things that do bring you contentment in the moments and prove to the Universe that you love your S-elf. Love is the key that opens the door.

So what I am saying is that as we go deeper and deeper into this new and unformed landscape, as we hit intense solar flares, feel giddy and light-headed and irritable because we are so connected to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun, as we move through an eclipse on April 25, and whatever cosmic roller coaster that creates, we have to come back to the only real rudder in our Earthly boat — the heart.

Love truly, is all.


Rushing past the Full Moon Eclipse, we fall headlong into Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere. These are special times of the year when the veil is thin. (Read even thinner than it is now)  In the south, the dead will walk.  In the north, the lovers will love.  At home we always celebrate by setting an extra place at the table and seeing who shows up. Most often it is my Dad, who never visited us in this particular home. He never saw it. So now he makes an annual visit from the Spirit World.  It is also a time for Divination and Oracles and it’ll be interesting to see what they will come up with in this new climate. I always make a tradition of pumpkin soup, homemade bread and cake, apple cider and spiced hot cocoa (recipe in our Loving Kindness Chocolate Indulgence ebook).  it is also a time to share some of that cake with the Fae, and give back to Mother Earth for all she gives us.

While the energetic door is open for three days, I tend to think of my main feast and divination day as the day of April 30, so I can start the Winter fresh on May  1. But truly, it is a feeling, more than a date.  Sense it.

So the energies are quite funny as we go from 3-D to 5-D and back again.  People are filled with hope and promise and scared it won’t happen; challenged to be at peace in a dissolving landscape, and need to come up with creative ways of being new in the world and on the world.  We have to shift our perspective and see ourselves as the magical Light we really are; and free ourselves of the imaginary chains of limitation that bind us.   We  just have to keep imagining in a better world with our positive thoughts and dreams of  peace and plenty for all.  Despite the action of Aries, we need to find time to be still, to catch our breath, to breathe.   We also have to realise that the current cosmic push will give us added oomph to realising our dreams.  So focus on what you really want.   And finally, perhaps just let go, and allow the building that is the 5-D, to simply open its doors.

. . . . . .

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Photo: Full Moon by versageek

The *&#@* Energies

They say you are never given more than you can handle, and that getting out of your comfort zone, or being pushed out of the nest, is a good way to make you fly.

Just keep that in mind right now.

April is all about what you focus on and using the planetary energy to give projects, careers and relationships a big push. It is time to speak our truth and change the old masculine into the kind of caring, beautiful world we all really want to live in. How you contribute to that is something your heart and soul will tell you. Follow the nudges and say yes. Act immediately.

This month and New (Dark) Moon has no time for those who twiddle their thumbs. It’s all about movement, progression of consciousness – and things are happening very quickly for people. People are moving to new and perfect places, adopting new and beautiful furry family members, finding new directions, finding new tribe and community and finding love. It’s all about action.

It’s intense, but it can be graceful and full of synchronicity.

It feels incredibly intense to me, like a galloping wild horse you have no control over. Hang on for the ride.

The only ‘control” we do have, is where our thoughts are. So watch them. Keep stretching for gratitude.

It is a challenge.

It is especially a challenge when you are out doing big work. We don’t just have one horse to contend with. We have a team of runaway horses, the carriage is bumping along the dirt road, and it feels like any minute we are about to take off into the sky and fly.

I’m not sure when it quiets down. April, May, June and July are meant to be good months for achieving things. But it is also a time to be incredibly mindful. We are about to enter a time of eclipses and the end of this month is a biggy.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that our Higher Selves are speaking a language to us – through the heart. And this is what we have to trust. And act on.

April — action month. Don’t try and slow or control the wild horses. Trust they will lead you to where you are supposed to go.

. . . . . .

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Equinox Energies – March 2013

Equinox, March 2013

If you found the last quarter difficult energetically, you are not alone. All old core issues were up showing us how NOT to create. And the importance of healing ourselves. Time to see your core wounds clearly and let them go! After Mercury in Retrograde, heaps of planets putting the pressure on us, huge solar flares stirring the pot, I finally felt the shift of new breeze through on Sunday night. Phew. We have now suddenly arrived at the day when the energetic door on the old world closes, and from here it is up to all of us to learn to dance in the new world by understanding that We are All DIVINE.

Another big pointer to the change in the world is the resignation of the Pope, and significance of the new Pope to people like us.  Pope Francis, naming himself after the Patron Saint of Animals and actually mentioning the protection of the environment.  I will be watching what unfolds here with great interest.

The last three months saw the death of so many animals who chose this time to go.There were many animal suicides.  I asked them about this. Their souls, it seems, wanted to leave before the new energies came in.  Some will return in new bodies.  Others have other work to do, and other adventures, their work here done. There were a lot of humans who left also. There are still so many slumbering souls and an ocean of the angry wounded humans to navigate, but don’t let them pull you into their sea of coarse vibration. Fly higher. If you expand your field with love and acceptance, sending them blessings and love, they won’t be able to hurt you because they are not of the world of your making. To be awake is really about taking 100 percent responsibility for the making of our worlds. Make one that you love!!

This is now the time of the coming together of tribes, of higher frequency living, of dreams finally made manifest. But you can’t sit by and just expect everything to happen. We are in a new time with a new way of being and dreaming and it requires using the gifts we have been given. The gift of discernment. The gift of listening to our higher selves through the heart intuition. The gift of mental and emotional mastery. And the gift of the Anam Cara — soul friends who are your tribe, who help you fly higher when life feels bleak. Most importantly — the gift of intention.  It’s time to remember all our potential!  Enjoy — we have a big time coming up ahead of us energetically until the solstice.  Surf the waves!!! Wheeee!!!!

. . . . . .

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Birth into the New Era


View at A Place of Peace, where the sunset colours the smoke from fires.

February 13, 2013

Welcome to 2013!!! The changes are happening so quickly that I have written this blog post three times already! It’s exciting!  We’re living in a time when anything could happen!

How was your December solstice?  Was the big three days what you expected it to be?  I’ve heard there were a lot of angry and disappointed people out there, which immediately appealed to my sense of cheeky and I started writing a comedy piece about it! No, we didn’t all disappear and wake up in Utopia. 2012 was never about a date. It was and is about a Phenomenon.  This Phenomenon is about the human species growing up – not rushing off to trash another dimension, when we still haven’t learned to clean up after ourselves and take care of all of life. It’s a process. It’s birth. And we are changing. And the world is changing.

Just this week I have seen some amazing miracles around people opening their hearts and changing their perspectives. And I have also seen core, core, core issues brought up to the surface for healing and release. Phew!!! Could it be the end of the onion-like layers we have to shed in this exciting year of new beginnings?  Once we break through the core beliefs that come from all our hurts, once we shed our old skins and armour, once we shift our perspective, we can truly become free.

I slept through 12/12/12 and by the time 21/12/12 came, I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was be still and quiet.  We did do ceremony as a family and put aside a lot of time to do spiritual work, but my exhaustion didn’t really abate until Jupiter went direct on February 1 2013.  January was a blur – oh wait, I remember, fires, floods, snow, heatwave.  It was so ridiculous, it was almost funny.  But not really.  Fire and snow at the same time in Tasmania??  Wow.  Big lesson from the nature spirits to be in balance.  I asked them what they needed, and they need all of us to be in balance. (and you know, to be aware of them and be polite  and stuff).

Let’s face it, they are right! How many of us live a balanced life? Quite frankly, a balanced life sounds like a holiday – time for family and play and self-nurturing, honouring nature and the sacred and living in gratitude instead of fear. That’s just the start of a list which could be addressed if humans were grown up already.

During the fire bit, we had one of those “catastrophe” warnings which immediately sends you into fear.  But could I live with myself happily if I packed up and left the hundreds of souls in our care to fend for themselves?  No.  So I decided there would be only safety in my world and did the necessary spiritual work as well as communing with the world around me, listening to their response and preparing physically as best we could, moving horses into the eaten out paddock around the house, finding wire clippers to cut fences and feeling exceptionally  vulnerable.  Our sense though, was that we would be fine.   I remembered that saying from author Ken Carey,  that this was the time that people would die in fear or live in faith.  And we made the decision to live in faith and create safety with our minds, hearts, power centres, and  Otherworld friends.  This is something everybody can do.    The wind whispered we would be okay.  And shifted when the fire was about 12ks away.  Phew!  It was a powerful lesson in choosing.

In 2013 the promised shifts and changes have occurred, and I’m guessing everyone reading this can feel them. While it is easy to say that we are all One, and understand we all share a spark of the Divine, there are people on this planet that just seem to come from another time and space. More and more I’m going, “What?”, shaking my head in amazement at a species I feel less and less and less a part of. Their behaviour and world seems incredibly dense, harsh and draconian. We can cite their attitudes towards animals and the earth for starters, and you all know what I mean. The divide between the asleep and the awake is enormous! But I still have hope that this will see rapid change this year. I still have hope that all the world will awaken into freedom and peace – and evolution. I have hope for the human species, because of the human potential for love, compassion, kindness and possibility.  I see such a different world for us all.

But for now, I really can’t listen to the radio, watch TV,read magazines or newspapers,  look at the cows and sheep in paddocks, or go shopping in the supermarket. It is just too difficult and so very painful, and  sometimes I wonder if it will change, or if this is the splitting of the worlds that Dolores Cannon speaks of in This Sacred Earth. If so, where do we shop? Or do we all just grow our own? Personally, just give me the quiet health food and book stores and I’m happy.

Last weekend we have  had New Moon energy, with the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Water Snake (for me, this is about shedding old stuff, old skins, old stories, old baggage) coupled with intense solar flare activity and an asteroid hurtling towards us – (that will miss us.) People are reporting the now familiar light-headedness, dizziness, irritability and headaches that come with this. And there have been heaps of earthquakes which we all do tap into, because we and Mother Earth are related.  The trick is to roll with it and ground. Anchor your energy deep into Mother Earth and really form a relationship with her. We don’t call her Mother Earth for nothing, and now we are in a time when we have to learn to live with her instead of on her.

So last weekend felt exciting, as if we could finally drop old clothes and  put on new ones that completely reflected who we are.  2013 is  our birth year.   Spiritually the number 13 is rich in meaning.  Upheavals, karma, creativity, feminine, manifestation, and new beginnings are some of the things associated with this number.  And I’m assured the upheavals are for our ultimate best, even though it might not feel like it at the time.  It just all feels like an exciting time if we know how to navigate it and fly above the collapsing old world muck.

We are in a new landscape now and there was a point in January where I felt like I fell through a tear in the veil. And now that portal is open and there is heaps of forward movement on all levels. Lots of people are moving and changing jobs and re-aligning with their higher selves. Their destiny. It is all about authenticity, and our core essence, and really understanding what that means for our happiness and our ability to manifest our lives the way we really want and better.  I think this is going to get very exciting.  But for now, just ask yourself the question, does this make me feel light and excited or heavy and closed down??  Just don’t take the old anymore. It’s time for new, and light and happy.  The fifth dimension is also about light and happy.

I’ve chucked out so much stuff that was pre-2013.  That was my old human life filled with limitations and fear and hurts and pain. From now on, life is about magic and miracles, fun and laughter !  That’s my decision.   I noticed there were a few of us in January who just went :”sod it, I’m so over my old story”, and we went for spiritual growth more gung ho than ever.

My sense is that this current wave of settling into the new landscape will continue till the Equinox in March. Then there will be another step up in the stairway, and life will continue to get better, and better. Last year there were some talking about the pole shift coming in March, and the related  “three days of darkness”, but as I keep saying, nobody seems to know when or if this will happen.  So it is about being aware and informed and ready for anything.  Make sure you have extra food for your animal beloveds as well as yourself, just in case the electricity goes down for whatever reason.  We are living in a time of uncertainty with unpredictable weather and change being the only norm.  It is a different world, and if you can see it with excitement  and curiousity rather than fear, you will ride this transition time with ease.  It’s up to you.  Personally I’m seeing this as a great year!!

Uranus and Pluto are in a potent mix of planets for this year ushering in revolution and evolution.  I’m told it won’t be as intense as last year, but  I’m all for the excitement of opening up Facebook in the morning and finding it filled with good news stories!  Bring it on.

It is all about manifesting, and manifesting is about imprinting our intent on the misty plains of  the unmade, so focus on all the good news already happening, and  that all humans, underneath it all. have the capacity to be good hearted and open to kindness to each other, the animals and the planet.

Keep in gratitude and self nurturing, find the excitement in life, be curious and kind, and be prepared to keep seeing things a little differently.  (or a lot!)  Our perception of life must change as we change.  Rise above the negativity and don’t let it pull you off course. The vibration of happiness is what our Mother craves, and so do our animal friends.  Have fun, and be happy!


 . . . . . .

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 Photo credit: Andrew Einspruch

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