Super Full Moon

July 13, 2014 I am calling this month Jolly July. We are emerging from the shadow of Mercury in retrograde, all the trines and crosses and everything else that has been going on this year, to a clear space and open door. It is a time of miracles and manifestation. The full moon on July 12 (above) was a super moon, the first of three. And if you think esoterically about what that means, we are looking at huge potential and possibility. Its like the door is finally open and there is no holding back. Three is such a cheeky, lively, elfin number. So let loose and be happy and carefree and create with the innocence of children. The energy is big, so dream big. It's time for us all to shine and step into who we really are. I've been saying this for months but the gates are lifted now, the chains are off. Now is the time to step into the awesomeness of who we really are. We are Divine. My sense is that this is a time many will have breakthroughs. So sit down with the Moon and design a … [Read more...]

Surviving the Current Energies

December 8, 2012 It has to be a cosmic joke. Christmas is usually an emotionally frayed enough time without Mercury in retrograde, but we’ve had three weeks of it! Mercury goes forward on December 13. Hooray! When Mercury goes, retrograde it is a good time to go within.  And with the energies of the moment being particularly touchy, if you can go within I would highly advise it. Eat lunch alone! Out in nature. It’s a good time to duck and hide. Hibernate even. Because this Mercury Retrograde is heightened by the December 10th Lunar Eclipse, the 12/12/11 Gateway, and solar flares, it might makes people very stressed if they don’t understand what is going on. Here at home, we put our heads down and work and tend animals, and it is like we are in our own world. But the number of cries for help are coming in good and fast, so I know people are struggling with this, this time. Don’t worry. We’ll have a new gateway soon. But the essence of it is that we have to do our personal … [Read more...]

Riding the Energies of the Partial Solar Eclipse

This Friday (July 1, 2011) heralds the end of the current eclipse season with the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse.  It is a very powerful and potent day. Whereas the beginning of the eclipse season felt like a purging, the energies post solstice have felt like, "Okay, now you have let go of the past, step into the new dawn of a new era.”  Consciously. It really is time to let out the authentic you without the inhibitions of your upbringing and culture.  Really ask yourself, what is it that makes you grin and feel excited?  What makes you feel peaceful?  What makes you feel alive?  Who are you? We have a tremendous opportunity with all the planets behind us to move forward.  It's a time of intuition and heart.  A new place. We can expect more change globally.  I feel the old guard trying to keep control and keep a lid on the eruption of people restlessly awakening.   So this is being acted out in crazy ways.  Just be strong, keep your eye on the big picture, and if you … [Read more...]

The Road to 2012 and Intense Astrology for the Next Bit of the Journey

We are in for an interesting time ahead and I really wanted to do some research with my favourite skywatchers to help you make the most of the coming period. To begin with, there's been lots of what are loosely called Ascension symptoms. If you've been wiped out with fatigue, know you are not alone. Cleansing illnesses - stomach wogs and flus have been giving people an opportunity to cleanse and the dream time has been very busy, making people tired when they wake up. There's also been more physical challenges like bumps, lumps and cell changes. Many of these can be dissolved through simple and heart felt forgiveness. We are also seeing many more animals leaving us for many reasons - suddenly, sadly, opening hearts with grief and loss, and leaving a trail of lessons from words which should not have been spoken, angers which could have been better directed, and other human guilts making the humans strive to be better. And others have just left because it was … [Read more...]