Super Full Moon


July 13, 2014

I am calling this month Jolly July. We are emerging from the shadow of Mercury in retrograde, all the trines and crosses and everything else that has been going on this year, to a clear space and open door. It is a time of miracles and manifestation. The full moon on July 12 (above) was a super moon, the first of three. And if you think esoterically about what that means, we are looking at huge potential and possibility. Its like the door is finally open and there is no holding back. Three is such a cheeky, lively, elfin number. So let loose and be happy and carefree and create with the innocence of children. The energy is big, so dream big.

It’s time for us all to shine and step into who we really are. I’ve been saying this for months but the gates are lifted now, the chains are off. Now is the time to step into the awesomeness of who we really are. We are Divine. My sense is that this is a time many will have breakthroughs. So sit down with the Moon and design a life that makes you really happy, knowing of course that happiness is an attitude of gratitude and a choice to focus on beauty.

Meanwhile I am noticing a lot of people having health issues and animals too. The world stage and politics are scary beyond scary. But don’t give it the power of your attention. Just don’t. it was always said there would be a war between Light and Dark, that humanity would have to step up and find their hearts, and let the light shine. It was aways said to live in faith, not fear. To choose love not fear.

So keep your vibe high and choose Love. We are at the change over point now. And it is vital we choose a new world of Unity and Love. If you really want the shift of consciousness to happen, shift your own! And the rest of the year we will see a time of rapid transformation, Many people may not recognise their own lives by the end of year!

So hearts open, let’s walk forward into a beautiful new playground.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

Photo credit: “Moon July 11, 2014, 5” by OC Always

Surviving the Current Energies

Sad dog in a Christmas hat

Are your companions feeling the current energies like this poor dog??

December 8, 2012

It has to be a cosmic joke. Christmas is usually an emotionally frayed enough time without Mercury in retrograde, but we’ve had three weeks of it! Mercury goes forward on December 13. Hooray!

When Mercury goes, retrograde it is a good time to go within.  And with the energies of the moment being particularly touchy, if you can go within I would highly advise it. Eat lunch alone! Out in nature. It’s a good time to duck and hide. Hibernate even. Because this Mercury Retrograde is heightened by the December 10th Lunar Eclipse, the 12/12/11 Gateway, and solar flares, it might makes people very stressed if they don’t understand what is going on.

Here at home, we put our heads down and work and tend animals, and it is like we are in our own world. But the number of cries for help are coming in good and fast, so I know people are struggling with this, this time.

Don’t worry. We’ll have a new gateway soon. But the essence of it is that we have to do our personal work, and anything that you find up for healing and release right now, tend to it! If you are triggered by something – it’s an active issue!

For me, I think the word “delegation” is coming up as I, like so many others, are seeing the insanity of our lives – doing, doing, doing – when all our souls want to do is just be.

What can I shed? What can I let go of? Where does my heart lie? What is old past life stuff and what is really my heart’s desire this time around?

The process of simplifying, of de-cluttering and letting go the old in favour of something more “you” is really intense right now. So go with the flow. What changes can you really make? What is your heart and soul really yearning for? And have you found those things that bring you peace, contentment, excitement and happiness?

Imagine a world full of contented people, all doing the things that make them happy? Bliss. This is our future, if we can start today, using the extra fuel power of some pretty intense astrology.

Who is out there complaining? Don’t! Move, shift and float upwards. Complaining holds you anchored in the third dimension, which you created with your complaints!!

The 12 12 11 Gateway is another download of light (have you been feeling those lately?) and some people might find it puts you in a state of giggly silliness, euphoria, relaxation, contentment – and others might find it challenging. The former people might want to make sure they ground. The world might not be looking at this gateway as intensely as 11/11/11 – but remember how that was for you, and take the time to say “thank you”. Watch for signs from nature and Spirit and actively focus on inner peace and quiet (or lively) joy.

My 11/11/11 gateway was sweet. I realised I was manifesting “be-ing”. I felt more relaxed than I have all year – despite work pressure. I took the day off to do ceremony and the Divine Love Healing Circle. I felt giddy with elation, despite grounding techniques, and I heard many lightworking friends also found dreams manifesting with ease: love, new homes, movement. I had a whole weekend off to be me.

I enjoyed simple things like house work singing to Carol King, vegan cooking for teens and listening to live folk music at Music at the Creek, the Majors Creek folk festival. I impulsively bought a secondhand banjo and now I’m having banjo lessons!

Later I had a huge “a-ha” in a bright technicolour life review while standing in the middle of the kitchen, seeing how being too busy was actually extremely unkind to my s-elf. Balance!

The clarity with which realisations came to me was stunning and I made sure I wrote them down. They weren’t just words anymore. I could See  how wrong the old 3-D groove was.

The process of peeling away the dead, asleep suits has accelerated, as the new alive, intuitive, heart-centered people emerge from the dross like phoenixes. Nurturing oneself and others during this time is very very important. Even the animals are sooky. My guidance was, and is, to rest, rest, rest. That’s kind of challenging at this time of year – but do what you can. I was also told that things would move forward again after 12/12/11.

Make sure you use the full opportunity of this time.  Do ceremony, drink in the sun’s rays, open yourself to change, allow yourself to become more sensitive, compassionate, gentle and refined.  And that’s energetic refinement, not, you know, tea in pretty cups.  (Although why not?)

The more awake people are, the more they see the truth of the illusion and traps we’ve fallen into. When you energetically rise higher and higher,  and lighter and lighter, it’s more of a challenge to consider causing anyone harm, least of all innocent animals.  And animal sensitives just become physically unable to tolerate harm of any kind to their animal brothers and sisters.

You see the world differently – what it could be, not what it is. This is why I keep calling for change, and urge my students not to get too caught up in what they see, but to work on themselves so they can see differently. The more people who see the world from the perspective of eagle, for example, the more we will see real change –a world where finally the urgency of compassionate action is a thing of the past because all beings are cared for with love and kindness.

So I am enjoying this process of peeling the old dead suit away with the last (I hope) of any stuff I’m carrying around, and going with my heart intuition about how to live in a new way. A new fun, light-hearted way, even as I continue my heavier work as an animal advocate.

Spirit also told me that my work had only just begun, and then proceeded to send miserable, over crowded, cattle, sheep and logging trucks to cross my path. Just to remind me of the horrors which still exist for the animals and nature. *Sigh.*

It makes me feel so full of gratitude to everyone embracing a Loving Diet (I no longer want to use the term “cruelty free”. That puts the focus on the wrong thing.) Thank you! What we are doing to animals has to stop and this is one big big area of change for 2012. I think it will happen! So instead of focusing on the horrors, I focus on social change.  A Loving Diet that becomes the norm!  And just by embracing this kind of eating, chemically effects people to become more peaceful, joyous, healthy and connected to animals and nature.   High frequency is contagious. (Remember, high frequency people can’t consider harming others.)

There is something in the eating of flesh that keeps people stuck in an old groove of density.  And they realise it as soon as they stop!  It’s okay to be sensitive!

Andrew and I were talking about this just the other day, and as he mentioned, it wasn’t so long ago that it was considered reasonable that black people could be shot by white people, and their children taken away (like we do to the animals.)

Now that we see the awful error of that social more, we are turning our attention to how badly we treat animals. This is a process of awakening, of evolution, of energetic refinement. And so it goes. I have long said that we will look back at this time as brutish and barbaric – and really, the more refined your energies become, the more clear it really is. So today is the enlightenment revolution!

A lot of people are angry at people who are causing suffering to animals through their diet choices, for example. But what we have to realise is that it is a process of evolution. The people stuck in the old ways need to be inspired to flower and grow.  There is no need to be angry.  Please be patient with friends and relatives .  Allow them their process.   Invite them to scrummy vegan dinners.   Invite them to try a Meat free Monday recipe.  For some this is strange eating.  It isn’t meat and three veg.  Over thirty years ago, my friends would rock up to dinner at our place, having stuffed themselves on KFC because they thought I would be serving lettuce leaves.  Hmn.  It is a process of education that Loving meals are yummy, healthy and they make you feel good.

What we have to realise is that peeling away is happening for everyone and everything. Just because we have always used animals certainly doesn’t make it right. And those who react, because they are still clinging to the idea that they don’t want to give up “meat”, have to ask themselves why? Is this a trigger which needs healing and release?  Be adventurous and ask yourself “why not?”

The trend to a Loving Diet is skyrocketing as people become more and more compassionate. We can no longer turn away from the truth of our food industries and the crazy things people do for greed. Meat consumption has become not only unhealthy, but also unholy.

There are so many wonderful benefits of a Loving Diet, including becoming more loving! And more healthy. And at a soul level, more at peace. Let’s face it, few people want to cause suffering. Our society is just conditioned to think it is okay, and it is really painful to realise it isn’t.

And it isn’t.

We have to create new paths and trails, to create a new world of peace for all species. This is my work now – to inspire others to see the possibilities of a different world.

While some people are feeling as though the light at the tunnel is glowing brightly, others are still squinting to see it.

There are reports of animals behaving oddly or getting sick quickly, people under stress and reacting badly , and life feeling as if one just lost the reins of a galloping horse. Ascension symptoms are still things like clearing flus, fatigue, inability to sleep, interrupted sleep patterns, and brain fog. If this is you, lay low – go ground in nature, hug a tree, meditate with your back against one (and don’t forget to leave a gift of rolled oats for energetic exchange).

As 5-D is a karma-free zone, it makes sense that anything left unhealed is up for healing and release. So handle it and be aware of what is triggering you. Don’t just go on the attack. Understand that you are triggered and therefore need to look at something which has come up for healing.

This is a time of change and we have to have change. So shine a light on your own shadow and duck when others reveal theirs! Don’t bother engaging in a battle of tempers.

Keep breathing through the crunchy times and feelings. We’ve had a taste of freedom, and there is more coming.

The trees did tell me it had been harder than anyone thought for humans to shed their density. Ouch!

And don’t forget, we are in a new new time. Never before have we ascended on mass with our bodies. So think about the enormity of this kind of change. We are all pioneers.

Also, be mindful of your thoughts and do what you can to stay positive and buoyant. (Self-nurture is the key here – very important.) Thoughts are manifesting more quickly – even the bad ones. This can get lots of people into trouble. However it is also the sign of the age of grace – so look at your world with an eye to knowing you created it.

And you can change it!

We’re in a time of beginnings, so this is a good time to begin new projects and dream in the kind of life and behaviours that fit a new era society. One of gentleness, respect, compassion and kindness to all species.

. . . . . .

Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  an independent filmmaker of inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna, teaching animal communication with an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be. With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace Animal Sanctuary and is the founder of The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, a not-for-profit organsiation to promote peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action. 

Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2011.  You are welcome to share  this article but only in its complete form with author, author blurb, and website attached.  Thank you!

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Riding the Energies of the Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar EclipseThis Friday (July 1, 2011) heralds the end of the current eclipse season with the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse.  It is a very powerful and potent day.

Whereas the beginning of the eclipse season felt like a purging, the energies post solstice have felt like, “Okay, now you have let go of the past, step into the new dawn of a new era.”  Consciously.

It really is time to let out the authentic you without the inhibitions of your upbringing and culture.  Really ask yourself, what is it that makes you grin and feel excited?  What makes you feel peaceful?  What makes you feel alive?  Who are you?

We have a tremendous opportunity with all the planets behind us to move forward.  It’s a time of intuition and heart.  A new place.

We can expect more change globally.  I feel the old guard trying to keep control and keep a lid on the eruption of people restlessly awakening.   So this is being acted out in crazy ways.  Just be strong, keep your eye on the big picture, and if you don’t know what that is, please see our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

My sense is there will be an answering call to the wilderness of the dark by a light-filled explosion of new ideas and creative thinking.   People will create social change.  Remember, this is the energy of the 1960s, multiplied. So let’s create the kinder, more gentle world we all yearn for.

Many people think the new era is something that will just happen.  They don’t understand that we are creating that new dawn with every thought and action right now, which is why it is so important to live ethically and to fly high as an eagle.  Living from the heart intelligence is the way through any wilderness – and this will be the way through the dreaming forest we call the new reality.

This is why it is important to nurture and have joy and keep your vibration high.  Because that is the frequency and energy needed for the new era.  Instead of being a victim, see life as a game.   Be curious about it.

Here at Owl Cottage, I am taking the advice of the animals and doing what I can to de-clutter a house which has really suffered the loss, a few years ago, of the mudroom/laundry!  (Our house is over 100 years old and in dire need of patching.)

Clutter is dense energy.  There is an urgency that the animals have been feeling the last few years to really get our homes turned into sanctuaries of peace.  The animals think this is really important, and I can understand why.   So while our kitchen table holds a treasure map of  magazine cutouts of light-filled rooms, with storage for dog towels and dog bedding, and delicious warm laundries where a lamb or a goat baby might be happy to spend the night,  I wrap my head around  these possible renovations, which seem to be coming together in beautiful synchronicity.  We have found recycled timbers and windows and doors in our local area.  And I am tremendously excited to think we might soon have a west wall back up again after three years without one.  (Before the cold wind season, please!)

I’ve found lots of people are feeling “nesty” and trying to find their special place in the world.  Home seems to be a focus for many, many people.  This feels important as we humans embark on a new social movement to become more attuned to the land on which we live, honouring the spirits of place, growing our own food and becoming more involved in local community.  This is an ultra-green movement, with an emphasis on sustainability with heart.  It’s been building but watch it mushroom over the next year or so.

For many lightworkers, it feels as if the hard work we have done is now complete.  Wow. So it means we can now turn our attention to service in a new way. A lighter way. A fun way.  A heart way.

It’s time to leave the past struggle behind, drop the old suit of despair and “woe is me”, and move into trust, faith, love and fun.


The new framework of the new world is standing there now.  It takes new skills to live there.  Duality is a thing of the past.  So is density.   All the skills we have been learning about setting intention and watching our thoughts really need to come into play now.  It’s like we have been human apprentices to our God/Goddess natures and now we can begin to step up into a more expanded state of being.  This eclipse and solstice season was a period of initiation for many.

If you are still waking up or not yet awoken, know the energies will continue to create situations in your life so that you do.  So best to go with the flow with the awareness that we are the new humans walking on a new earth in a new era of peace.  It’s not time to resist.  The world of scientific materialism hasn’t worked.  So try something else!  Accept the changes!  And join in the fun, creating a new world with the very best our collaborative imaginations have to offer.

. . . . . .

Photo credit: rhysdjones

© Billie Dean, 2011

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The Road to 2012 and Intense Astrology for the Next Bit of the Journey

On the Road to 2012

We are in for an interesting time ahead and I really wanted to do some research with my favourite skywatchers to help you make the most of the coming period.

To begin with, there’s been lots of what are loosely called Ascension symptoms. If you’ve been wiped out with fatigue, know you are not alone. Cleansing illnesses – stomach wogs and flus have been giving people an opportunity to cleanse and the dream time has been very busy, making people tired when they wake up. There’s also been more physical challenges like bumps, lumps and cell changes. Many of these can be dissolved through simple and heart felt forgiveness.

We are also seeing many more animals leaving us for many reasons – suddenly, sadly, opening hearts with grief and loss, and leaving a trail of lessons from words which should not have been spoken, angers which could have been better directed, and other human guilts making the humans strive to be better. And others have just left because it was their time and they are sensing the pull to the Summer Land or across the Rainbow Bridge, with the increasing intensity of the 2012 Phenomenon. Please know the animals don’t want you to feel guilty or feel bad or grieve. They want you to honour their lives with celebration and the most important thing you can do is raise your vibration. Keep your heart open. Shine. This is what they want for you.

It’s not easy when their beauty winks out, leaving us berefit. Alone. Wondering. But this, then, becomes a practise in surrender, non-attachment and loving deeply and fully in every sense of that word.

We are now under the influence of Mercury retrograde, intensifying the Christmas madness and communication. So if you feel yourself getting frazzled, please take a breath and go outside and ground in nature. As Anne Hassett says our film This Sacred Earth – “Go hug a tree!”  This really kicks in on December 10, but we feel its influence now.

Then we have the 12:12 gateway on December 12th  — another opportunity for growth and light downloads making way for the full moon in Gemini/Lunar eclipse on December 21 and the Solstice on December 22.

Expect waves of light codes, according to Soluntra King, and all the star watchers I follow, including Eric Francis, say it is time to go within during this period.

Introspection is called for. So it is a time for completion of the old and celebration of the new. Get yourself to a sacred site or portal or place in the garden or on the beach or in the bush – somewhere where you can access the hands of the Mother and let them embrace you.

Eric says that the influence means that everything has the potential to be doubly stressy – so do what you can to be calm, de-stress, be aware of the chaos of swirling energies. Soluntra says the same.

At the same time the influence is on us to really step into our authentic life. To stop “resisting living” and to design a life for the future.

I really feel that one strongly, and have been wrestling with it for some time. I know what I want, but things have been in the way. Now new influences have come in to really help and I am getting very clear and wildly creative. It’s no co-incidence that we are re-designing my website right now. After much thought I’ve decided what I want is to create a portal for the new world, this new time, and my speciality is my innate gift with animals, nature and the Otherworld. My new website will be a legacy, a trail for others to follow who want to have extraordinary relationships with animals, and to heal them and keep them healthy in this new time.  We want to create a place for all of you to come and “meet” each other and talk animals and spirituality all you want.  As the times continue on toward 2012, we all need our tribes and community.  We need connection with like minded souls.

And I really want my wild elf self to break free and give you all a good laugh to help you raise your vibration – because this is a key to getting where we are going.

The good news, according to Eric, is that there are “two conjunctions that are opening the way to a new world.” He say that, “One is Chiron conjunct Neptune, which is about clarifying your vision for your life. The other is Jupitor conjunct Uranus, which is about feeding that vision with new ideas and information.”

So he encourages us to “consciously ride this once-in-a-lifetime astrology to a truly creative destination.”

At the same time, we are seeing the rise of the deep feminine in 2011, the end of the dark masculine archetype, and the opportunity to come into a beautiful balance with the union of masculine and feminine within us.

Soluntra says: “Be the anchor you truly are and hold the higher frequencies as we move beyond the illusion. .. this eclipse is a powerful doorway of healing and unification and journeying through the Galactic centre and experiencing the new creation. The Galactic Centre is accessed through the stillness within where all is manifest, the crossover point within and without.”

She says the energies will be intense, so again, grounding in nature is a good idea. Take care of yourselves!

So from this intense time of inner work, reach out with joy and celebration at the solstice! This is an important time for nature-based spirituality and here in Australia, we’ll be enjoying the longest day of the year. Party!

The time between eclipses will be edgy, so really be kind to yourself until January 4, when we have another eclipse. Then you can get back to normal (just kidding – being kind to yourself needs to become a habit!). But the good news is that for the first time in several decades, there are no retrograde planets from December 29. So we will have a lovely break on one level.

Be mindful of how the changes affect you, and know that they do, and that this is all part of the 2012 Phenomenon. Be aware that it’s time to master stillness and your emotional state, deal with stress and use the influences to best advantage rather than floundering in a sea of chaos.

Interesting is this concept of creating for yourselves the destiny of your dreams. Think about that this season. What makes you truly happy? I know I have said this over and over again, but now is truly the time to step into who you are becoming and being all you can be. If you are resonating at a high level, thinking creatively outside the box, then you can create a lifestyle that feeds your upward frequency and this in turn helps you manifest. You need peace, joy and love. What makes you feel nurtured and fed?

I think about it in terms of what fills me with passion? What makes my heart pound? What does my soul yearn for? What inspires me? But also what is easy, fun and ticks all the boxes of my personal set of needs? For me family, nature, animals and self-expression are the four big ones, and I’m having fun really getting boldly creative as to how that works for us all. So get going, be creative, get out of your mind and into your heart.

Have a very happy solstice, a productive Full Moon Eclipse, and a quiet, stress-free Christmas!

(And please do check out the web sites of Soluntra King and Eric Francis. Well worth your time.)

Photo credit: swanksalot

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