Twilight Zone

Eclipse, Equinox, Easter, Serpent Energy and A Message from Gypsy, the Centaur Queen of Avalon 16 March 2016 March is a month in which surrender is the best thing we can all do! The biggest month astrologically this year, it is a time for endings. For re-set. For re-think. For letting go. For going within. I've been trying to get this newsletter out for two weeks — but even here in Avalon, the powerful pull of the Otherworld's tide, found us in shock, grieving and keeping vigil around the clock as animals decided to cross. And if we look at the wider world, animals and people are leaving in droves. Their souls know what they are doing. And it speaks volumes about the times, and the strength of the warriors for peace — the old souls holding the new energies. Gypsy died. One of the tall centaurs who lived in Avalon before we came here, who we saved from an uncertain future as they were all bred for the racetrack. Instead of that life, a dozen horses suddenly found themselves … [Read more...]

Vale Cocoa

The little bay wild pony mare we called Cocoa was curious about her situation. She couldn’t stand up. After eight years of enjoying freedom, hay and soft mashes, while avoiding a human’s touch, she now found it to be heaven. She leaned into the oil massages, the shiatsu, the T-touch, and loved the homeopathics with apple juice, the warm mashes, the herbs, and being stroked and loved. She didn’t even get frightened when a rug was put over her at night. She told me it was surprising to her, how good being loved like this really felt. And even though she was free, it healed her mistrust of humanity. It healed her grief at the loss of her daughter. Her daughter in spirit was hanging around. I knew in my heart, that Cocoa wouldn’t stand up again. And despite her perkiness, she wouldn't be with us long.  She had been finding the August part of winter hard in recent years. We always fed her soft mashes until the sweet grass came. We slept with her out on top of the little hill that was … [Read more...]

Doggy Encounters of the Compassionate Kind

I was at our local market buying veggies today, when two dogs wrapped their leads around me. Their person was embarrassed, but I am always grateful for such exchanges, because I know they are not random. One dog was a rescue with a catheter sticking out of her face. She was a soft and gentle dog and asked me to help her with some healing. The plastic tube was uncomfortable and she wanted it out. Doing this kind of work is second nature to me and as I put my hand out, I could feel the energy building. So could she. She neatly put her head into my hand, asking for healing. Her person was confused, exclaiming I must have a special gift with animals, when really I was simply Listening and following the whispers of suggestion that I knew came from the heart connection this dog and I were sharing. And so I did some healing there and then between the rows of veggies, pulling out the old trauma from her last home, which was the root cause of the abscess. The woman was mumbling something … [Read more...]

Don’t Let 400 Sheep Die in Vain

7 June 2012 I was thrilled to learn that Molly Brown, the one sole survivor of the horrific accident which took the lives of 399 sheep (warning, some of the photos in the reporting of this story are horrific), has now found sanctuary at Edgar's Mission. Molly has survived for a reason, and every pic I have seen of her shows me someone who is still in trauma and can't quite believe her luck. She has a strong life urge and I want to honour her with every part of my soul. She will make a difference. We did our normal Full Moon ceremony this month, and  the sheep who were killed in the road accident , came in for shamanic healing and release.  They were ANGRY. And under the anger were tears of wretched grief.   "We hate this.  We are finished suffering.  End this now.  End the suffering of our kind.  We can't take any more." Another sweet ewe came forward  - shocked and grieving that she was shot because she survived. This was the solution given by the  "animal welfare" … [Read more...]

A Turtle on the Road to Humanity

It's turtle season, so please watch out for turtles on the road.  Andrew and I saw one upside down on the road the other evening driving home.  We turned around to get him, as I knew he was alive despite the going home traffic, and I was walking towards him when a car ran him over.  You might think they might consider why I was walking on the side of the road.  But no.  I was wondering about the human species at that point as I picked up the poor little guy who was in pain with a broken shell, but still alive.  I did some work on him, and administered Death Rites to give him spirit flight, as Andrew sped toward Braidwood, and we searched for turtle wildlife carers. Barbara Bateman was there, always ready to take on the injured and homeless, and we really will miss her when she leaves the district soon.  She restored my faith in human nature.  The little bloke wanted to live, or at least, die naturally.  He was back from spirit flight by then.  Barbara knew of a Canberra woman who … [Read more...]