Why You Should Help the Urgent Cases at the Pounds

10 April 2013

Marley - April 2013

Marley – April 2013

As I write, there are currently 37 anxious, worried, sweet, sweet dogs in Blacktown Pounds facing the death sentence. No fault of their own. There are huskies, sweet faced kelpies, lots of bull breeds — they are young and innocent, and begging us all to help them. They have till Thursday (April 11, 2013).  Please contact Pound Rounds on Facebook. Please donate. Please offer to foster. Please adopt. Stretch!

There are also 15 in Hawkesbury, Sydney on that sickening list to be murdered unless we intervene. Or at least support the rescue groups who can and do. There are some desperate cats in Renbury including a gorgeous little magickal black cat I would take in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have so many.

Working in that area are Pound RoundsBig Dog RescueWorking Dog RescueMini Paws Animal Rescue, and lots of others.  Please look them up and support them financially.  With funds they can kennel dogs  until a home can be found.

The perfect home always turns up. We rescued 27 animals out of two pounds a couple of weeks ago (with some wonderful help), and all those animals have now found forever homes. We even managed to rehome families of cats together, so they didn’t have to suffer more after the trauma they had already been through.

We stretched, we stepped up, and so can you! Work with the rescue groups. Or just adopt straight from the shelter. Get them to safety, whatever it takes.

We have a full house with seven dogs and a multitude of cats, and I just want to say that some animals, like Ben the dog, my two new black cats, and Comet the kitten, are a soul call with a huge heart connection. The rest chose us, and I adore them! But others like Marley the staffy are the animals we take into our home because you know it is the right thing to do. And these are the ones you grow to love and the journey is sweet, deep, meaningful and life enriching. Our beloved Dusty was one of these.  Having had a really abusive life and being older, I knew he had to spend time healing here with us.  We took him sight unseen.

I’ve done that with many animals.

Marley was a beaten up looking staffy, riddled with fleas, a rough coat, dermatitis, and other health issues (that’s him in the photo, looking pretty happy to be playing with a chew toy). When he first arrived, his face was frozen into a permanent grin in a desperate effort to find someone to love him. He was permanently “on”. He knew being cute and friendly would win him a home.

Except it didn’t.

I saved him with two minutes to spare.

My experience is that here in 2013, the dogs and cats in pounds are extra-ordinary. They are sweet, funny, mystical, deep, deserving, friendly, and super affectionate. So many of them are souls returned. Many of them are our beloved soul friends in animal form, come back to us to help us in this last phase of our healing. They are here to help us grow our wings, and burst open our heart chakras.

Sure there has been an adjustment going on at home.  We live in a tiny cottage and have had to keep the cats in quarantine as they came from the pound sneezing with cat flu, and away from new dogs who have been starving and don’t know the rules yet. There is no dog or cat fenced area right now. No kennels. We just have an ordinary, tiny old weatherboard cottage.

Our two original senior cats both came down with cat flu, and we’ve had lots of patient re-educating to do with Marley. But he and Ben are quickly responding to love and care, and aleady Marley’s coat is soft and he smells good – just through diet.

(I treated cat flu with Young Living oils in the litter trays and in the diffuser and used HAMPL Infection Clear and Fulhealth Silver Colloid as well .)

It has been huge and at a time when we also had the Great Gelding of 2013, lost two deeply loved ponies who the Full Moon just swept away, saved a sheep from flystrike (Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner and scissors) and had to put on a happy (relaxed?) face for a film crew that was not my own.

So what I’m saying is that you can stretch even if it doesn’t feel like the “right time”. And if you do , you will be rewarded.  Please help the animals in need.  That is truly what we are here to do now.  Show your humanity!

This is how we build our new world – the one we can be proud of. We just don’t let the authorities kill precious souls, leaving earthbound ghosts, cries in the ethers, and pain in our hearts.

Working together in community, with heart and desire, we can make a huge difference.

. . . . . .

If you liked this article and would like to give an exchange of energy, please consider making a heart gift.  Heart gifts help make the new world go around, and the animals all thank you!  

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Update on the Jeparit Ponies

Update: As of 11:40 am local time, only three horses remain alive. But please still act.

Update: We understand that some of the horses were chased until they were exhausted and shot at. There were unprofessional youths involved in the shootings. The ponies died in fear.

The Jeparit ponies came into my Divine Love Healing Circle last night and their souls were released shamanically. Their own anger transmuted and they were truly free. Later, while communing with Grandfather Tree, a little one came and walked beside me in spirit. We did the midnight rounds of our ponies and brumbies together. She said to say, “Thank you to all those with heart.”

When humans love, it makes a difference.

. . . . .

July 15, 2011

I write this update on the Jeparit ponies with a heavy heart and a call for urgent action.

Tao, one of the Jeparit ponies who have been killed

Tao, one of the Jeparit ponies who have been killed

This is a picture of Tao, a soft, gentle man with more courage and dignity than any human I have ever met. He told me he wanted his family saved. He told me he knew he would “go down with the ship”. I offered to buy him and have him here for life.   I did my best to save his life and have sent his photo to the ABC , the Minister for Agriculture and also the DPI.   He was murdered in the last two days of DPI  shooting. I will spare you the pictures of his dead body, and that of the pregnant mare shot in the head. Of the mare and foal standing bleakly and frightened. There was nothing wrong with these ponies. They were innocent victims and I don’t understand how any vet could authorise a mass murder like this. But the Victorian DPI vets did.

What is particularly sad is that these ponies could have had homes. People wanted them. Pony Rescue saved 80 of them. I haven’t given up on some more lives saved today. I light a candle for those murdered so cruelly and will be doing ceremony for them tonight.

Further Pony Rescue had bought and had vet certificates for more ponies which the DPI killed anyway.  When they tried to get the horses,  Pony Rescue were ushered away.   The DPI even brought police in.  A frightening TV cop show type of situation.  And one that I’m not sure is legal.  And indeed an animal lawyer has been contacted.  But too late for the ponies who could have had a second chance at life.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks liasing with Pony Rescue and Friends in Victoria (link goes to their Facebook profile where photos are — see the album), trying to help save the lives of the Jeparit ponies.  I want to thank you so much for your efforts from around the world, showing what a fantastic animal-caring community you are. Your contributions helped Pony Rescue enormously and ponies were able to be rescued, fed, wormed and cared for.

In the last week, I have been patronised, yelled at and hung up on by those in charge of the Jeparit pony massacre. I have never met such a wall of resistance, where you are passed from person to person, no one answers their phones or emails and you feel like a voice in the wilderness, begging for compassion in a world which has turned its back on such noble notions.

Sadly, despite an enormous effort writing emails, making calls to the Department of Primary Industry, to the Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, to all kinds of press (here’s a story someone else managed to get placed) and other animal welfare agencies, these ponies have been subjected to the worst kind of abuse, being shot in paddocks and yards in front of each other.

This is what the DPI consider to be “humane” to “alleviate the suffering” of the ponies, who Pony Rescue was rehoming. They refused to work with Pony Rescue, who as you can imagine, were very emotionally involved in the lives of these ponies, wanting the best outcome for them. I still don’t understand why the DPI had to muscle their way in, guns blazing, when a kinder more gentle option was clearly available. This draconian mindset completely baffles me.

It has been a very very painful time, trying to save them, and getting nowhere.

To be an animal sensitive in this kind of environment takes a lot of strength, and hats off to my student Carolyn Bischoff, the Pony Rescue girls Tania  Decker and Jodi Hutson , and  all theother on the ground supporters, because it is always a challenge to watch animals be killed just because some authority says they have to. The girls have been run off their feet and Tania is currently in hospital with MS.   It didnt stop her working around the clock.  They have done their best and we are all feeling that horrible feeling when our best is not good enough. Eighty horses is a fantastic effort. With more time and support, they could have got them all.

I had to tell Tamsin that Tao had been killed. After we had opened our hearts to letting him in – him and any other who would have found sanctuary here. It wasn’t easy. Sadly she learned long ago that people in authority are often wrong. And I teach her, as I teach my students, that we have to know what the right thing to do is by our hearts. Walk our own path, with our own code of ethics. It wasn’t so long ago that our society once believed that women did not have souls. And today it still doesn’t believe that animals do. Animals are still under “dominion” and are enslaved and subject to atrocities.

One of the many letters I wrote to the DPI challenged them on their choice of “humane” action. What kind of world are we creating when the solution is only found in violence?

Why couldn’t they work with Pony Rescue? They could see the girls had done a mammoth job with these innocent little ponies.  The girls could have been supported , not hindered.  Could that have been so hard???

The lucky ponies, by the way, who have gone to new homes are quickly regaining their strength and settling in, enjoying the love and care they are receiving. So DPI excuses of “they are too wild to be rehabilitated” are just ridiculous. And too thin is also a poor excuse. Hands up how many of us have rehabilitated  thin horses. I don’t understand this mindset. I do know that I want to change it.

If you would like to protest this situation, and help try to save the rest of the ponies, please contact Peter Walsh, Victoria’s Minister for Agriculture and Food Security (link goes to his contact page, where you can find email addresses and phone numbers).

Or you can speak to the Department of Primary Industry in Victoria (link goes to their contact page). The Departmental Secretary is Richard Bolt, and the woman in charge of the decision appears to be Deb Morrison (those are both email links).

Or to the press. Please ring all the press you can today.  Go to the Pony Rescue page on facebook above and send them photos.  Make them feel.  The public has to know that these horses had the potential for a second chance.   They woudl have had homes.  they had people who cared.  Make a noise for the ponies who suffered under our so called animal welfare. And maybe we can still save the remainder and let them have love in their life.

I rang the RSPCA by the way.  I was told  this situation was completely under the DPI jurisdiction and the RSPCA could do nothing.  Where is the law that protects animals?

If this sort of behaviour angers you and frustrates you and makes you feel helpless. Then channel it into action. Please call and email any press you can and protest against the murder of these frightened ponies who coud have been given a second chance at life in loving homes.   Question their action.

When I spoke to Simon Price of the Department of Agriculture (03 99385954)  I was assured that this would be done humanely.  That to allay community fears, the RSPCA vets would be on side and absolutely ponies who could be re-homed, would be,   I begged him to talk to his people and make sure they did that.

They didnt.

Thank you for your compassionate action.

Billie Dean


A Turtle on the Road to Humanity


It’s turtle season, so please watch out for turtles on the road.  Andrew and I saw one upside down on the road the other evening driving home.  We turned around to get him, as I knew he was alive despite the going home traffic, and I was walking towards him when a car ran him over.  You might think they might consider why I was walking on the side of the road.  But no.  I was wondering about the human species at that point as I picked up the poor little guy who was in pain with a broken shell, but still alive.  I did some work on him, and administered Death Rites to give him spirit flight, as Andrew sped toward Braidwood, and we searched for turtle wildlife carers.

Barbara Bateman was there, always ready to take on the injured and homeless, and we really will miss her when she leaves the district soon.  She restored my faith in human nature.  The little bloke wanted to live, or at least, die naturally.  He was back from spirit flight by then.  Barbara knew of a Canberra woman who knew how to take care of turtles with broken shells.  She rang her as soon as we left.  Lots of gratitude to these wonderful carers.

Sadly, the little bloke didn’t make it.  And I feel the loss keenly.  I  focus on sending blessings to the guy who ran him over — because that appeared an unnecessary waste of life.  As I am always surrounded by beautiful people who really care and go the extra mile for animals, it is always such a shock to cross paths with someone who doesn’t.  I call them young souls, bless them, and put my pain to the fire.  That way I am free of judgement, sadness and anger leaving a dense residue in my body.  I’m not sending any negative ripples into the universe or darts to him. This is one pathway to peace, because as I constantly reminded my students last week, all thoughts are things.  My feelings of grace are genuine.  So bless you driver!  May you have Love in your heart and hands!

I know in this life there are no accidents. and that that turtle experienced a lot of human love in his final hours — and Love truly is what every soul needs.  So perhaps the whole scenario had a higher reason.  Perhaps the driver needed Divine Love and blessings.  Perhaps the turtle needed to experience human love and compassionate action.  Perhaps, perhaps……the important thing here is to make every act an act of compassion — to all parties, and to keep walking the High Road of Love and Peace.

This originally appeared in the November 11, 2010 edition of my Animal Whispers newsletter.

Photo by Jonathan Zander (Digon3). Source.

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