Twilight Zone

Eclipse, Equinox, Easter, Serpent Energy and A Message from Gypsy, the Centaur Queen of Avalon 16 March 2016 March is a month in which surrender is the best thing we can all do! The biggest month astrologically this year, it is a time for endings. For re-set. For re-think. For letting go. For going within. I've been trying to get this newsletter out for two weeks — but even here in Avalon, the powerful pull of the Otherworld's tide, found us in shock, grieving and keeping vigil around the clock as animals decided to cross. And if we look at the wider world, animals and people are leaving in droves. Their souls know what they are doing. And it speaks volumes about the times, and the strength of the warriors for peace — the old souls holding the new energies. Gypsy died. One of the tall centaurs who lived in Avalon before we came here, who we saved from an uncertain future as they were all bred for the racetrack. Instead of that life, a dozen horses suddenly found themselves … [Read more...]

Farewell, Dusty

It is with great and tender sadness that I write to inform all our friends that our beloved Dusty has passed. I was here alone and came in from the evening chores to find him sleeping peacefully in his warm and cosy basket. Only he wasn’t breathing. I checked under the blanket to feel his pulse to make sure. I didn’t want to believe he was gone – even though our dog in spirit Cedar had been here for the past four days, waiting to take him Home. When I asked Dusty why he slipped away while I was outside, he gently told me “it was perfect timing – my timing.” The house is filled with his presence still, an invisible cloak of light and love, that is the angel Dusty always was. Even though the end had been coming for a long time, and Andrew and I put in months of around the clock hospice care, his departure left a hole in the fabric of our family. He had been with us seven years. I miss tending him. I miss fussing over his blankets, making sure his bed was dry and soft, keeping … [Read more...]

RIP Dear Friends and Other Natural Healing

June 4, 2012 We had an intense month with animals here at home.  The full moon took away the soul of our beautiful elder pony, Bindi.  Bindi came to us 15 years ago and told us “no hooning” because somebody had “hooned" on him and broken his collarbone.  During his end time,  I did a healing and found a dark entity sitting on his back - the etheric thought form of the person who had abused him.  Bindi found it hard to let go of his feelings towards this person, and in fact all of humanity who  abuse animals and use them like slaves -- or toys.   I took him through a forgiveness process and he put his head on my shoulder as I sobbed with him in the middle of the night under the pine trees and a silver moon. When he let go, he was able to pass peacefully just a short time later.  He had 15 years living in peace and leaves behind three pony mares - his herd and friends.  He was 35. We all miss him terribly and down in the stables where the ponies sleep, there is an empty … [Read more...]

The Spiritual SIde of Animal Advocacy

June 2, 2012 Thanks to the wonderfully kind people who donated to The Billie Dean International  Deep Peace Organisation, we opened our hearts and gates to 200 beautiful young lambs who were due to go to slaughter. That’s a couple of them in the picture there, and they and their brothers and sisters are now safe forever in our front paddock, having moved in with some very surprised wild horses. It has been an emotional journey. This is the most animals we have ever taken on and they were in my dreams, haunting me and calling me  just two nights before. I couldn’t sleep. I was so relieved and incredibly grateful when they ran onto our place,  and also very, very excited. Because it is not just another 200 sheep who are safe for the term of their natural lives. It is the beginning of something far, far bigger. It is very very difficult being born a natural animal telepath and empath.  I have felt the pain and suffering of animals all around me, all my life.  And instead of … [Read more...]

News from A Place of Peace – January 2012

January 22, 2012 It's late here at A Place of Peace, the rain falls gently, and when we step outside, we're greeted by the gentle knicker of a wild mother mare who recognises us as "The Ones Who Bring Food".   It's time for their last meal of the day, and the garden has been turned into a nursery for three mother mares and their little filly foals.  The house yard is quite large, and they go under the pine trees and the Hawthorn Tree, the little ones racing around with their tiny tails stuck high in the air.   They are so beautiful, and growing up in complete security, knowing that if they can't find mum, aunty is close by.  The mares are great mums, and very proud of their babies.  I shudder when I think these foals may never have been born, and their terrified mothers, killed horrifically in slaughter houses which should be shut down forever. During the day the wild horses graze peacefully in three herds.  Merlin the stallion has his herd which includes the baby colts … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Clea, the Beautiful German Shephard, and Mari, the Goose

September 23, 2011 Clea’s shade is in the bedroom, next to the bed, urging me out for a walk.  “Come on, my dear,” she says enthusiastically.  “Let’s go and experience the day.” When I agree, she swishes her elegant sweeping tail and glides out of the house, a huge smile on her face – just as she did in life. Later, her shade is in the kitchen, where I am at the computer in the wee hours trying to finish some work. “Come to bed, my dear,” she says.  “You need your rest.” I can’t help the tears when I look up and she isn’t there.  She always waited for me to go to bed. Clea was a 13-year-old German Shepherd who came to us for hospice care.  She needed a home and we loved her and swore to make every day a jewel.  We believe in the healing ability of the joy factor.  And Clea’s time with us was pure joy. “Do you want dinner, Clea?”  Her eyes would light up and she would run again, to her spot on the verandah where we put her bowl on a table for her to eat – her nasal … [Read more...]

Dealing with Death, and R.I.P Raffi, the Movie Star Dog

Death is one of those mysteries that informs our life, but is never really discussed in our society.  We are not taught to grieve.  And especially not over the loss of an animal companion.  Death and dying is, however, one of the things we discuss in detail during my animal shamanism classes because you want an animal professional to be clear about an animal’s last journey. In our society, it is common practise by the veterinary profession and others to suggest an animal be “put out of his misery”, not understanding that there is a soul journey involved and a sentient being inside a furry coat with desires of their own.  Death is a natural process, like birth.  It’s only sometimes that help is needed.  And as I teach, sometimes all that is in the way of them leaving naturally, is telling us one final message, or  making one final request. Having assisted the natural deaths of many, many animals, I am always amazed at the impeccable timing of the animal’s chosen time.  And so it … [Read more...]

Brumby Rescue Video

Andrew and I put together a short video about our work with brumby rescue here. We hope you enjoy it. The glorious music is "Behind Your Eyes" by Susan Raven. We are incredibly grateful to her for her permission to use the song, and we encourage you to go to her web site and check out more of her music. … [Read more...]

Magical Moments with the North Kossi Brumbies

July 29, 2011 So many beautiful things are happening with our 14 new North Kossi brumbies.   The big blue stallion called Merlin has such a kind eye and intelligence, and we have bonded deeply already.  He has eaten out of my hands on more than one occasion. After a short delay in moving to their new paddock (it required a further fencing fix), the horses explored it quietly.  A young colt we’ve called Star jumped the newly fixed fence with ease more than once to get to the grass on the other side.  But he jumped back in again with just as much ease when we asked him to.  He now understands “fence”, and also "feeding time", and hasn’t bothered to jump it again. Wild horses are very different to domestic horses.  They are a wild animal.  Someone asked me if I would be gentling them.  I said no, they would be gentling me, as they are already gentle. And they are – gentle and sensitive.  So we take our time and build trust with them.  We don’t bother rushing in and try to worm … [Read more...]

Kossie Brumbies Arrive at Ballyoncree

July 15, 2011 Suddenly, late last Wednesday night, we got the call from NSW Parks and Wildlife that our brumbies had walked into the traps. 15 of them, including three pregnant mares. They wanted to deliver them on Saturday, and I had to leave on Sunday with Tamsin for her writing course in Sydney. It felt like really bad timing. High winds had blown trees down across fences, the yards needed re securing and we had no meadow hay – yet. I couldn’t sense the stallion I had been communing with down in North Kossi, and my sense of the herd that was trapped was that they were waiting for my decision. They had gone inward.   It was very curious. They didn’t feel like the family who had asked to come to me. And that put me in a huge dilemma. If they weren’t mine, then what about the promise I made to the stallion who had contacted me? If I took these horses, I wouldn’t be able to support the ones who had contacted me as well. And as a shaman, it is vital to me that I keep my … [Read more...]