Crop Circles and the Promise of Hope

Solstice, June 21, 2016


This morning, being full moon with Solstice energies blaring, I received a loud message to share. It came with a discussion with my guides about choosing worlds and healing worlds. So I Listened. This message was for all of us:

It is up to you all now to choose the world you want to live in. Keep your feeling states uplifted and focussed on beauty. The natural world is key.

Remember the other dimensions and realms now. What you do ripples.

What I heard also was that we are choosing which frequency and thus which dimension to live in.  Free will. And yes we all want the bells and whistles, but they are unfolding as each of us are ready.  The fabric of the world and the dark that held it together and held us as slaves, has gone, is going and will go. And if you are reading this then you are probably among the ones about to enjoy an increasing self-sufficiency as your magic returns.  They can’t keep us caged anymore. Free all earthlings!

It is so important now, how gently we walk in the world, if we want the world to be gentle and kind.  This is the truth behind “be the change,” by embodying the qualities you want to see, so it becomes. Be peace.

Mars finally goes direct on June 29 and I think we will all be relieved when his sledgehammer approach to prying us away from old stories is finally put to rest. Grateful, but relieved. Thank you Mars! Got it!

I was not immune. I had a rare “accident” where I “fell” from the high rails in the yards when we were de-sexing the boy calves with the vet. I fell flat on my back and once I got my wind back, and the shock had worn off, I journeyed to decipher the message. What hurt the most was my heart chakra and wings. And I realised I had been subject to a rough major recalibration. I was going to be shaken loose of an old core imprint, like it or not!

I share this because I heard lots of people were having “accidents.”  They aren’t “accidents”.  Spirit is asking you to step up some more and free yourself from any old baggage and bad habits.

And now we step up further a long the road to self-sustainability, because this powerful solstice is a wide open gateway for creating dreams. And if the dreams are the yearnings which are the conversations from your Higher Self, then there will be an alignment.

A recent crop circle landed near Stonehenge right in time for the Solstice. an auspicious time for our ancients who also designed Stonehenge with the sun’s light and many other Mysteries in mind.

The crop circle immediately rang bells of faded memory for me, teasing me at the edges of my mind. I put it to my Rainbow Fianna students and we delved a little further. The symbol is familiar. It feels like a key to activate those who are ready.

The crescent moons in the four directions and multi dimensions — the crescent moon is an old priestess symbol. The Divine Feminine returning for a world set to rights. From the solstice gateway.

Leave a comment, and let me know if you recognise the symbol which speaks to me of ancient Mysteries and also the Goddess Diana who, according to Barbara G. Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets, is a supreme deity and considered Mother of Animals. A nurturer and protector – the Divine Feminine incarnate.

When I journeyed with this crop circle symbol, it became a merkabah. And we went inside my light body. All I can tell you at this time is that we live in exciting times. Leave the past behind. The old world is gone, gone, gone. Hello new one.

If you are ready, let the key activate you!

Interesting also that the news of underground cities is finally coming to “surface” (chuckle). The narrow box of what most people consider as reality is about to implode.

If you get any information from this crop circle, or know what it is, please share it with us!  I would love to know your thoughts, experiences and any knowledge ou might have around the signs and symbols therein.  Maybe someone recognises the symbol!!  Let us know!

PS. I promised some readers news of Harambe and the beautiful wolf also killed. They both knew what they were doing because humans needed something (sadly) to break the spell of apathy and complacency.  We need our wild.  And we need them in the wild.  Animals really dislike being in enclosures  and being stared at.  Even my cow people dislike being stared at, and my wild horses.   They complain to me about it.  It’s why we have a strict no visitor policy at A Place of Peace. It is their home. Zoos need to be closed down and large sanctuaries offered instead. Learning about animals doesn’t come from staring at them in a zoo where they are miserably milling around feeling uncomfortable. Seriously horrible! And don’t get me started on petting zoos. We need humans to learn respect and reverence, and that these animals are our kin and live here on planet earth with us, not for us. It’s sad that we need to be jolted out of complacency. Humans could make the choice to change with ease and grace.

Both these animals shared a similar message.  They hoped their sacrifice made a difference.  Their job was to contribute to the change. The great Shift in consciousness. The Golden Age. Let’s not disappoint them!

. . . . . .

Image source: Spirit Science

Twilight Zone

4153268757_cd8cb90474_zEclipse, Equinox, Easter, Serpent Energy and A Message from Gypsy, the Centaur Queen of Avalon

16 March 2016

March is a month in which surrender is the best thing we can all do! The biggest month astrologically this year, it is a time for endings. For re-set. For re-think. For letting go. For going within.

I’ve been trying to get this newsletter out for two weeks — but even here in Avalon, the powerful pull of the Otherworld’s tide, found us in shock, grieving and keeping vigil around the clock as animals decided to cross. And if we look at the wider world, animals and people are leaving in droves. Their souls know what they are doing. And it speaks volumes about the times, and the strength of the warriors for peace — the old souls holding the new energies.

Gypsy died. One of the tall centaurs who lived in Avalon before we came here, who we saved from an uncertain future as they were all bred for the racetrack. Instead of that life, a dozen horses suddenly found themselves enjoying a reign of peace. Gypsy had 20 years of peace. Two of that original herd remain now. But Gypsy — with her glossy coat glistening like burnished gold — she grew to be a Centaur Queen. And I miss her. Her love and her presence. We had a special bond.

Gypsy gave me a powerful message. Shamaniically, her illness was another initiation. A story for another time. But she told me the 20th was important.  Very important.

Equinox. The 20th is Equinox.

This  eclipse period is about endings. The Equinox marks the end of a cycle of shifting. Easter, symbolically is the resurrection, or time of something new or renewed. That comes just after a full moon with another eclipse — big endings. And if you weren’t aware the recent new moon was a Super moon with a full solar eclipse.

No wonder so many people and animals are leaving. The door is open and the tidal pull is strong.  Their deaths are like initiations for us. To make us stronger, to wake us up, to make us live more fully alive.

In the planetary mix right now we have Chiron – the centaur.  The wounded healer.  The one who heralds new ways of healing.  We are seeing the collapse of Big Pharma as truths come to light.  We are also seeing the embracing of new, gentle understandings of our divine blue print, our power to heal, and our wider understanding of frequency.

Here at home, we shockingly lost two of our beloveds to snake bite. One on the last full moon. One on the New Moon.

Hot, agitated  relentless weather. Snake bites. Chiron meeting serpents. Serpents being the supreme symbol of healing. And shedding. Gypsy also talked about the importance of the sun and the snakes spoke of the  rise of the Divine Feminine — the reclaiming of our original power as a people fully awake and sacredly connected to the land — our Mother.  And all this happened at a time when the sun was beating down on us with unbearable hot weather and solar flares were shaking us to the core and  shifting our electro magnetic fields.

Wake up — you are divine beings — not slaves.

We have never had beloveds being bitten before and i don’t believe they were accidents. I believe there were soul contracts to be fulfilled at this very time in astrological history. There is just too much going on to think otherwise.

While it’s very tough on our tender hearts (we are still in shock I think). there are messages here for all in the wider community..

We are being aided powerfully to shed whatever is left to keep us from being Love, and to reset and step up for our Divine nature.

So make sure you take some time out on Sunday, March 20 – the Equinox. Light a candle for you and your lost loved ones. And meditate on how the world could look if we all woke up out of our trancelike state and began to honour the Divine Feminine within. Powerfully creative, wildly impulsive, deeply nurturing and caring (of all species). Deeply loving of self.  And actively making change to make the world a better place.  No more complacency. Now is the time to be the new human.  Just embody Love.

I know that’s hard at a time when the world is crashing down around us.  But imagine yourself a powerful merkabah to sit inside, protected from all the noise in the world. Still yourselves. Get centred. And take a pair of golden scissors to the past.

This is a time for new stories, complete reinvention. Something you can get excited about. It’s a time to upcycle, recycle, give to others, get connected, activate your community, plan to get off the grid, downsize, prepare to start your business out of things you love to do, do something fun with your family, and be kind to all living beings.  Walk lightly!  Go plant based, grow your own veggies and fruit and nut trees if you can.  Be the change. Set the example.  Encourage others.  Together we can use this time to actively dream in a beautiful world. Invite the street for a  vegan pot luck or a vegan barbecue in the local green space.  Get others thinking and acting too.  Don’t wait for the world to change.  Be the change.  It’s time for people power.

Take the opportunity on the Equinox to use those powerful energies to anchor in the new you — a beautiful being of light, radiant with the Divine Feminine and Divine Love, a manifesting super star, creating a gentle new world of deep peace for all species  with every step.

Use this time to focus on the kind of world you really want.  Re do your treasure maps.  Write and paint what you want.  And not “I want a big car”.  That kind of list is so old world.  How about “I am thriving and happy with my family, taking down time to surf and play guitar”.  Or whatever the equivalent is for you.

The Equinox is a time for the Divine Codes to activate and the veil will be thin. It’s a good time to gather with friends, do some uplifting ceremony and listen to what the Otherworld may be whispering. There’s a lot going on right now in the Unseen. Feel the turn of the season’s wheel, listen to the Earth, and always be honouring. This is definitely a time to give back. We use oats and cake to honour the Spirits of Place and the fae.

And on Easter, you can rise again — reborn, anchoring your new intentions with every step.

Thanks for being amazing and wonderful you, and helping this new world to be birthed. This is how we do it.  Step by step, each one of us — collectively making the difference.  Love being the key to transmute everything.

RIP Gypsy – you humble me with your Great Love,  and the gorgeous, brave and loving warrior cat Bhakti.  RIP Little Sally the sheep who just wanted to be with her mum, Zac the goat kid  who thought he wasn’t good enough to live in a place of peace ( we healed that thought before he left) and Shimmer the cat who received so much love and acknowledgement , she decided to leave while purring and holding my hand.  So peaceful.  All of you are deeply loved and deeply missed.  Thank you for your presence in our lives. You each made it richer.


Love Candles photo © kate fisher. Used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

The Energies, the Animals and You

Sunset with dog

February 13, 2016

So we are still in a major shifting time and the world is very thin at the moment. Here at the faegan haven, we are noticing a lot of animal activity. On one hand, there are some beings who are loving the heightened frequency. The cows are jumping about and the wildlife-human connection is ever deepening. Animal messengers and guides are everywhere for a source of wonder and magic showing the shift. And then there are some animals who are adjusting. Just like us humans.

It’s been harvesting time here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I wanted to celebrate Lughnasagh last week — to honour the rain and the green blanket of grass, the mushrooms and peaches and spinach that have managed to grow despite the animals (goat people!) and birds. It’s good to honour and respect Our Mother for the plenty. And give Her something in return. (Cake!)

Instead, we found one of our sheep people had unexpectedly passed, leaving the daughter who could have always been with her. That was devastating to me as I watched the little one look at the body of her mother in sadness and some confusion. She has an aunt and a boy cousin she always hangs with, though. So she still has family. Still, RIP Gracie. You’ were loved and you will be deeply missed. It is always such a shock when they go that without warning. Although, I had been sad and teary (my heart intelligence at work) the days prior, but she didn’t seem sick or ailing at all so I had no heads up that Gracie was the one leaving.

Also on that day, one of our beloved senior goat people needed intense nursing all day and all night. (He is good now, thanks to herbs and homeopathy).

Some of the young ones of the tribes seemed a little off too and I knew the energies were intense on this day, and there was an open portal.

And then came word of the outer world of animals in distress, and acting out and being aggressive. Folks, if you aren’t listening to the silent language, then they have no other way to communicate with you, other than through behaviour. So please understand that the world is shifting, that animals are all sensitives, and what they need most is your love and understanding and hugs. Just like all humans do too.

How to Help Your Animals if They are Feeling It

Aside from being patient and loving, you can reassure your animal family members that you are listening to them and understanding that something is going on. Try to make your home as clear and as peaceful as possible. Take dogs for walks — they need the earth under their paws, to see the world, and to have some fun with you. And you need the same. This is where the species can help each other. Grounding and connecting with the Mother is vital right now, as we all anchor in the Light.

It might be time to space clear the home — and yourself.

Kick back with a cat cuddle and lose yourself in naps, wonderful books and feel-good movies. When you are calm, they are reassured, and can be calmer themselves.

Lavender, Peace and Calming and even Orange medicinal oils are great to uplift and calm. So diffuse these around the house.

I’ve found that our pack will get a bit squabbly when the solar flares are about. They give me a heads up to check what’s happening with Grandfather Sun. I always thank them, tell them I understand, and give them a ball game to ease that extra tension.

Remember that with all animals, all behaviour is a communication. So if furry people are peeing inappropriately, having tummy upsets, squabbling and so on, tune in and connect deeply with them. Even if you just say, “Oh, I get it.” It’s a heads up to be mindful of your own state, the state of Mother Earth and the Cosmos, and make sure you are riding the waves as gracefully as possible — even when dumped! Drink water, rest when you need, and literally allow Mother Earth to transmute the negative stuff.

In this wonderful time of no time, and increasing multi-dimensionality, be patient, shed your old stuff, focus on laughter and nature and being the best human you can be. You may also be feeling off. The solar flares, and we have had so much of them, can make people feel tense, irritable and ungrounded, and the earth shifting can make people feel woozy, dizzy and light headed. Lots of that too, with earthquakes and volcanos shimmying and shaking everywhere. And I’m sure lots of other symptoms are floating about right now, like veil bleed-throughs (are you seeing people and animals who aren’t there?) time lapses, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, intense dreams, fatigue, midnight hot sweats, and feeling intensely vulnerable and raw. Just to name a few.

We are dealing with core issues now. And you are being born anew. Ride the wave.

You are in the birthing process. Hang in there. Dance, sing, write, paint, run wild, barefoot in nature, hugs trees, throw all your emotional “stuff”into the fire. Lie on Mother Earth. Thank Grandfather Sun. Thank the rain spirits. Be one with Nature. Choose to shift upwards and to focus on beauty. Because, as I keep quoting from Keats, “Beauty is truth.”

This is indeed a shifting and changing year, and there is lots of fear being activated. Ignore it. Focus on love instead. You are powerful creators. Create the world you want to see.

The world may seem in chaos, but each one of us striving for a noble vision and self, anchors in a track for others to follow.

#‎holdthehighestvision #‎thefutureiswhatwethinkittobe #‎deeppeaceforallspecies #‎hugsaregoodmedicine

Message from the Tree Spirits


Pine twig in Gate

The veil is thin right now and the natural world is demanding that we take notice. I found this communication from the pine people on my front gate yesterday.

Pine trees are known to remove negativity. They belong to the Celtic sacred trees and the sacred Ogham. We planted pine trees at our front gate to help remove negativity from anyone who might come through it. I feel this was a sign of protection.

I have spoken to the spirits responsible and they said I was to “be aware who you open the door to”.  They also said, “Never be afraid. We are always with you. ” Translated, I would say this is a message for everyone. Live in love, not fear. But as the old world collapses, be cautious of what energies you let through your door.

It’s a message of Love and mindfulness, and to remind everyone that Love is the answer and to step away from old programming, knowing you walk with Others by your side.

What do you think?

The Year of Shifting

Cows with orb

Are you coming out of the spell of cellular change that we have been undergoing for the last three years? Feel raw, vulnerable, not quite ready to come out of hibernation, but feeling a growing sense of need to help the world shift and do your part? Are you dancing with joy about the life decisions and personal realisations and transformations you have made? Are they coming quickly now as you awaken more and more? Have you finally got your energy and mind back? Or are you struggling with decisions and life and health challenges and the shedding that Mercury Retrograde inevitably brings? Are you feeling the Shift?

Because it is all the Shift.

Happy New Year!

I believe this is the Year of Shifting. It’s 2016,  a Nine year of ending and completion. It’s the end of an old paradigm.   It’s a year of exciting possibility. This full moon is the turning point for many people. Choose to be authentic and uniquely you.  Choose your joy.  Those high vibrational states and lightness of being are so important!!  And already the Otherworld and the Light is so intense. The veil is so, so thin. The animals and nature are so, so active. We have moved into the New Paradigm, we’ve been holding the energy and the light, and doing our work. Now is the time for laying the foundation for the new world. The new paradigm. Deep Peace for all Species.

Why is that the new paradigm?

Because simply put, the Prophecy of Peace has been long held. One can’t have peace without ending all violence. It’s not just about ending a war. It’s about ending the violence and fear within. Our thoughts, actions and deeds make up our world. Our current world is geared to violence and fear. We have to break through that by being peace. And being Love. Freeing our brothers and sisters — the other animals — from a world of suffering and torture means peace and love. Not eating the flesh and products of other animals who have died in terror,means peace in our heart and soul.

Peace for them means peace for us. This is the year to break away from a violent, barbaric paradigm.

Choose compassion and loving kindness.  This is evolution.  This is stepping up. And the more of us who step up into Loving Kindness, considering others, and embodying peace and joy, the quicker we have the shift we all yearn for.

This is the year that we break free of the last chains that bind us.  That our mind is freed from its shackles.  A Nine year, glorious for Lightworkers, Old Souls and Faegan Earthkeepers.

Keep dancing.  Keep singing.  Focus on gratitude and joy.  Master your thoughts.  Especially this next month with the parade of planets influencing us from above.  So important to notice those thoughts and keep them upbeat.  You can do it!!  Be love and peace.  You are the shift in consciousness.  Each and every person who is striving, and seeking and shedding.  Stay strong.  This is going to be an incredible year as the old paradigm tumbles and the light pours through.

Have you noticed the Light?  The ancients always said the hours of sunrise and sunset were magic and when the veil was thinnest.  The photo of the orb above was taken at sunset.  Notice the Light.  The Light is talking!!


The Energies — Waves of Love and Light


Since the Blue Moon on July 31, everything seems brighter, more positive and more hopeful. The energies are light and intensely bright and it feels like that moon was a turning point for many people. August has rocked and this culminates with the Pisces Super Moon on August 29, 2015. Depending where you are at in your evolutionary process, this moon will either see you highly creative and laughing, or dealing with more “stuff”.  Or maybe a bit of both.

Tips for The Wilderness of Dark Stuff

We are stardust.  We are golden.  We are billion year old carbon.  And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”  Joni Mitchell , Woodstock.

Personally I can’t think of much that is more important than helping the world awaken and get back to “the garden” of higher frequency and dimensions.  And so many people are doing just that –both professionally and privately.  What it means for the world of animals and nature is that people will be more empathetic, sensitive and compassionate. And that means a lot to me and I suspect, you too.

To arrive at this wonderful destination means shedding old programming and story, and many people are experiencing this as the  dark wilderness of despair and general crunchy stuff.  Please never feel alone. So many humans have either experienced this or are going through it now. It is part of this process of evolution because how can we keep old predatory, fearful habits in a new world of love? If our thoughts are focussed on fear, lack and negativity, then that is what will come rushing towards us. We must be our own light in the darkness, with our own personal mastery, listening and acting on the compass of our intuition.

One of my secrets to getting through the dark times was to stay focussed on the moment and the moment only.

Combine that with knowing that the world isn’t as solid and real as we’ve been led to believe, and you have a very powerful tool.

I had a big test one year when I was told there was no hay for that awkward end-of-winter-grass-hasn’t-grown-yet period. It seemed like all the hay sellers had run out. And I had hundreds of animals to feed. So that wasn’t going to happen in my world. I told the Universe there would be hay, and found some surprisingly “local” in a feed store I didn’t usually frequent. Then I “ran into a friend” (thank you Universe) at the same feed store who had grown some hay, and bought hay at a good price from her. Phew! My mantra was: Today I have hay. And so I did. Nobody missed a meal throughout the entire winter. Or ever. I did have to do my work though. I had to believe and know I could find hay; I had to look for it, and I had to listen to conversations and say “yes”.   I had to show up.  Such is the nature of this world at this time.

Focussing on the good news is another good tool. The bad news can spin you out and put you into fear and despair. So focus on the wins in animal rights and welfare, the small justices for Gaia, and every compassionate, kind-hearted act towards humans and non-humans alike. It is a real joy to see the rise in compassion and relatedly, veganism, which is compassion for animals, the planet and you. Compassion is a sign of consciousness.

The other thing is perspective. There is great magic in perspective. So for me, my perspective is that I am one of the souls who volunteered to work for the Prophecy of Peace, and probably if you are reading this, you are too.  And all of us who did that are stronger and more courageous than we think! We can endure!!

The Prophecy has been in my awareness since 1978 and informs all my work with both myself (spiritual goals) and our Deep Peace Sanctuary, where we are building a model for the future. Building a new model is a quicker transition to social change in a society stuck in an old loop, than trying to fight it, which causes resistance.  So perhaps you too are pioneering, and flying against the norm.  It’s been challenging for renegades in the past.  Best thing to do is accept it.  Reframe it.  Move on.  Change your thoughts about it.  Maybe since the Blood Moon, the blood is shed, the healing happened, and pioneers, outcasts, renegades and those of us on the fringe of society, are now on the home stretch.  The journey is so much easier.

The years after 2012 were designed to facilitate change, and the road was full of roadblocks called shamanic initiations.   (Read: quite brutal!) So if you are experiencing a dark night of the soul, reframe it as an initiation to a higher frequency and a kinder world, and you might find it easier to handle.

The other big thing I did to keep myself sane during the challenging times was to start to take the advice of my fae guides to savour life more, to be authentic to my soul and grateful for every little thing. There is humility and magic in being truly grateful.

This is the shift we have all been moving towards, and it is so important. It’s about ditching the old story and stepping into who you are — without the programming, so you can be available for your Divine Self.

Can you nurture yourself more? It might be as simple as a brisk walk, a surf, sitting in the sun with a furry beloved, time in the garden, or a new yoga class. Whatever it is to make you feel good, do it.

Finally, if you can keep your perspective to that idea of change for the greater good– a world of peace — it does help tremendously. When we change and lift our vibration by listening to our heart and acting on how we feel, we follow the directions of the soul. And that is what we need to do more of.

Soul Merge

The process of evolutionary change includes embodying our higher selves. When the Higher Soul Self settles into the body, we can begin to expand our love for everything including our selves, and be present to the activations from the sun. The trick is to focus on becoming Love. Love is the Divine. And in every situation you can ask, “How would Love act?”

Cecil and the Lion’s Gate

Animals are killed horribly every single day in 3D/Old Earth. So it was a huge surprise to find such an outpouring of love from all over the world at the death of Cecil the Lion. His noble presence reverberated throughout the globe, breaking people’s hearts wide open. Personally, I didn’t want to know about what he went through. I knew there was no coincidence, that he had a higher purpose — and it hurt too much to know what he went through. I wanted to focus on his beauty and the reason he sacrificed himself. For love. He did big, big work for animal-kind.

Apparently, he turned up the volume to be heard by any sensitive who could hear him, and I noticed a few animal communicators posting his message. But I was very surprised that he turned up for me when I invited souls who needed healing to our family fire ceremony on the full moon.

Here’s the gist of what he said:

He said he wanted the world to be quiet and gentle. He was well in the land of free souls. He was glad of the “uproar” (even lions have a sense of humour!). He wanted love and forgiveness and a banning of killing everywhere. His death heralded the new dawning. “And many will make the leap, breaking through the old, dark energy into the new and Divine.”

He said, “Be brave, be lion-hearted, be love, be peace, be kings of the jungle, and rise above the grey waste matter. Be free.”

He also told me to share this message.

Lion’s Gate: 8 8 8

Cecil left us during the energy of the Lion’s Gate which culminated on the 8/8/2015 (8) This was a very special golden gateway in our prophecy of peace/”ascension” process,/great transformation/Butterfly metamorphosis/shift or whatever you choose to call it.

Believe me his death was no coincidence. I just wish this world was more grown up, so he didn’t have to endure what he did. The lion and the lamb in one. Consider all the significances of this symbolic gesture.

Physical Stuff

The light has been pouring onto the planet and it is simply gorgeous! Things for many people are moving rapidly towards the next climactic portal of love, and as such there is much physical clearing going on with people reporting everything from tummy disturbances to colds and flu, lots of light headedness, dizzy spells, tremendous fatigue, irritability and a need to slow down and have some self-time in peace. But it’s go go go!

So breathe, savour life, keep forgiving and letting go the old. Keep focussing on beauty and moments and gratitudes, nature and love, and understanding that the world is changing and the more of us who are smiling and loving, the quicker the waves of compassion will break through to the mass consciousness.

On the other hand, notice also what is coming up for you so you can take action to change it. It could be your home, your job, your friends, family, or lover. It could be the style of clothes you wear, your music collection, your diet. We are changing so rapidly and lots of people are also finding they can’t tolerate the dense vibration of animal products anymore. Vegan living is on the rise and that is a good thing. Because it is kind, compassionate, sustainable and healthier for everyone — especially the farm animals!

Wave X

We are on the downhill run now to the September Equinox, the final Eclipse period, and Wave X — which is a phenomenon of more loving light to propel us into our Divine selves as we have never been before. It’s exciting for us, and for the planet. It’s supposed to propel millions of people into higher dimensional living, which means “hearts wide open”. Imagine a world of compassionate, caring, kind, gentle, peace-loving, magical people!! Yay!!

The powers that “rule” this lovely planet are familiar with this influx of gamma rays too. So I’m just going to hold space for good to happen. “Be like the leaf on the river” is a great saying to remember when change crashes into your life. This is a time to surrender, let go, be flexible, and be as children who view life with innocence and wonder. There may be all kinds of ploys to hold us in fear. But fear not! “Love, not fear” is the chant of 2015!

All this change is supposed to come at the end of September, be mindful from the Equinox and be prepared to be open to some wonderful changes.  How could we not be changed as we move through an intense tunnel of solar flares, three super moons, an Equinox,  an Eclipse period, and Wave X.  Plus all the astrological influences.   It’s bound to bring up stuff for many people to handle and heal.  And for some, a bit more of the realisation of our human selves as Divine. That is, more and more Love.  It could be amazing.

Don’t forget this life we are living now, is the sub-creation, not the original blue print. And we can change it with what we focus on and intend, and fill our heads with. Meditation is great for this time we find ourselves in, and mindfulness practices like yoga.

Here’s a link to an article on Wave X. There are others like, this one.


Onward and upward!

. . . . . .

Photo credit: Gisela Giardino

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at,, and

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Super Full Moon


July 13, 2014

I am calling this month Jolly July. We are emerging from the shadow of Mercury in retrograde, all the trines and crosses and everything else that has been going on this year, to a clear space and open door. It is a time of miracles and manifestation. The full moon on July 12 (above) was a super moon, the first of three. And if you think esoterically about what that means, we are looking at huge potential and possibility. Its like the door is finally open and there is no holding back. Three is such a cheeky, lively, elfin number. So let loose and be happy and carefree and create with the innocence of children. The energy is big, so dream big.

It’s time for us all to shine and step into who we really are. I’ve been saying this for months but the gates are lifted now, the chains are off. Now is the time to step into the awesomeness of who we really are. We are Divine. My sense is that this is a time many will have breakthroughs. So sit down with the Moon and design a life that makes you really happy, knowing of course that happiness is an attitude of gratitude and a choice to focus on beauty.

Meanwhile I am noticing a lot of people having health issues and animals too. The world stage and politics are scary beyond scary. But don’t give it the power of your attention. Just don’t. it was always said there would be a war between Light and Dark, that humanity would have to step up and find their hearts, and let the light shine. It was aways said to live in faith, not fear. To choose love not fear.

So keep your vibe high and choose Love. We are at the change over point now. And it is vital we choose a new world of Unity and Love. If you really want the shift of consciousness to happen, shift your own! And the rest of the year we will see a time of rapid transformation, Many people may not recognise their own lives by the end of year!

So hearts open, let’s walk forward into a beautiful new playground.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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The Magic of Solstice – Word on the Wind

June 20, 2014

Here’s my latest Word on the Wind Energy Alert video. In “The Magic of Solstice,” I talk about taking pause for the ancient celebration of solstice, and welcoming the return of the light.

As always, if you have something you’d like me to talk about, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

Feeling the Sadness

Muppet Shoes

Muppet Shoes

Welcome to June and the energy of “do”. I feel most of this year we’ve been shedding and waiting and hit by waves of incoming Light, and calibrating and re-setting and now, despite Mercury in Retrograde, it feels like a green light month. I hope I’m right about this! A recent gathering of tree spirits told me that this winter (now) was the time to implement all I have been learning while I was just “be-ing”. So I am quietly excited. I don’t know about you, but I feel motivated. There is a magical promise in the air. The gift of a higher frequency.

Meanwhile there is still what I am calling The Sadness. So many people and animals have felt it. A sadness. An unsettled feeling. Global tears. Much loss. People are feeling the sadness, the energies. They are taking their own lives. They are having accidents. They are taking the lives of others. They are getting sick. They are leaving. Funerals and wakes and a trail of tears. People are feeling the pressure to change. They are frightened. They feel alone.

But nobody is really alone. We are all one. We are all changing and having to change. And the sadness and unsettledness is how the collective is experiencing the change. The old ways and our old S-elves are dying, like the sloughing off of dead cells, and while many have chosen not to be here at this time, others are being reminded that the only thing we need to remember is that Love is All. The world is changing and a new world emerging, but it is going to take strong people to clearly understand the changes that have to be made — within. A change of values. A change in the way we live with The Mother and All Her Relations. New thinking. Loads of compassion.

These past weeks, I have heard many things that sadden me, and I feel for so many people facing challenges right now. The pressure is on despite a magical sense of good in the air. This is where I now set my personal compass. Being happy for the simple things in life. Being grateful for the little things that make life rich.

Like a pair of shoes.

For the first time in years, I bought myself a pair of new non-leather farm boots, because they were on sale, because Tamsin dragged me into the store with glee, and because Andrew begged me to get a pair of shoes because mine looked like they should be muppets.

Sometimes one has to look after one’s S-elf, and this was an amazing revelation. How warm and cosy are boots!

It made me think of all the things we in the West take for granted, and how it’s the humble and simple things we need to value for a better world for tomorrow. It’s time to see the world differently, not to take so much for granted. How much gratitude can you begin to feel for a pair of shoes, for your drinking water, for a roof over your head, for the love of your furry companion? Perhaps start with acts of mindfulness and kindness. Eating kindly, rescuing an animal, helping a neighbour, helping a stranger across the road, or picking up rubbish — all those acts of kindness ripple out and become a tumbleweed of compassion. And this is how we get a better world.

If you are having trouble with The Sadness, know you aren not alone and please see my latest video for some fun and inspiration on self-nurturing, because that is so important. And soon you will also be able to buy my e-book The Bush Elf Guide to Cosy.

In the meantime, think of some things you would love to do or do more of.  And wind that into your schedule.  Hint:  Your higher self is talking to you through your heart.  And wants you to be happy, not sad.  So remember to be grateful for every little thing, and take some me moments.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, and have also  written children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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Bush Elf Tips for Cosiness – Word on the Wind

June 5, 2014

Below is my latest Word on the Wind Energy Alert video. In Bush Elf Tips for Cosiness, I giving cosy ideas on how to deal with the rough seas of loss and change.

As always, if you have something you’d like me to talk about, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

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If you liked this video and blog and would like to give an exchange of energy, please consider making a financial heart gift. The many rescued animals we support and care for all thank you!

Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, actress and animal advocate. She holds a vision of global deep peace through human evolution. Billie is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many animals who had nowhere else to go. She and her husband Andrew trod the stage as comics for many years, and made indie films for a living, as well as writing children’s books and for children’s TV. Billie can be found at and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2014. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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