Brumby Rescue Video

Andrew and I put together a short video about our work with brumby rescue here. We hope you enjoy it.

The glorious music is “Behind Your Eyes” by Susan Raven. We are incredibly grateful to her for her permission to use the song, and we encourage you to go to her web site and check out more of her music.

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is the author of Secret Animal Business, and an internationally known interspecies telepath with an innate ability to commune with animals and the natural world. Billie brings together an eclectic body of shamanic and Celtic native wisdom, metaphysics and more than 30 years experience as a professional animal communicator, shaman and alternative healing practitioner. She blends this into what she calls the New Shamanism, a gentle path that embraces deep reverence and respect for animals and all of nature.


  1. Dawn Atkin says:

    Thankyou Billie and Andrew. A beautiful short movie.
    Love Dawn

  2. Thanks for sharing a completely DIVINE message of love!

  3. So very many thanks Billie and Andrew. This video is inspirational.

    I had to watch it several times as the first time I couldn’t see too much through the tears that flowed. Tears of delight, wonder and awe at seeing these wonderful creatures safe and living in such joy.

    You are doing such an awesome job!! Thank you again. xx

  4. Hi Billie, your video footage is just wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing that with us.
    Much love and light
    Kirsty McDowall

  5. Simply thank you, and Bless you, and all at Ballyoncree may you always run free.

  6. Anne Lindsay says:

    Wow, beautiful and tender, inspiring and powerful! Having been away for some weeks from computer it’s amazing to see what’s happening at Ballyoncree. Beautiful horses, beautiful people, beautiful Mission. Bless you all.

  7. Melissa Brooks says:

    Beautiful…thank you …and well done to you both…its always a joy to hear about (and see!) animal rescues that have a happy ending!

  8. Patricia Olsson says:

    How beautiful and uplifting to see the joy of these wonderful horses running free! Thank you for all the work you and the team do.

  9. Thank you Billie, what wonderful horses, their love shines brightly in their beautiful soft, gentle eyes.

  10. Jan Evans says:

    Born free and still living free thanks to you both.
    Happiness always.
    Best Wishes Jan

  11. How beautiful and deeply moving. Thank you so much for your inspiring work. Bless you all. Hosannah xx

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