Hi there! I’m Billie Dean

Writer. Deep Peace Advocate. One of the Weird. Turning the world upside down.

My nickname is the Bush Elf.  I live in the bush.  I listen.  I write.  I rebel against the old patriarchy, and a world that has lost it’s soul.  I dream in a new world of deep peace for all species with my stories, words and vision.    And I’m a sucker for ..” once upon a time.”

When I was just 10 years old, I spoke my desire to be a writer and/or an animal healer. And when I left school, I started doing both.  I was a journalist and photojournalist.  I wrote masses of articles.  I wrote for the stage, the screen and across print media. I wrote and performed in plays and as a comic.  I did sketch comedy, stand up and improv. I married an American improv comic, Andrew Einspruch, and we wrote comedy together and travelled with our show. Our “New Age” comedy characters David and Joanna were beloved by audiences and critics alike. 

We moved bush and wrote children’s books and children’s television, and then we formed our own production company (now Wild Pure Heart) and made indie films and docos.  It was fun to work together and to be awarded an AFTI Best Actress Award for a role I directed myself in, especially because people said I couldn’t and shouldn’t do either of those things!  

Our daughter Tamsin grew up as part of the indie screen scene.. she made her acting debut when she was 5 and was home-schooled into a life rich with literature, screen culture and animals!

And then I wrote, Secret Animal Business,  a book about the other side of me – the psychic side  – the innate telepath and empath who understands the silent language all life speaks and who had helped other people’s animals for over three decades.  I became a spiritual teacher, a public speaker,  a global authority on animal spirituality and a voice for animals, trees, the unseen and the earth. 

We always offered our home to animals who were at risk, and today A Place of Peace (Deep Peace Farm Animall Sanctuary)  is amongst the largest farm animal sanctuaries in the world. To help keep it sustainable and to promote my wider vision of deep peace for all species, I founded the Deep Peace Trust, a not-for profit vegan charity based on the ancient wisdom path I followed.  Social change. Social justice. A kinder, gentler,  safer world, founded on compassion, love and respect.  That’s the mission.

The path to here was a mist-filled one.  It started at school.  The call of the bohemian.  The call of the wild.  The alternative.  Counter culture. Always attracted to the secrets of the world, the little trodden paths..the fringe.  And they took me to study all kinds of healing modalities in search of other humans like me.. the ultra-sensitives who felt, heard and saw with other senses.  The magical people.

I studied with Elders and walked ancient shamanic and druidic paths, delved deep into Celtic mythology, and found my place. And my peace.

Today my laptop sits on the old wooden kitchen table, in the beating  heart of Owl Cottage, where goat kids and lambs cuddle in front of the fire with many cats; and dogs of all colours and breeds lounge on the sofas.  The old, blue weatherboard farm house  rattles as the wind whistles through the cracks. And the rain is a lullaby on the old tin roof. This is where the muse strikes the three of us.. all writers.

Most days you’ll find me delivering hay, tending the less well, photographing beauty, dancing in gumboots, drinking copius amounts of chai and ginger tea, and curious to know just how much we can enchant the mundane.  

 My stories come out of my experiences with the mystical side of life, in the Other realms, inner journeys, life in this plane and from the Awen.  So if you want to know what the animals, the trees, the rivers, the stones, the earth, the elementals, the passed, and the fae think, then follow my work.  Because together we can create a new reality.. which is truly enchanted, loving. fun and magical.  And most of all.. kind to all species.     

 Thanks for being here.  Big love and blessings,

Billie xxx

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