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Billie Dean

Billie Dean is a writer, filmmaker, international speaker, award-winning actress, spiritual teacher and Australia's leading animal shaman. She has communicated with and helped thousands of animal clients from all over the world over a 30-year period. Billie pioneered the New Shamanism, which takes respect for nature and animals to new heights, and founded Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers. Billie also runs A Place of Peace, a forever home for rescued animals, is a partner in the film company Wild Pure Heart Productions with her husband Andrew and daughter Tamsin., and initiated the international Deep Peace for All Species Movement.

Hello, my name is Billie Dean and  my mission and  vision is to help herald a new era for animals.  In my vision I “see” a world of kindness and compassion, a world where no animal feels fear, pain or suffering.

So it is to this end I work these days, through my writing, teaching and films.

I love sharing stories about the mystical side of life, fantastic possibilities, and the sacred connections with animals and nature which enrich our relationships and make us better humans.

I was born remembering the universal Silent Language, which all beings speak. This led to a childhood where I felt isolated, lonely and in pain – because I felt all the pain from the trees, shrubs and animals, which others couldn’t feel.  And when I spoke up about this pain, I was told I was “too sensitive”.

When I was ten, I decided I would be a writer or a vet.  As science was not my strong point, I became a journalist by day, studying naturopathy and other healing modalities, as well as meditation, yoga, and filmmaking.

I was an animal loving vegetarian in the early 1970’s and loved creating natural whole foods for my friends who thought vegetarianism was more weird stuff from me!  I told no one I could hear the voice of the animals and feel their emotions. I moved to the country, did a stint of self-sufficient living and met my horse Sollie, who was instrumental to me  understanding my gifts.  So were my cats Binah, Chockmah and Pucawan, and my dog Reka.

I always cite J.Allen Boone’s Kinship with All Life as the work which made me understand that I was communicating with all life, and that others could too.  He was the first person I came across who spoke what was in my heart.

I began studying acting and comedy under Leila Blake in Sydney and worked with Neville Drury at Nature and Health magazine.  Neville was a writer of esoteric and shamanic wisdom and taught me how to go on shamanic drum journeys, opening up a whole other world of non-ordinary reality.

I was constantly having visions, exploring the world of animals through our conversations and shamanic travels, and loved hanging out in the personal growth industry to be with like-minded souls, even as I was scripting, performing and producing theatre and comedy.  I even taught a class called Healing with Humour!

Then I met my husband Andrew in 1986, and we performed and taught improv and sketch comedy together (which was far more fun than stand up comedy!).  We were heralded as the “higher consciousness version of the ABC’s Tim and Debbie, with the simpatico of George Burns and Gracie Allen” (Nine to Five).  And just as were were taking this to television – Spirit gave me a “shamanic initiation into stillness”.

I spent six months with adrenal burnout or chronic fatigue, journeying to the land of my spirit tribe, recieving much instruction and iniation there.  I was healed on the day they told me  I was to go off and “speak with other people’s animals”.

I dutifully did.  I also studied with many human teachers looking for answers to the expanded human condition  — Denise Linn, Lynn Andrews, Grandmother Kitty (Dee Keel She Wa)  and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Meanwhile Andrew and I were living in the country, taking on animals who asked to come and live with us, trusting we could afford them, writing children’s books (mine were all about little girls who could talk to animals) and studying alternative, gentle paths with animals under teachers such as Pat Parelli and Robyn Hood of TTeam.

We moved to a bigger property, adopted more horses, and worked for children’s TV such as the network nine award winning show Hi -5 and Cushion Kids.

Then I felt the pull to make our own films and Finding Joy was the resullt, winning me an AFTI Best Actress Award for my role as Joy.  I also wrote, directed and produced the film.  At the same time I was doing radio interviews as a “pet psychic” and speaking at festivals and conventions on the topic of animal communication.

7 Days with 7 Dogs was our next independent movie, about our dogs, of course, and healing through joy.  It led to more pubicity as an animal communicator and more demand in alternative circles.  By this time I was already winding shamanic wisdom through my teaching because I couldn’t see how you could separate a path of reverence for nature from communing with all life.  I had spoken with thousands of animals from all over the world by this time, and they had many messages for humanity.

After our  senior dogs passed away, I recieved an email which changed my life again.  And suddenly I was travelling to the USA and Ireland to study shamanic healing withthe Four Winds Society under Alberto Villoldo and  Linda Fitch.  I was the first Australian to receive all nine of the newly released Munay-Ki rites in February 2007, and the calling was strong to study the Incan way as much as I could.  I upped my teaching and started my mystery school Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers. And became a full mesa carrier in this tradition.

We made This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon because I felt an urgency to help the coming shift of the ages – I knew people would need something positive to hang onto during this time.  2012 had been a part of my life since a 1978 introduction through a wild class of herb students.  I knew then it would be my life’s work.

I also wrote Secret Animal Business, the first book about my work with animals and the visions they had shared with me for the future and how they really want to be treated.  The animal world was in revolt and people on the whole, didn’t understand that.  But I did.  And I knew I needed to be their Voice.

Spirit had more tasks for me – now I was to take on the role of an elder, and walk the path of peace into the new era, helping people shed the chains of illusion which bind them.

Andrew and I and our now-teenage daughter Tamsin live a simple life in a 100 year old farmhouse on a NSW property filled with mists and animals we call forever family.   We are a vegan household and we live and walk a path of compassion.  I no longer do consultations (supposedly — I still seem to do a fair few!), preferring to write and teach through film, audio and live events – uging people to become the fully realised human beings they can be, and sharing the messages I recieve from the animals, the fae, and the natural world.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please use my Contact page.

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat