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Crop Circles and the Promise of Hope

Solstice, June 21, 2016 This morning, being full moon with Solstice energies blaring, I received a loud message to share. It came with a discussion with my guides about choosing worlds and healing worlds. So I Listened. This message was for all of us: It is up to you all now to choose the world you want to live in. Keep your feeling states uplifted and focussed on beauty. The natural world is key. Remember the other dimensions and realms now. What you do ripples. What I heard also was that we are choosing which frequency and thus which dimension to live in.  Free will. And yes we all want the bells and whistles, but they are unfolding as each of us are ready.  The fabric of the world and the dark that held it together and held us as slaves, has gone, is going and will go. And if you are reading this then you are probably among the ones about to enjoy an increasing self-sufficiency as your magic returns.  They can't keep us caged anymore. Free all earthlings! It is so … [Read more...]