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The Energies, the Animals and You

February 13, 2016 So we are still in a major shifting time and the world is very thin at the moment. Here at the faegan haven, we are noticing a lot of animal activity. On one hand, there are some beings who are loving the heightened frequency. The cows are jumping about and the wildlife-human connection is ever deepening. Animal messengers and guides are everywhere for a source of wonder and magic showing the shift. And then there are some animals who are adjusting. Just like us humans. It's been harvesting time here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I wanted to celebrate Lughnasagh last week — to honour the rain and the green blanket of grass, the mushrooms and peaches and spinach that have managed to grow despite the animals (goat people!) and birds. It's good to honour and respect Our Mother for the plenty. And give Her something in return. (Cake!) Instead, we found one of our sheep people had unexpectedly passed, leaving the daughter who could have always been with her. That … [Read more...]