Archives for January 2016

Message from the Tree Spirits

  The veil is thin right now and the natural world is demanding that we take notice. I found this communication from the pine people on my front gate yesterday. Pine trees are known to remove negativity. They belong to the Celtic sacred trees and the sacred Ogham. We planted pine trees at our front gate to help remove negativity from anyone who might come through it. I feel this was a sign of protection. I have spoken to the spirits responsible and they said I was to "be aware who you open the door to".  They also said, "Never be afraid. We are always with you. " Translated, I would say this is a message for everyone. Live in love, not fear. But as the old world collapses, be cautious of what energies you let through your door. It's a message of Love and mindfulness, and to remind everyone that Love is the answer and to step away from old programming, knowing you walk with Others by your side. What do you think? … [Read more...]

The Year of Shifting

Are you coming out of the spell of cellular change that we have been undergoing for the last three years? Feel raw, vulnerable, not quite ready to come out of hibernation, but feeling a growing sense of need to help the world shift and do your part? Are you dancing with joy about the life decisions and personal realisations and transformations you have made? Are they coming quickly now as you awaken more and more? Have you finally got your energy and mind back? Or are you struggling with decisions and life and health challenges and the shedding that Mercury Retrograde inevitably brings? Are you feeling the Shift? Because it is all the Shift. Happy New Year! I believe this is the Year of Shifting. It's 2016,  a Nine year of ending and completion. It's the end of an old paradigm.   It’s a year of exciting possibility. This full moon is the turning point for many people. Choose to be authentic and uniquely you.  Choose your joy.  Those high vibrational states and lightness of … [Read more...]