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Energy Alert: February 2014 – Year of the Unicorn

February 10, 2014 Welcome to 2014 and the Year of the Unicorn. Well, okay — the wooden or green horse — but it’s the year of the Unicorn! That means it is about transformation and action. Wooo hoo! I mean, how did we get the energy of two new moons in January and one a Super Moon? Talk about a rocket ship forward into a New Era. It’s a whole new energy from the whole shedding of the skin thing we did last year — which is great. Phew! We are now brand new. And all those old ways of doing things just don’t cut it anymore. Even the reactions to intense solar flare activity is different (and we are still having that, as we speak – so you might feel a bit dizzy or out of sorts). Andrew and I have been feeling at times, very high and goofy — very floaty. A feeling that is impossible to ground into any sort of seriousness. We just feel excited. Because it is the year of the Unicorn, and that really appeals to Bush Elves. There's a feeling of optimism and positivity in the air. … [Read more...]