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Vegan Solstice/Christmas

Andrew, Tamsin and I always celebrate Solstice instead of Christmas because of our spiritual pathway. The ancient Celts would celebrate the longest day, and this year, like last year, and probably a few more to come, the solstice is especially a portal for higher growth. Some channellers are even expecting many to receive their key to the 5D door. But we all know  that nothing is automatic, because if you haven’t laid the foundation, your body won’t be able to tolerate the higher frequencies. So we will be doing fire ceremony (or candle ceremony) and taking the day off to relax. The 22nd is a Sunday here, and so there will be no interruptions, which will be nice. We are so busy during the year that often at these special times these days, all we want to do is be quiet together.  And this gift of quiet down time together, reading, being, watching movies, watching the sun.... is a gift in itself. Many animal sensitives will be sitting down to a Christmas meal with family who might … [Read more...]