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Men in Crisis and New Paradigm Thinking

I was in a supermarket buying groceries when I saw him. His body radiated despair and tension. Anger and tears swam together in his eyes. He turned bleakly to me, and admitted to being in hell. This was the third man in the supermarket who needed to speak to someone, and find some way out of the emotional jungle they were lost in. They all had different troubles. I could sense there were even more simmering within. And I listened.  And I spoke. Today, there were more men in trouble. Sadness, despair, fear , irritability, tension, frustration, lost – the shadows stalked them. And I could see it. Some at more breaking point than others. But none happy.  Fragility was the order of the weekend under the influence of the Merkabah energies. This is the time that one of my mentors, Alberto Villoldo, foretold. He said that people would be deep in emotional crisis. Increasingly so.  And that the medicine people would be needed.   And so it has come to pass.  You might not be a trained … [Read more...]

Saying ‘Yes’ and the Curse of ‘I’m Not Good Enough’

23 August 2013 The moon’s soft light illuminated our sacred land so brightly, and all was so quiet and still. No sound from outside, not even the wind stirred. I was looking forward to going out into the biting cold under the whispering pines for sacred ceremony. I could feel the presence of the spirits of place – waiting. But then a wave of energy came over me as I tidied the kitchen, my heart tightened uncomfortably and I knew I just had to go to bed. I gave in to the symptoms and rested the entire next day. We all receive the energies uniquely, and I was being told to rest in a big way. I know there is nothing wrong with my heart. For me personally, it is merely an ascension symptom, but my advice for everyone these days is to know your own bodies and listen to your inner guidance. I also knew I had to honour my body’s wishes. The astrology of this time is about saying “yes” and understanding what is possible, of riding the waves with ease when you let go into the … [Read more...]

August Energy Alert: It’s Time to Transform in the Face of Blowing Winds

The August winds screamed through the trees, rattling tin, ripping towels from the line, and sending feed buckets flying. Polly, the poddy goat, curled up in her shelter and pushed out a baby that wasn’t alive – just as the sun broke over the horizon. Confused and sad, she showed us, and she cried. And she cried. We hugged her, gave her remedies, and cried with her. The next night Blossom gave birth to twins. Under torchlight we made her a clean safe house in the goat shed, putting down straw, and made sure the little ones drank their first precious milk. An image of a handsome feral goat rose in my mind. The girls met him by the creek, beyond their normal boundary. Like some erotic Pan, he called them, and all we could do now was stand back and see which souls had come to roam our sacred land and shelter at night in the backyard with our poddy goat herd. The babies cried, Blossom cooed, the cows bellowed restlessly, calling out to their mothers across the neighbour's fence, who … [Read more...]

The Magic Three

Many people ask me about why numbers are important and it’s because our universe is all about resonance and vibration, and numbers are too.This is why sound and colour healing work also, because they carry unique frequencies that harmonise with us. Right now, codes are being activated within us, and they are numbers and sacred symbols. Pythagorus (also a vegetarian and compassionate animal advocate) was a master numerologist and understood the universal codes. He is often called The Father of Numerology, while acknowledging the Druids, the Essenes and many others who also handed down the secret of numerical frequency. Numbers are given to us at birth through our birthdate and name. I was born to resonate to an 11 and a 3, for example.  The 11 takes me into everything spiritual, and the 3 expresses that through humour, writing, speaking and the performing and visual arts. (You might not know that Andrew and I were both comics and performed comedy on the stage for years – a perfectly … [Read more...]