Men in Crisis and New Paradigm Thinking

Man and dog on beach

I was in a supermarket buying groceries when I saw him. His body radiated despair and tension. Anger and tears swam together in his eyes. He turned bleakly to me, and admitted to being in hell. This was the third man in the supermarket who needed to speak to someone, and find some way out of the emotional jungle they were lost in. They all had different troubles. I could sense there were even more simmering within.

And I listened.  And I spoke.

Today, there were more men in trouble. Sadness, despair, fear , irritability, tension, frustration, lost – the shadows stalked them. And I could see it. Some at more breaking point than others. But none happy.  Fragility was the order of the weekend under the influence of the Merkabah energies.

This is the time that one of my mentors, Alberto Villoldo, foretold. He said that people would be deep in emotional crisis. Increasingly so.  And that the medicine people would be needed.   And so it has come to pass.  You might not be a trained shamanic practitioner. but medicine can come in the form of a sympathetic ear, or a touch, or a kindness.

I work for animals. But guess what happens to animals when people are in crisis? It happened to a dog today. Elderly, she had lost her person and I found her, confused, on the street. I waited, my senses tracking him, while I communed with her. “Where is he?” she asked. I saw her spirit lift and looked up. An unshaven man came towards us. “She’s going a bit deaf and blind,” he shrugged, tension and irritability etched in every feature. Here’s another one I thought, and then it came – the reason for his distress. I sent a wave of calm and love out to them both as they trundled off together.  Kindness begets kindness.

When someone else cares, it helps others care for themselves and their loved ones. When someone gives love, it is nourishment to help others keep going. If someone is appreciated and helped to find their inner light, it goes a long way to helping the healing of the individual – and the planet.  It is time for women to help the menfolk through their spiritual emergence. So many are waking up. And they are lost.

This is a time when we need to “love thy neighbour”. To watch out for your fellow species and help them do better. Give them love. Listen to them. The energy of this special astrology right now is very intense and very bright, and Light, being Love, brings up everything unlike itself for healing and release.

Speaking of animals, I was surprised and saddened to hear the word “competition” used in an animal advocacy context. Once again it showed me how important a spiritual path is for those working for the beloveds.  The energy of competition is old paradigm and the world of animal rescue, advocacy and rights, is about cooperation.  It is about humans forming a net so that that each precious soul can find safety. Competition comes from the idea of lack. It says, “There is not enough to go around.”  It makes it impossible to create a new paradigm and a new non violent world.  This way of thinking contributes to tension and fear and violence – the very thing we don’t need right now. The old paradigm is cruel to animals and has not made humans happy. It is imperative we change.

The truth is, there is plenty. Money is energy. But it takes the right mindset to attract it. It takes trust and faith while living in a society that fuels the lie of scarcity and fear. Money is one of our greatest spiritual teachers.

Old thinking is death to the human spirit.   It makes people old before their time.  And so many people are stuck in a cage of society’s making. They are stifled by programming and suffocated by conformity and our culture is devoid of useful solutions to help all humans find their way out of the jungle of unhappiness and despair.  If you watch TV, then the solution to problems is to drink, do drugs,  or …shoot someone .  Not very enlightened role models.   Further, people fear the freedom thinkers and the change makers. They unconsciously project their unhealed selves onto them. In Australia, we have the tall poppy syndrome. The pressure not to shine in any way is enormous.

But why is it important to swim against this tide? Why is it vital for animal advocacy that we rebel and be free? Because by flying like eagles above the ocean of seething negative thought forms, we find new trails and new bright paths to the new world. The gentle, kind world of new solutions and new ways of being.  Of greater respect for animals and the natural world, for unconditional love, for loving kindness, for peace.   We use the inspiration from the air currents and the sylphs of the air and we soar into the new Aquarian age on glossy wings, leaving a trail for others to follow.  We become the visionaries, the leaders and the wayshowers.

The world is in the biggest state of change it has ever been in. If you want to empower yourself for new paradigm thinking and living,  then please join us for a weekend of intense, but fun, shamanic training in Set Yourself Free.

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Saying ‘Yes’ and the Curse of ‘I’m Not Good Enough’

23 August 2013


Billie and Andrew as “David and Joanna”, checking in with their intuitions. Dallas, Texas 1988  The dolphin T shirts are being dusted off as we speak.

The moon’s soft light illuminated our sacred land so brightly, and all was so quiet and still. No sound from outside, not even the wind stirred. I was looking forward to going out into the biting cold under the whispering pines for sacred ceremony. I could feel the presence of the spirits of place – waiting. But then a wave of energy came over me as I tidied the kitchen, my heart tightened uncomfortably and I knew I just had to go to bed. I gave in to the symptoms and rested the entire next day.

We all receive the energies uniquely, and I was being told to rest in a big way. I know there is nothing wrong with my heart. For me personally, it is merely an ascension symptom, but my advice for everyone these days is to know your own bodies and listen to your inner guidance. I also knew I had to honour my body’s wishes.

The astrology of this time is about saying “yes” and understanding what is possible, of riding the waves with ease when you let go into the intuitive stream. While I was resting (read: working from bed) the phone rang and our hay delivery guy wanted to come at a time when Andrew would be in Canberra with our daughter. Without hesitation, I said I would go in his stead. That was the open door – the easiest thing to do. I said “yes”. Besides, I don’t have the physical strength to help unload the really big bales of hay.

So I spent yesterday afternoon putting up flyers for my workshop Set Yourself Free (next weekend, Aug 31-Sep 1), all around Griffith, my favourite Canberra suburb. I can’t wait to help people become more free spirited, and share some of the latest teachings from the fae. I see so many people stuck in old limited thought systems and beliefs, struggling with the energies, cranky, closed down and alone, and I was imagining the delight on their faces when they let go into magical living (read: excited and grateful to have a gift to share to help people, and knowing that it will also help us keep our own large animal family in hay).

The last stop for me was a comedy venue. I have been guided internally for a while now to go back to comedy with Andrew, and the next action to take, of course, is to book a venue and do it. I checked out the stage with rising excitement (read: Higher Self talking), then noticed two women with a deck of Angel cards sitting at a table. I introduced myself and my flyers and the woman invited me to sit with them,  introducing herself as a free spirit.  She  asked for permission to do a reading of me (not with the cards). I don’t let just anyone read me these days, because words are so powerful and can block you if they are negative or badly interpreted – but I could tell this was no ordinary meeting. It was a heart meeting of two free spirits – in a comedy venue. She was of fae lineage, that was clear. And I liked her.

One of the many things she told me was that I needed some love and that I spent far too much time giving. (Not news!) She wanted me to soak my feet when I got home, something I knew I would never do as self care time isn’t high on the agenda when one has a large family to care for.

We chatted for about half an hour and to stay in ayni (right action reciprocity, or right relations), I asked her what she would like, even though the conversation has included a quick reading from me. She asked for a sandwich. I only had $10 in cash with me, but it felt so good to give (read: giving tells the Universe you are already abundant).

Self-Nurture and Acceptance

Driving home through the dark, cold night, Tamsin asleep beside me, my thoughts turned to the challenge of self-nurturing. It’s something I teach and know how vitally important it is, and while nurturing for me was spending time in spiritual pursuits, in nature and with the animals and family, there were other things I wasn’t doing because of the pressure we are currently under to provide.

I decided to spend the drive home doing processes around why I wasn’t important or good enough to take time for, and where this might be holding me back in my bigger picture.  Why couldn’t I love my S-Elf and take care of me, as I took care of the animals? I began to view my S-Elf as a neglected puppy and the waves of love flowed out to wrap me in the love the psychic told me I needed. Self love is the foundation to real freedom.

Like many of you, I grew up an ultra-sensitive, in a home that didn’t really understand. My soul chose this for a reason. And of course my “story” led me to quest for understanding, meaning and enlightenment. In the 1980s, I met personal growth teacher Sondra Ray who I remember one time, came down from the stage, put her hands on my shoulders, shook me gently, and said firmly, “Why are you so stuck on this?”

The “this” was a process on “I’m not good enough”. She gave me an affirmation “I am good enough”. But for me – that wasn’t good enough! I was so “not good enough” that surely I needed a stronger affirmation! Before Sondra, my acting teacher, Leila Blake, had told me that being shy and self-conscious was selfish. And she was right. An actor must give their all to the audience. To hold back part of your essence is selfish and denies the audience a full experience. This is true of life. Are you being All to life? Or are you hiding behind a wall, and not letting the world enjoy who you really, really are.

What is the fear that stops us all from loving ourselves enough to be really free?  Isnt it time to leap into love?

Thanks to Leila’s training and Sondra’s life coaching, this shy, “I’m not good enough” journalist went on to become a stand-up, sketch and improvisational comic, performing on stages around the globe. I also took my gift of empathy and telepathy and used it in service for animals and nature internationally, to make a difference.

As the love for the puppy S-Elf that I am flowed around me all the way home and to a sound sleep, I felt nurtured and even more able to give to humans as well as animals.

These days, true wild freedom is vital for me and for all of us if we are to meet the challenge of creating the new world of peace.  It starts with love.  It starts with nurturing.  It starts with doing things for yourself, that will help set you free.

Open the door, and say “yes” to  joining us next weekend for Set Yourself Free and let’s together, drop the chains that bind us, and create new stories that nourish the S-Elf, and the world.

. . . . . .

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August Energy Alert: It’s Time to Transform in the Face of Blowing Winds

Blossom and babyThe August winds screamed through the trees, rattling tin, ripping towels from the line, and sending feed buckets flying. Polly, the poddy goat, curled up in her shelter and pushed out a baby that wasn’t alive – just as the sun broke over the horizon. Confused and sad, she showed us, and she cried. And she cried. We hugged her, gave her remedies, and cried with her.

The next night Blossom gave birth to twins. Under torchlight we made her a clean safe house in the goat shed, putting down straw, and made sure the little ones drank their first precious milk. An image of a handsome feral goat rose in my mind. The girls met him by the creek, beyond their normal boundary. Like some erotic Pan, he called them, and all we could do now was stand back and see which souls had come to roam our sacred land and shelter at night in the backyard with our poddy goat herd.

The babies cried, Blossom cooed, the cows bellowed restlessly, calling out to their mothers across the neighbour’s fence, who had new children, curious and proud to be alive.  That in itself made me incredibly sad, because of the way humanity treats and uses their species. Polly grieved, an awful sound, telling Tamsin about her pain, and grooming Tam’s wayward hair. It was not a restful night, and the tension in me rose to almost bursting point. If I could just let go, maybe something huge would shift. It felt like I did before Japan’s massive earthquake. I felt punchy and grateful I was self aware enough not to take it out on everyone around me.

I felt like I was about to erupt.

Mother Earth erupted in New Zealand. (Blessings and prayers for everyone over there.)

dandelion-2462476884_58c617b26a_zAnd the wind calmed, the temperature dropped, the tension left, and I wasn’t surprised to see we had more solar flare activity. My body knew. There was also moments of light headedness, waves of dizziness – but the tension, this time, was the give away.

This is one of the mutations I’ve been talking about. We are changing, constantly upgrading to become more refined and more connected. We are One with Mother Earth and we feel what She feels, and She feels what we feel.   And it isn’t always easy for the wayshowers.  But we have to be peace to help the Mother feel peace.  And you will see those that walk the path of truth to themselves, will have an increasingly open heart, will refrain from eating animals and contributing to suffering, and start to See and Know and Hear more.  The illusion falls away for those who are true,

There is a New World coming and our species is being affected strongly by this relentless solar activity – changing. The Old Ones call the Sun, Father. The Mother Earth and the Father Sun, both gave nourishment. Today we feel the Mother’s energy in our own bodies, and the Father shifts our DNA. All the things we wayshowers have known forever are now crumbling in the face of transparency. Flouride, live exports, animal slaughter,  vaccines, Monsanto, chemtrails, television programming – and all the  outdated social systems are crumbling. The world we live in is not the world we want.  It does not make us happy or healthy or thriving.

There is another world. Another Way.

We have a lot more solar activity coming, talk of a sun reversal, a flip, in October, uncertain weather, and a major societal change in values. We have the long-awaited ninth month fast approaching in September and the Sacred Equinox. The Spirits are watching and waiting all around us. “Be patient. Soon”, they whisper through the veil.

And right now we have a special blue moon in Aquarius, with a Grand Sextile, Grand Square and Star of David  coming up on August 25 –  amazing astrology which could be seen as the birth of the age of Aquarius. Plenty of light pouring in for peace and prosperity for all, manifesting our secret yearnings and wishes for a better world and a happier, more contented life.   This is a time for healing and nurturing oneself, for stretching our wings, for flying.

This is about freedom and creativity and New Thought and it is affecting everyone. This astrology is something to get excited about. It is so helpful to us right now. What sort of world do you want to see? How visionary can you be? How high can you fly to Dream in the New Earth? Are you the Dreamer? Or is your subconscious running your life, your past life wounds, and your set thoughts about what life is meant to be? Are you truly Free?

I was thinking this question when an old loop from a past life came to claim me yet again. In that life I had been killed horribly and so had my animals. It left me feeling powerless, deeply depressed and a victim. As a healer I was consciously choosing not to play that unhealthy victim game. But still it reared its ugly head like an abscess ready to burst, and I knew I had to take a day off and work on my own healing. I couldn’t escape the angry black dog growling at my heart.

My goal this life is to be fully actualised and truly Free, and the Soul Retrieval method that has come to me over the years helps people step out of their loops and become whole. Soul retrieval is a process where the healer finds a part of your soul that splintered off sometime in the past, usually due to trauma. That Monday, I lay on my bed and healed the offending  timeline and my whole chest opened up and swelled with Divine Love. It was an incredible feeling of expansion and in that moment, I knew that I could now make my life different. I could be Free. And since then much has happened to push me along to my goal.

The people from the Otherworld, who I call the Fae, have an ulterior motive in us not being stuck in the old world or tangled up in our old past life wounds. When a person is truly free, they can find and act on their authentic self, their core essence, which might be different to who they think they are. And when that happens, they raise their vibrational frequency to happiness and joy, they become happy and filled with energy, and this in turn affects others, contributes to a tipping point and ripples out to positive change.

This helps create the conscious Dreamers. The ones who shape the world with their intentional words and thoughts, and make a difference. Our world is an illusion. It is a powerful illusion, but if we want it to be different, we need to be different. We need to be free.

This is why my workshop Set Yourself Free is about breaking free. It is designed to pluck people from conformity and the mundane, and transport  them into a land of wild, free, magical living. It is designed to heal, transform, and connect deeply to nature and the Otherworld.  It sets people free. Free to dream a better life – not just for themselves, but for the animals we all love, and for our Mother, the Earth and all her Relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. If you are called to be with me here to make a difference, thank you from us all.

See you on August 31st.

. . . . . .

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Photos: Tamsin Dean Einsrpuch, Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

The Magic Three

3Many people ask me about why numbers are important and it’s because our universe is all about resonance and vibration, and numbers are too.This is why sound and colour healing work also, because they carry unique frequencies that harmonise with us. Right now, codes are being activated within us, and they are numbers and sacred symbols. Pythagorus (also a vegetarian and compassionate animal advocate) was a master numerologist and understood the universal codes. He is often called The Father of Numerology, while acknowledging the Druids, the Essenes and many others who also handed down the secret of numerical frequency.

Numbers are given to us at birth through our birthdate and name. I was born to resonate to an 11 and a 3, for example.  The 11 takes me into everything spiritual, and the 3 expresses that through humour, writing, speaking and the performing and visual arts. (You might not know that Andrew and I were both comics and performed comedy on the stage for years – a perfectly three and elemental thing to do). Three is the number of the visionary, and is creative and expansive. It is also why I am all about freedom and so big on freedom for all species. The three is all about joy and manifesting your desires. And threes, like me, are here to help others be happy! Three carries that childlike curiosity, which is so important for the “entering the kingdom of heaven” phase of our ascension.

As a storyteller and comic, I learned the power of the magic three in jokes and story structure. Why do we have three act screenplays? Because we are wired to the magic three. Writers and comedy writers are trained in the magic three, not the esoteric side of it, but they know that humans respond to three.  The beginning the middle and the end.

Three is also the number encoded into religion and spirituality. Think of the threefold nature of Divinity. Not just in Christianity, but also in Celtic and other culture’s spirituality. There’s the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. There’s the Maiden, Mother, Crone –the Triple Goddess, and triple spirals. If you dig deeper into the myths of Avalon, for example, there was also a three – Lancelot, Arthur and Guinevere. How many of us have it wired that 33 is a special number? It happens to be the master number of a humanitarian, master teacher, raising consciousness and doing good for the world.  It is also how old Jesus was when he was crucified.  For many of us, it is a number which sings.

The three also relates to the reason why we are here on Earth this incarnation. Unravelling our 3 code, means we can understand what we are here to do. So this is why in 2012 and 2013 we  had and have lots of powerful 3 days, and the result was and is that many people felt the call to change their jobs, careers, life paths and places of living. This is why we are being asked, right now, to become our authentic self, and marry that into a heart-centred business or way of being in the world. It is no longer relevant to our species to have an occupation that does not fulfil our soul’s mission or go against the yearning of our heart. We are being called and activated. And it is important if we are to move into the New Era of Peace we all yearn for. It is why we came here. So the three helps us wake up to who we really are and what our true service is.

Where else is the magic three? Past, present and future, which we also look at when doing Tarot readings. There is birth, death, rebirth.  And so on and on.

There are also three magic words that unlock the door to our magical divinity.

The magic three is encoded everywhere, and I believe it is because we are all supposed to be happy and abundant and free. When we activate the three within us, it helps us break the chains of limitation, and use our creativity and imagination to express our Divine Nature in a positive way.

So you can see that the magic three is an important number – and when you start to look, it is everywhere!

Come and join us for  our weekend retreat Set Yourself Free  on August 31 and September 1, 2013 so you can activate the magic three within yourself, and unlock the doors to happiness and success — three weeks before the Equinox, which many are thinking might be the real birthday of the New Human – being nine months after the 2012 solstice!  As we have seen, it is not a sudden process, but I’m looking forward to experiencing more of  the new human’s new world .. in three years time!!

. . . . . .

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