Energy Alert – Mid-April 2013

April 16, 2013

Full MoonThe April Libran Full Moon was extremely powerful and swept away many loved ones around the planet, including two of our own ponies.  Neither had been sick.  Magick, glossy and loving as ever,  chose the weekend I was away to go.  She leaves behind her mother, Cocoa.  The two were always together, and Cocoa, instead of grieving, was also at peace.   This, at least, was something to ease my heart.

Shetland Samantha, although 35, looked glowing. But she just decided that the Full Moon would take her. Both had quick and easy, peaceful transitions. I hate that, but I love that. You know what I mean. You couldn’t ask for a better way to go.  Both assured me they were happy and had other work to do now. But the sudden unexpected leavings left us all reeling, and that spiralled into a kind of numb depression because the pace here at our sanctuary was relentless at that time,  and there was no space  to grieve. We were exhausted.

I read later that many sensitives sunk into an array of depressions for whatever reason. Lots of ascension symptoms from the flu to digestive troubles , and the impossibility of making decisions also were reported.   There was definitely an air of “I don’t know what to do” around at a time when Aries was demanding action.  The energies seemed peaceful out in nature, but the human world was so, so  challenging.  This hit a crisis point for us in seeing (again) first hand the shocking reality of the animal product industry. The carcinogenic toxic cocktails used on and in the animals, the rough handling and rough conversations between people who really don’t see these beings as anything but commodities.  Life as a sensitive human had just got worse as 3-D smacked into us head on. The nightmare that is a farm animal’s reality (READ: sensitive, intelligent, sweet, innocent, sentient, family-loving beings) is a crime that we humans pay for daily with a world stuck in a paradigm of fear and violence. While they suffer, we suffer.

It has to change now.

On top of that, I received an email alert from a channeller I enjoy following who suggested grounding with “animal protein” as a way to deal with the intensity of these energies.  This was the most unenlightened advice I had ever heard. There are so many other ways to ground and deal with energies that will raise your vibration (and hence ascension) at the same time.   Hug a tree, lie on Mother Earth, dance,  dance barefoot, eat root vegetables, eat cocoa…anything but animal protein.

From dairy ice cream to mince, if you eat animal products, you ingest loss, grief, anxiety, terror, fear, adrenalin, toxins and carcinogens. It’s an unhealthy cocktail for humans, the planet, and definitely for the animals. Animal protein is also energetically dense (I talk about the energy of meat in this YouTube clip from A New Era for Animals). If you want to reach the high frequency of a magical life of grace, don’t touch it. And definitely don’t give your power away to so-called gurus or channelled people from the stars who would suggest and therefore condone such barbaric behaviour towards the other species who share this planet with us. Be discerning. Now is the time people are showing their true colours. Who speaks true?

It was under this New Moon Energy that I simply gave up (or let go!).  I don’t like being down for long, (not healthy) and I know the animals are always at me to work at detachment.  We care for each other, we love each other.  They make an impact on our life in the most indelible way, and they always ask to celebrate their life when they are gone.   Not grieve.  (Not always easy!)

They need our love.  They need us to grow up as a species.  And it is with passion that I dedicate my life to this request.

Still a bit numb from the losses (Samantha had been with us for Tam’s entire life) , and feeling a bit stressed out by the lack of rain, and trying not to focus on that, we went to work with our script consultant  to feed our creative souls. That night, cuddled up in bed with kelpie Daisy licking my face, Andrew beside me keeping me warm and new rescue Ben snuggled at our feet, I realised I was content.   In the wee hours of the morning, the Fae arrived to tell me I had shifted upwards into another level.  With my spirit eyes I saw Light beaming out of my heart chakra.  Checking in, I felt even lighter.  Transparent!  How that will manifest is anyone’s guess.  But I have been told to “use your magic” .

The magic is important. It is not the magic of spells I am talking about.  It is the magic of the Divine.  It is the alchemy of change within to understand who we really are, and to come from that space of knowledge.

It was in the acceptance of what is, the letting go, that got me through the next door of the journey.  No matter what life is throwing at you, if you can just accept it, instead of feeling distress or frustration; if you can let go, instead of hanging on, then the river of Divine guidance can flow through you, and take you where you need to be, offering grace and synchronicity.  It’s being mindful and aware  of the Light dancing in the Shadows.

After the washing away of the old , the new energies are still like wading through water. The new world is a little confusing. There is still this old world mentality and need for money for survival.  And this is collapsing, making a lot of people even more scared and edgy. There is that feeling of impending eruption, thanks to all the solar flares, played out in Boston and in Korea, and earthquakes everywhere, and closer to home with bad tempers and, for example, doggy aggression.

The new way of being calls for  new training of the S-elf.  It’s lifting the blindfold to see the Light. You have to intend that whatever you need will be there.  You have to play the high vibration game through gratitude and acceptance of what is, while creating the new tomorrows with the imaginative spark of a conscious creator.  The trick to any magical life is doing what you really love. Those self-nurturing things that do bring you contentment in the moments and prove to the Universe that you love your S-elf. Love is the key that opens the door.

So what I am saying is that as we go deeper and deeper into this new and unformed landscape, as we hit intense solar flares, feel giddy and light-headed and irritable because we are so connected to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun, as we move through an eclipse on April 25, and whatever cosmic roller coaster that creates, we have to come back to the only real rudder in our Earthly boat — the heart.

Love truly, is all.


Rushing past the Full Moon Eclipse, we fall headlong into Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere. These are special times of the year when the veil is thin. (Read even thinner than it is now)  In the south, the dead will walk.  In the north, the lovers will love.  At home we always celebrate by setting an extra place at the table and seeing who shows up. Most often it is my Dad, who never visited us in this particular home. He never saw it. So now he makes an annual visit from the Spirit World.  It is also a time for Divination and Oracles and it’ll be interesting to see what they will come up with in this new climate. I always make a tradition of pumpkin soup, homemade bread and cake, apple cider and spiced hot cocoa (recipe in our Loving Kindness Chocolate Indulgence ebook).  it is also a time to share some of that cake with the Fae, and give back to Mother Earth for all she gives us.

While the energetic door is open for three days, I tend to think of my main feast and divination day as the day of April 30, so I can start the Winter fresh on May  1. But truly, it is a feeling, more than a date.  Sense it.

So the energies are quite funny as we go from 3-D to 5-D and back again.  People are filled with hope and promise and scared it won’t happen; challenged to be at peace in a dissolving landscape, and need to come up with creative ways of being new in the world and on the world.  We have to shift our perspective and see ourselves as the magical Light we really are; and free ourselves of the imaginary chains of limitation that bind us.   We  just have to keep imagining in a better world with our positive thoughts and dreams of  peace and plenty for all.  Despite the action of Aries, we need to find time to be still, to catch our breath, to breathe.   We also have to realise that the current cosmic push will give us added oomph to realising our dreams.  So focus on what you really want.   And finally, perhaps just let go, and allow the building that is the 5-D, to simply open its doors.

. . . . . .

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Photo: Full Moon by versageek

Why You Should Help the Urgent Cases at the Pounds

10 April 2013

Marley - April 2013

Marley – April 2013

As I write, there are currently 37 anxious, worried, sweet, sweet dogs in Blacktown Pounds facing the death sentence. No fault of their own. There are huskies, sweet faced kelpies, lots of bull breeds — they are young and innocent, and begging us all to help them. They have till Thursday (April 11, 2013).  Please contact Pound Rounds on Facebook. Please donate. Please offer to foster. Please adopt. Stretch!

There are also 15 in Hawkesbury, Sydney on that sickening list to be murdered unless we intervene. Or at least support the rescue groups who can and do. There are some desperate cats in Renbury including a gorgeous little magickal black cat I would take in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have so many.

Working in that area are Pound RoundsBig Dog RescueWorking Dog RescueMini Paws Animal Rescue, and lots of others.  Please look them up and support them financially.  With funds they can kennel dogs  until a home can be found.

The perfect home always turns up. We rescued 27 animals out of two pounds a couple of weeks ago (with some wonderful help), and all those animals have now found forever homes. We even managed to rehome families of cats together, so they didn’t have to suffer more after the trauma they had already been through.

We stretched, we stepped up, and so can you! Work with the rescue groups. Or just adopt straight from the shelter. Get them to safety, whatever it takes.

We have a full house with seven dogs and a multitude of cats, and I just want to say that some animals, like Ben the dog, my two new black cats, and Comet the kitten, are a soul call with a huge heart connection. The rest chose us, and I adore them! But others like Marley the staffy are the animals we take into our home because you know it is the right thing to do. And these are the ones you grow to love and the journey is sweet, deep, meaningful and life enriching. Our beloved Dusty was one of these.  Having had a really abusive life and being older, I knew he had to spend time healing here with us.  We took him sight unseen.

I’ve done that with many animals.

Marley was a beaten up looking staffy, riddled with fleas, a rough coat, dermatitis, and other health issues (that’s him in the photo, looking pretty happy to be playing with a chew toy). When he first arrived, his face was frozen into a permanent grin in a desperate effort to find someone to love him. He was permanently “on”. He knew being cute and friendly would win him a home.

Except it didn’t.

I saved him with two minutes to spare.

My experience is that here in 2013, the dogs and cats in pounds are extra-ordinary. They are sweet, funny, mystical, deep, deserving, friendly, and super affectionate. So many of them are souls returned. Many of them are our beloved soul friends in animal form, come back to us to help us in this last phase of our healing. They are here to help us grow our wings, and burst open our heart chakras.

Sure there has been an adjustment going on at home.  We live in a tiny cottage and have had to keep the cats in quarantine as they came from the pound sneezing with cat flu, and away from new dogs who have been starving and don’t know the rules yet. There is no dog or cat fenced area right now. No kennels. We just have an ordinary, tiny old weatherboard cottage.

Our two original senior cats both came down with cat flu, and we’ve had lots of patient re-educating to do with Marley. But he and Ben are quickly responding to love and care, and aleady Marley’s coat is soft and he smells good – just through diet.

(I treated cat flu with Young Living oils in the litter trays and in the diffuser and used HAMPL Infection Clear and Fulhealth Silver Colloid as well .)

It has been huge and at a time when we also had the Great Gelding of 2013, lost two deeply loved ponies who the Full Moon just swept away, saved a sheep from flystrike (Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner and scissors) and had to put on a happy (relaxed?) face for a film crew that was not my own.

So what I’m saying is that you can stretch even if it doesn’t feel like the “right time”. And if you do , you will be rewarded.  Please help the animals in need.  That is truly what we are here to do now.  Show your humanity!

This is how we build our new world – the one we can be proud of. We just don’t let the authorities kill precious souls, leaving earthbound ghosts, cries in the ethers, and pain in our hearts.

Working together in community, with heart and desire, we can make a huge difference.

. . . . . .

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The *&#@* Energies

They say you are never given more than you can handle, and that getting out of your comfort zone, or being pushed out of the nest, is a good way to make you fly.

Just keep that in mind right now.

April is all about what you focus on and using the planetary energy to give projects, careers and relationships a big push. It is time to speak our truth and change the old masculine into the kind of caring, beautiful world we all really want to live in. How you contribute to that is something your heart and soul will tell you. Follow the nudges and say yes. Act immediately.

This month and New (Dark) Moon has no time for those who twiddle their thumbs. It’s all about movement, progression of consciousness – and things are happening very quickly for people. People are moving to new and perfect places, adopting new and beautiful furry family members, finding new directions, finding new tribe and community and finding love. It’s all about action.

It’s intense, but it can be graceful and full of synchronicity.

It feels incredibly intense to me, like a galloping wild horse you have no control over. Hang on for the ride.

The only ‘control” we do have, is where our thoughts are. So watch them. Keep stretching for gratitude.

It is a challenge.

It is especially a challenge when you are out doing big work. We don’t just have one horse to contend with. We have a team of runaway horses, the carriage is bumping along the dirt road, and it feels like any minute we are about to take off into the sky and fly.

I’m not sure when it quiets down. April, May, June and July are meant to be good months for achieving things. But it is also a time to be incredibly mindful. We are about to enter a time of eclipses and the end of this month is a biggy.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that our Higher Selves are speaking a language to us – through the heart. And this is what we have to trust. And act on.

April — action month. Don’t try and slow or control the wild horses. Trust they will lead you to where you are supposed to go.

. . . . . .

If you liked this article and would like to give an exchange of energy, please consider making a heart gift.  Heart gifts help make the new world go around, and the animals all thank you!  

Billie Dean can be found at or Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!


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