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Energy Alert – Mid-April 2013

April 16, 2013 The April Libran Full Moon was extremely powerful and swept away many loved ones around the planet, including two of our own ponies.  Neither had been sick.  Magick, glossy and loving as ever,  chose the weekend I was away to go.  She leaves behind her mother, Cocoa.  The two were always together, and Cocoa, instead of grieving, was also at peace.   This, at least, was something to ease my heart. Shetland Samantha, although 35, looked glowing. But she just decided that the Full Moon would take her. Both had quick and easy, peaceful transitions. I hate that, but I love that. You know what I mean. You couldn't ask for a better way to go.  Both assured me they were happy and had other work to do now. But the sudden unexpected leavings left us all reeling, and that spiralled into a kind of numb depression because the pace here at our sanctuary was relentless at that time,  and there was no space  to grieve. We were exhausted. I read later that many sensitives sunk into … [Read more...]

Why You Should Help the Urgent Cases at the Pounds

10 April 2013 As I write, there are currently 37 anxious, worried, sweet, sweet dogs in Blacktown Pounds facing the death sentence. No fault of their own. There are huskies, sweet faced kelpies, lots of bull breeds — they are young and innocent, and begging us all to help them. They have till Thursday (April 11, 2013).  Please contact Pound Rounds on Facebook. Please donate. Please offer to foster. Please adopt. Stretch! There are also 15 in Hawkesbury, Sydney on that sickening list to be murdered unless we intervene. Or at least support the rescue groups who can and do. There are some desperate cats in Renbury including a gorgeous little magickal black cat I would take in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have so many. Working in that area are Pound Rounds, Big Dog Rescue, Working Dog Rescue, Mini Paws Animal Rescue, and lots of others.  Please look them up and support them financially.  With funds they can kennel dogs  until a home can be found. The perfect home … [Read more...]

The *&#@* Energies

They say you are never given more than you can handle, and that getting out of your comfort zone, or being pushed out of the nest, is a good way to make you fly. Just keep that in mind right now. April is all about what you focus on and using the planetary energy to give projects, careers and relationships a big push. It is time to speak our truth and change the old masculine into the kind of caring, beautiful world we all really want to live in. How you contribute to that is something your heart and soul will tell you. Follow the nudges and say yes. Act immediately. This month and New (Dark) Moon has no time for those who twiddle their thumbs. It’s all about movement, progression of consciousness - and things are happening very quickly for people. People are moving to new and perfect places, adopting new and beautiful furry family members, finding new directions, finding new tribe and community and finding love. It’s all about action. It’s intense, but it can be graceful … [Read more...]