2013 Vegan of the Year – Outstanding Author for Secret Animal Business

October 25, 2013Vegan of the Year 2013

I feel very honoured to have been awarded Vegan of the Year for the second year in a row, this time in the Outstanding Vegan Author category for Secret Animal Business (last year it was for Outstanding Animal Rights/Animal Rescue Organisation for our work here at A Place of Peace). Kathy Divine, of Vegans are Cool, who initiated the awards, said she thought Secret Animal Business was a “very important book”. And I believe it is, if I may say so myself. It isn’t just a bunch of stories. It outlines a way of living with animals and nature that will help animals, you, and the planet.

So thanks you so much to Kathy and the judges, and congratulations to all the winners this year.

Tilda the Cat with Secret Animal Business

Tilda the cat gives her seal of approval to Secret Animal Business. (Thanks to Tilda’s person, reader Mel R, for sharing this photo with me.)


About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is the author of Secret Animal Business, and an internationally known interspecies telepath with an innate ability to commune with animals and the natural world. Billie brings together an eclectic body of shamanic and Celtic native wisdom, metaphysics and more than 30 years experience as a professional animal communicator, shaman and alternative healing practitioner. She blends this into what she calls the New Shamanism, a gentle path that embraces deep reverence and respect for animals and all of nature.


  1. Toni Williams says:

    I’ve never blogged before so I found you while looking into vegan products and animal sanctuary information. I joined and am interested in placing my cat, Subi on your healing circle. Subi is 2 years old and I rescued him from a shelter. All my pets are rescue animals. I also want to mention a lovely beige cat who has no name but is part of a colony I am feeding next to my workplace. The poor thing has been hurt and I’ve gone to great lengths to try to capture him/her to get some medical attention. I hired an animal trap and I also went into the creek bed (industrial area) with gum boots, overalls at dawn before work to try and find him. His tail is partly severed and I have been worried sick. I wish I could do more. His parents and sibling still emerge for feeds but he/she is nowhere to be found. I pray all the time.

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