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Vegan Solstice/Christmas

Andrew, Tamsin and I always celebrate Solstice instead of Christmas because of our spiritual pathway. The ancient Celts would celebrate the longest day, and this year, like last year, and probably a few more to come, the solstice is especially a portal for higher growth. Some channellers are even expecting many to receive their key to the 5D door. But we all know  that nothing is automatic, because if you haven’t laid the foundation, your body won’t be able to tolerate the higher frequencies. So we will be doing fire ceremony (or candle ceremony) and taking the day off to relax. The 22nd is a Sunday here, and so there will be no interruptions, which will be nice. We are so busy during the year that often at these special times these days, all we want to do is be quiet together.  And this gift of quiet down time together, reading, being, watching movies, watching the sun.... is a gift in itself. Many animal sensitives will be sitting down to a Christmas meal with family who might … [Read more...]

The Art of Being the New Human

November 27, 2013 As we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of new vibrant light and the breaking dawn of the promised land, there are two ways of behaving. You can express yourself as the New Human – someone who is kind, courageous, communicative, who walks in integrity, honesty and with ethics. Someone who behaves impeccably and for the Highest Good of All. Or, you can choose to be seduced by the drama of the old world and still act out betrayals, back stabbing, gossip, competition, control, fear, sorcery, lies and general nastiness and mean-spiritedness. Right now there seems to be a lot of this latter choice, as the Dark Energies lash about in their death throes. But there is a problem to the old behaviour. In this life we have free choice, but as we are connected to Mother Earth, it is vital we Lightworkers do what we came here to do. And that is to heal and release old karma, not make any more, and be the new human we came here to be. The "not make any … [Read more...]

Three Day Super Special on Level I and Level II

I've only done this a couple of times in the past, but I wanted to give you a chance to sign up for Animal Shamanism Level I or Level II (my online courses), and take advantage of a unique offer. Specifically, if you sign up in the next three days (that is, by 11:59 pm Sydney time, Saturday November 16, 2013), you can get not one, not two, but your choice of three free bonuses from me (they are listed below). You can choose from: 7 Days with 7 Dogs (online viewing) A New Era for Animals (online viewing) Dolores Cannon Interviews (online viewing) Time of the Drum (digital download) Loving Kindness Chocolate Indulgence (ebook) Safe People, Safe Places (digital download) Down to the Core: Transforming Yourself Now (teleseminar) Tools for Dealing with the Energies (teleseminar) Animal Shamanism Level I is all about laying a foundation for personal development, understanding the animals in your life, and going down the path of telepathic communication with animals.  I … [Read more...]

2013 Vegan of the Year – Outstanding Author for Secret Animal Business

October 25, 2013 I feel very honoured to have been awarded Vegan of the Year for the second year in a row, this time in the Outstanding Vegan Author category for Secret Animal Business (last year it was for Outstanding Animal Rights/Animal Rescue Organisation for our work here at A Place of Peace). Kathy Divine, of Vegans are Cool, who initiated the awards, said she thought Secret Animal Business was a "very important book". And I believe it is, if I may say so myself. It isn't just a bunch of stories. It outlines a way of living with animals and nature that will help animals, you, and the planet. So thanks you so much to Kathy and the judges, and congratulations to all the winners this year.   … [Read more...]

The Energies – Full Moon in Aries 2013

As I write this so many of my friends are facing fire in the Blue Mountains. Animals have lost their lives and homes, the forest burns,  the energies speak of unsettledness and waiting.   It fills my heart with sadness. This full moon and eclipse is intense on many levels. Perhaps it is an initiation for many. The last hurdle. Many, many people have been talking about the feeling of something huge coming. This could be physical or spiritual, or both.  Lots are reporting feeling woozy, light headed, vertigo, dizzy, headachy. There's heart stuff , flu stuff and digestive stuff. Some are having sleepless nights. There are relationship issues and money issues. There is the loss of beloved ones. There are ascension symptoms and the Earth talking to us. At home, the dogs have been barky and restless. I've had vertigo for two weeks — waves of wooziness that make me feel in two dimensions at once. And we have been having some major earthquakes around the planet and a ton of solar flare and … [Read more...]

Libra New Moon Energy Alert

October 1, 2013 Can you feel it building? We are in a time of great change! and the planets mobilising for the New Moon  this week are huge.  As I write, the wind whistles around Owl Cottage, heralding this time of change. Once again we have gale force winds. Last week they carried off our beautiful true daughter of Avalon, Faerie. She had run free here all her life, being a yearling we inherited when we bought the property. Her death was so unexpected, so sudden, it shocked me to the core. I have written her story here. There are many souls choosing to leave as the Light rolls over the planet, for whatever reasons, and the advice I am being given is to honour this process and be grateful for every moment with every being we love. Love is the only thing that is important. Loving ourselves, loving others, being kind with all our choices. We don’t know who will choose to go next, and instead of getting wrapped up in grief, we have to do what it takes to respect their choices, love … [Read more...]

Equinox Energy Alert: Birth and Laying New Tracks

20 September 2013 Woah! Can you feel the shifting of the energies? Happy birthday New Humans!! Welcome to the energies of the September Full Moon and Equinox! It is truly an exciting time, and while on the surface it may look like chaos, many sensitives will be able to feel the shift that heralds new land. This past weekend was a turning point. Hope you took mental notes of what was up for you.  And also dropped it -- or shifted in some way.  We really are creating the world anew with our thoughts,  So what are you creating? There is an abundance of Light pouring onto the planet - solar activity galore and the energies have been edgy and crunchy. To me it feels like the splitting of the worlds. Or perhaps we are gearing up for the solar flip that NASA says is coming any time soon. I’ve been very light-headed, and it is has been almost impossible to function for about two weeks now. (Better today!) Lots of people reporting the same. Unsettled, lots of crying, depression, … [Read more...]

After Election, Campaign for Change

10 September 2013 Well no doubt many people have been sitting in horror at the election result, but for me it means it is time to roll up the sleeves, get activated, and like Gandhi says, “Be the change we want to see in the world.” It’s time for grassroots rebellion and revolution. It’s time to be peace embodied – deep peace for all species. So what are the things that call you for action? Now is the time. I want to see a world of kindness and compassion for the animals, the Earth and for each other. I want to end Live Export, and the very idea that it is okay to kill and torture animals. Humans are supposed to care for and protect the vulnerable and defenceless. Now is the time to do so. And we can do that with our every day choices and actions. Speak the truth to people and help them get excited about a new way of living that is lighter, that truly harms none, and helps people be healthier and happier. I See a very different world coming and I see this new government … [Read more...]

Vale Cocoa

The little bay wild pony mare we called Cocoa was curious about her situation. She couldn’t stand up. After eight years of enjoying freedom, hay and soft mashes, while avoiding a human’s touch, she now found it to be heaven. She leaned into the oil massages, the shiatsu, the T-touch, and loved the homeopathics with apple juice, the warm mashes, the herbs, and being stroked and loved. She didn’t even get frightened when a rug was put over her at night. She told me it was surprising to her, how good being loved like this really felt. And even though she was free, it healed her mistrust of humanity. It healed her grief at the loss of her daughter. Her daughter in spirit was hanging around. I knew in my heart, that Cocoa wouldn’t stand up again. And despite her perkiness, she wouldn't be with us long.  She had been finding the August part of winter hard in recent years. We always fed her soft mashes until the sweet grass came. We slept with her out on top of the little hill that was … [Read more...]

Men in Crisis and New Paradigm Thinking

I was in a supermarket buying groceries when I saw him. His body radiated despair and tension. Anger and tears swam together in his eyes. He turned bleakly to me, and admitted to being in hell. This was the third man in the supermarket who needed to speak to someone, and find some way out of the emotional jungle they were lost in. They all had different troubles. I could sense there were even more simmering within. And I listened.  And I spoke. Today, there were more men in trouble. Sadness, despair, fear , irritability, tension, frustration, lost – the shadows stalked them. And I could see it. Some at more breaking point than others. But none happy.  Fragility was the order of the weekend under the influence of the Merkabah energies. This is the time that one of my mentors, Alberto Villoldo, foretold. He said that people would be deep in emotional crisis. Increasingly so.  And that the medicine people would be needed.   And so it has come to pass.  You might not be a trained … [Read more...]