Vegan Solstice/Christmas


Andrew, Tamsin and I always celebrate Solstice instead of Christmas because of our spiritual pathway. The ancient Celts would celebrate the longest day, and this year, like last year, and probably a few more to come, the solstice is especially a portal for higher growth. Some channellers are even expecting many to receive their key to the 5D door. But we all know  that nothing is automatic, because if you haven’t laid the foundation, your body won’t be able to tolerate the higher frequencies.

So we will be doing fire ceremony (or candle ceremony) and taking the day off to relax. The 22nd is a Sunday here, and so there will be no interruptions, which will be nice. We are so busy during the year that often at these special times these days, all we want to do is be quiet together.  And this gift of quiet down time together, reading, being, watching movies, watching the sun…. is a gift in itself.

Many animal sensitives will be sitting down to a Christmas meal with family who might not share their sensitivity or awareness about animals. Perhaps, as a gesture of kindness to animals, on this supposedly sacred day, it might be time to reconsider the menu. We all know that animals suffer terribly so that humans can feast on their corpses. And I seriously think it’s time we all considered the vulnerable in our circle of compassion. Don’t you?

If there is resistance in your family, tell them it is the new era of kindness here in nearly 2014 and that you will bring amazing food. Knock their socks off with a vegan delight. Be kind to them, but be firm. The animals depend on you.

There are tons of recipes on the net.  Just google Vegan Christmas.  Here’s one example:

If you need some ideas for vegan desserts, please remember our Loving Kindness Chocolate Indulgence recipe ebook. Lots of yummy treats suitable for the holidays.  And the proceeds gift the animals with hay.

Here’s a recipe to try:

Here’s an easy recipe for children (and adults) that Tamsin made for us!

Ingredients: One carton So Good Chocolate Soy Milk

Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze. Yummy vegan ice creams are the result. If you want to try something extra yum, add Sweet Williams Vegan chocolate chips.   You can also add those to coconut milk and sweetener of choice.  Very yum.

Have a wonderful holiday season!!

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer,  actress and animal advocate.  She holds a vision of peace through human evolution.  Billie  is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many  animals who had nowhere else to go.  She  can be found at Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

Photo credit: Simon Davison

The Art of Being the New Human

November 27, 2013

Snake SkinAs we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of new vibrant light and the breaking dawn of the promised land, there are two ways of behaving.

You can express yourself as the New Human – someone who is kind, courageous, communicative, who walks in integrity, honesty and with ethics. Someone who behaves impeccably and for the Highest Good of All.

Or, you can choose to be seduced by the drama of the old world and still act out betrayals, back stabbing, gossip, competition, control, fear, sorcery, lies and general nastiness and mean-spiritedness.

Right now there seems to be a lot of this latter choice, as the Dark Energies lash about in their death throes.

But there is a problem to the old behaviour.

In this life we have free choice, but as we are connected to Mother Earth, it is vital we Lightworkers do what we came here to do. And that is to heal and release old karma, not make any more, and be the new human we came here to be.

The “not make any more” is actually really important.

This is what it means to behave impeccably. When we behave to an inner moral and ethical code of conduct, we affect the world in a positive way. We affect our Mother Earth in a positive way. We are all connected. When humans behave in a dark and negative manner, it affects our Mother in a negative way. To come into harmony with the world and the weather, we need to do our work. It is that simple.

This is what I teach in Level II of my Animal Shamanism course. I give a code of conduct based on the ancients, which are still relevant today.

When we act out of integrity, we create new karma for ourselves.  New karma effectively keeps us from the sweetness of a higher dimension.

That is why it is so important we choose to be kind as much as we humanly can.

And I’m not just talking about being kind to animals, and alleviating their suffering.   I’m talking being kind to each other. Where can you be generous of spirit? Where can you be kind? Are you treating people the way you want to be treated yourself?

Lately I’ve seen both behaviours – beautiful kindnesses as well as shocking, hurtful behaviours and dreadful mean-spiritedness, lies, dishonesty and betrayals.

From the number of light workers who have suddenly written about the need for integrity, it seems this is across the board.

One of the things we need to understand that those behaviours belong to people who are still acting in an old 3D way. It is painful and hurtful to see and to be a part of that, but you can remove yourself from it by letting go the people who are still stuck. And understanding, with compassion, that they have not yet evolved.  So it is, in my humble opinion, rather pointless to engage.  You can set the standard, but people see themselves through their own eyes and they don’t like to be made wrong — unless they are aspirational and willing to shift upwards. And do the work it takes.

Each soul is on a journey and it is everyone’s choice to create more karma if they want.

What is happening right now is that people’s shadows are activated. People are sucked up in a backwash of negativity and swirling around as a group negative force.

But we are being asked to heal, not hurt. We are being asked to help, not hate.

We are asked to stand by our codes of conduct and be the best human being we can be.

So, while so many are caught in the grip of shadow, remember to practise responding not reacting, and the art of non-engagement. In martial arts, you learn to dance out of the way of the blows. It is something Andrew and I also teach in our improv comedy classes. When there is no energy to fight against, the energy drops. That’s when true communication can begin.

Navigating the Heavy Waters

The energies of the moment are very high and it is purely our choice as to how we walk in them. It can be very lonely and difficult to navigate through these heavy waters of the dark backlash, and I have been contacted by more than one person who is sitting alone, wondering if life is worth living.

One of the things that I tell them is of course it is, and it will get better.

We have to continue to be kind to others. We are all the same under the skin. Who knows what people are going through at home? One unkind act might send someone over the edge. At this time on the planet, people are fragile.

The other thing I tell them is to remember that what we are going through right now is like a war between negativity and positivity. We are heading toward the golden sand of peace and unity, but there are land mines. That might not be the best analogy, but it does seem to feel like a war when all your stuff is up in your face for healing and release. It’s a long, dark night of the soul and anyone who tells you it isn’t, hasn’t been shedding their skin.

I also mention they are not alone in what they are feeling, and this is the most empowering thing of all. If you are feeling the dark oppression like a majorly bleak depression, join a club of fellow travellers.   It is part of the dying process — the death of the old.   And I have spoken about this before  Sooooo many people are going through it, or have been through it,  The trick is to keep reaching for the light and the hope. To turn within, contact spirit, and find joy in the moments.  There are many, many people walking this wilderness trail. My sense is that it is the wayshowers that make the trail, making the path easier for the rest of humanity to follow.

So keep up the good work. We are in this together and we chose to be the wayshowers.

The choice we have is how we shed our skins. We can get sucked into the drama of it. Or we can laugh about it. Sometimes it takes until the shock has worn off, and you have worked out an appropriate response to the new challenge, but then you can laugh.

And laughter is a transformer.

The quicker you can laugh about it the better. In my school Rainbow Fianna, I teach about the anam cara – the soul friend. They are the ones you bear your heart to, and instead of colluding, they hold up the light so you can better see your path.

Throwing Back Love

When life or humans throw you a curve ball, throw back Love. Truly it is the only thing to do.  Sit in the middle of the High Road, and practise emotional mastery.  Because hate and abuse only ever perpetuates a problem and continues the cycle.

It is also a time to nurture the self. It is a time to be kind to self. We are going through a metamorphosis like warp speed now, and if you stay in the old ways of doing things, the path could get bumpy.  This is a difficult bridge to transit right now, but keep meditating and listening to spirit’s wisdom.

Spirit is within.

Energy Alert:

People have been reporting headaches and foggy brains, losing time, not sleeping, the continuing waves of vertigo. I’ve been seeing the Otherworld as if the veil is so transparent it is practically not there. I also feel out of my body and am conscious of a need to ground – this is not common for me as I live on a farm and do daily work outside with animals and nature. But I barely feel here.  Very light.

I also have an unsettling feeling of the need to get all my affairs in order. I no longer feel the same old passions and I don’t think it is fatigue.  I just feel detached from the old, 3D world.

I can’t and won’t tolerate any pictures or acts of unkindness, I can’t stand the sight of the newspaper or the news — my sensitivity has gone through the roof, and really, the only thing I want to focus on right now is my spiritual path, and the art of living well. Simple things, like carving out time for family and true friends. Spending more down time with animals and trees. The more I think about the old world, the more intense and crazy it seems. It is a very odd feeling of floating away, of not being of the world as we know it.

Sadly it is not yet possible to step fully into the new, as there are those things called bills and other challenges that pull you back into a 3D reality. And the 3D reality is the most challenging it has ever been. It is a world imploding.  Deal with whatever comes at you with grace, acceptance, surrender and appropriate action, and keep opening yourself to the new. It’s like cleaning your house and getting it ready for sale. Clean your life up, get ready to leave the old, and step on the shores of the new as it arrives in your field.

Do take care of the people around you. The old way is to trash loyalty and friendship, leaving karma in your wake. Do that and you may find the doors to the New Earth closed to you.

The New Earth has to be peopled by people who behave like New Humans – because they are New Humans, and New Humans are kind and don’t hurt people by their actions.  They are conscious and loving, humble and wise.

We’re in November. Any minute now it will be 2014. And there is a lot more change coming. When you surrender and learn to let go of the wheel, you might find your Higher Self taking over at the helm, and taking you to safe shores.

Take time to listen and to act on those small whispers from Spirit. Watch who is in your life, and who is walking out. It is just a revolving door. Let go your attachments. This is what spiritual masters have been telling us all for years. The river of life is so much easier to wade through when you listen to the heart and not to the head.

Astrologically we’ve been hammered by solar storms, and every full moon is a huge one which seems to suck away souls to the Other Side. These days I feel so battered by loss that I am viewing full moons with half dread and that is not the place I want to be in. It comes back to acceptance and knowing that souls all have their own journey, no matter how much we love them.

Comet ISON

Astrologically, the big news is Comet Ison , a comet the size of Australia who might or might not survive a meeting with the sun. Metaphysically all the planets and solar flares and comets are lining up like proud parents to give us all the help we need to evolve. Comet Ison is no exception.

Here’s what my friend Anda Li Whitman has to say about Comet ISON

On November 28th, Thanksgiving day in the USA, the comet conjuncts our Sun within 1 degree. It will appear brighter than Venus, and be visible in the twilight sky at 35 deg North latitude in the ESE. It will be photographed, so we’ll all be able to witness the event virtually at some point.

Also on the 28th, The Sun in Sagittarius conjuncts Mercury aspecting the Moon in Libra which is Sextile the Sun. This symbolically portends higher philosophy becoming the undeniable focus for the social-emotions of all on Earth. Who is the ‘other’: it is ourselves.

ISON then passes behind the Sun, to re-emerge on the 29th. What’s left of it. It may be absorbed by the Sun; we shall see. At perihelion it is only 730,000 miles from the Sun’s surface.

The symbolism of this event is poignantly immense. When the comet commemorated in the Bayeux tapestry, thought by astronomers to be Halley’s comet, flew past England in the late 11th Century, the world was changed forever. The social order changed, and European civilization expanded into the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.

In our times, the re-emerging of the Divine Feminine and the expansion of Christ Consciousness globally is and has been occurring. This week’s event is a milestone along the way to our inner liberation from the status quo, dominant paradigm.

The ‘second coming’ is an internal shift in awareness.

As a civilization we are coming out of the galactic and spiritual shadows. Rejoice, this is a momentous Thanksgiving event.

And finally…

If you are an American, please consider sparing a turkey’s life this Thanksgiving. They will be truly grateful.

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer,  actress and animal advocate.  She holds a vision of peace through human evolution.  Billie  is the world’s leading authority on animal spirituality and she and her family care for many, many  animals who had nowhere else to go.  She  can be found at, and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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Three Day Super Special on Level I and Level II

image002I’ve only done this a couple of times in the past, but I wanted to give you a chance to sign up for Animal Shamanism Level I or Level II (my online courses), and take advantage of a unique offer. Specifically, if you sign up in the next three days (that is, by 11:59 pm Sydney time, Saturday November 16, 2013), you can get not one, not two, but your choice of three free bonuses from me (they are listed below). You can choose from:

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“Billie’s teachings instill us with new perceptions of our own potential, transforming our old patterns and paradigms into ones of unlimited thinking and being.”
– Kayla Jakota, Adelaide

In Animal Shamanism Level II, we go further into animal communication, enriching our skills, as well as  taking a thorough look at death, dying, and divination, and learning to rely on our own intuitions and inner knowing.

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How do you claim your bonuses? Sign up for the class, then send Andrew a note telling him which bonuses you would like. If you sign up for both, he’ll just set you up with them.

I do hope you will join me on a journey into the heart of animal spirituality, and bloom into the person you can be.

Again, this offer end 11:59 pm (Sydney time), Saturday, 16 November 2013.

2013 Vegan of the Year – Outstanding Author for Secret Animal Business

October 25, 2013Vegan of the Year 2013

I feel very honoured to have been awarded Vegan of the Year for the second year in a row, this time in the Outstanding Vegan Author category for Secret Animal Business (last year it was for Outstanding Animal Rights/Animal Rescue Organisation for our work here at A Place of Peace). Kathy Divine, of Vegans are Cool, who initiated the awards, said she thought Secret Animal Business was a “very important book”. And I believe it is, if I may say so myself. It isn’t just a bunch of stories. It outlines a way of living with animals and nature that will help animals, you, and the planet.

So thanks you so much to Kathy and the judges, and congratulations to all the winners this year.

Tilda the Cat with Secret Animal Business

Tilda the cat gives her seal of approval to Secret Animal Business. (Thanks to Tilda’s person, reader Mel R, for sharing this photo with me.)


The Energies – Full Moon in Aries 2013

Full Moon

As I write this so many of my friends are facing fire in the Blue Mountains. Animals have lost their lives and homes, the forest burns,  the energies speak of unsettledness and waiting.   It fills my heart with sadness. This full moon and eclipse is intense on many levels. Perhaps it is an initiation for many. The last hurdle.

Many, many people have been talking about the feeling of something huge coming. This could be physical or spiritual, or both.  Lots are reporting feeling woozy, light headed, vertigo, dizzy, headachy. There’s heart stuff , flu stuff and digestive stuff. Some are having sleepless nights. There are relationship issues and money issues. There is the loss of beloved ones. There are ascension symptoms and the Earth talking to us. At home, the dogs have been barky and restless. I’ve had vertigo for two weeks — waves of wooziness that make me feel in two dimensions at once. And we have been having some major earthquakes around the planet and a ton of solar flare and solar storm activity.

It feels like a shift coming.

This full moon in Aries with its Lunar Eclipse and followed closely by Mercury Retrograde is the biggest of the year. It is little wonder NSW is in flames. The energy is an explosive one. I wish it didn’t have to be. For sensitives, it puts us on edge when we really must be in peace. Challenging.

Being peace is the best service to the planet we can be right now. We were all taught to stay in faith, not fear. And this, now, is the challenge. When you raise your frequency high enough, you can rise above the seductive drama of the other reality. It won’t touch you. You can ‘create your own reality”. This is what author Dolores Cannon does, living where she is in tornado country, knowing in her heart that the tornadoes won’t touch her. However when you are an empath, you feel the pain of others, and their fear, and it is even more of a challenge to stay centred. Ground, breathe. Meditate. Yoga. Do what you can to put yourself in that place of peace.  And perhaps that means, do what you can to put yourself in a place of self nurture and love.

I’ve been told over and over this year by Spirit to “make friends with the elementals”. And they mean the spirits of earth, wind, water and fire.

The challenge today is to do all your spiritual work, and have faith when it feels like Spirit has deserted you. When the world you once lived has disappeared, when the things you used to do no longer work. It feels a bit like Mack truck or sledge hammer time for so many people. Like falling off the cliff, wondering if we can fly with our wobbly, newborn wings. It really is time to step into who we really are.  To accept our Divinity.  What did we really come here to do?  No more denial of our true nature.

I’ve been doing a  lot of shamanic healing for humans recently and many are being told to dance.  To move.  To shift their energy.  To raise their frequency.

There is so much light pouring onto the planet, and Divine synchronicities abound. Dreams are coming true. Especially when people surrender. The phrase “let go and let God” has always been powerful and I’ve seen it work in my life with magical ease. I let go needing a man, and my husband showed up. I let go needing to buy a home when my animals, including my horses and goats, were about to be homeless, and we found one with immediate access. Phew.  And always, my Higher Self was there, letting me know I was on track.

So, as in healing, set the intention, and get out of the way. This is the lesson of trust and faith. We are in a new world, and the old one is collapsing around us, and we need to listen, and act on our intuition and the voice of our hearts.  It is a time for love.  To act with loving kindness not only to others, but to yourself.

One example I had recently was my lack of my normal get up and go to do all the vegan/earth friendly/green expos that are on at this time of year. It bothered me. They are great fun and wonderful community and networking. But it wasn’t in me. I didn’t have the physical energy to be that busy. I’m being told to stay put, despite the potential to be out there and earn a much needed living.  And the animals at home are  keeping me busy nursing. At the same time I received a message to re-read Autobiography of a Yogi, a book in my collection so old it is falling apart. Once again I felt curious about Kriya Yoga, the style taught by Yogananda. A Kriya teacher from India was suddenly in Canberra. I saw the notice, felt the immediate pull of the soul, and because I was free that day, instead of being at an expo, I was able to go. And my Higher Self was definitely telling me that I had to be there and there was a part of me that came home. It felt right. I felt shifts swirling around me, which said again, that my spiritual path was the only thing I needed to focus on right now. Surrender.  Be peace.  Unattached to outcomes.  Whatever will be, will be.

So what is the impending feeling? Is it a shift in consciousness?   Right now we are in the Lunar influence of the eclipse cycle and it feels very inward.   The Solar Eclipse happens on November 3.  Scorpio.  Deep.  Spiritual.  The only thing we can be certain of — is change.   And that must include the financial world, because so many of us can feel the shift there.  I’m on many business and marketing lists this year as I strive to do better for my animal and human family.  And now they  feel old world.  The new way isn’t here yet.  More listening with our hearts and being present.  It is not a comfortable place.  But we have to trust.  The new is being made manifest somehow.

We have had the on-going solar flares and there is the upcoming solar flip. This could happen any time. It happens every eleven years, but now we are in a full swing time of change so we don’t know what it will really mean or how it will effect us this year. Some people are telling us what it might mean — but really we are all souls having our own experience. My advice is to stay in faith not fear. I didn’t notice the one 11 years ago, but 2002 was a sucky year, not unlike this one, with a lot of animal loss here at home, including my beloved horse Sollie, who I write about in Secret Animal Business, and we nearly lost Andrew to pneumonia. Not my favourite year at all. It was however, also the year we completed our first feature film Finding Joy, and premiered it at a film festival in Queensland. Andrew stepped out of doing work he disliked to aligning himself with his creative soul.  So that was powerfully positive.

The uneasiness people are feeling might be the NSW bush fires, which are terrible and frightening, and I can’t think about the suffering of the animals who I bow to in the deepest respect to their souls. It might be a big personal shift. It might mean giant dreams comes true, but not the sort of dreams that belong to the old world. It might mean that you are being “forced” onto the path your Higher S-elf really came here to walk. It might mean marital splits, new romance, moving house, loss of jobs leading to better lifestyles – intense change. We don’t know. It will be different things to different people. Go with the flow. Surrender to your Higher S-elf. We are in a time of change and we can sense something on the wind, rushing towards us. Let’s intend it is something good for the highest good for all.

It could also mean the final initiation into the higher realms of being as our cells absorb the Light, ground it into the Earth, and grow Source or Divine wings.

Perhaps the butterflies just born, will begin to take flight.

According to prophecy, there are all kinds of things expected to pull down the old patriarchy — the earth changes, the plagues, the economy, the leaving of many people and animals. The people will leave because they either want to help another way, or they aren’t able to hold the light beaming down on us right now; the animals because their souls are serving the planet in this way.  It is all positive and for the higher plan, no matter how hard it might be to let go.

The rate of change is rapid. Look at what is happening when people power puts its foot down. This is a time for action, for going against the flow to honour your own moral compass. For standing up and saying — this is wrong. This other way is better.

For me, it does my heart good to see all the lies coming to the surface about people eating the flesh of another. It’s not healthy like people have been taught. The horrible truths about the suffering of animals are being told now and increasingly people are opening their hearts to kindness and compassion. This is such a joy, for when the animals are free, the human heart will be at peace.  I can only think that contributing to the suffering of others creates karma, and now is the time to be karma free.

We have another eclipse coming soon (a solar eclipse on November 3)  and the time between eclipses are normally intense. Add Mercury in Retrograde till November 10, and you have a time of mindfulness. This is a time when really it is time to go inwards and reflect on what is coming at you right now. Are you communicating clearly, are there unresolved relationships, are people coming out of the woodwork of your past? It is time to be very mindful of your words. Be clear. Be careful. Watch cars. Watch words. You might want to hibernate, but do your work to clear your stuff. It will make the next part of the journey easier. Who is triggering you?  What is triggering you?  Make mental notes.  Be aware.  Let it go.  Forgive. Set your co-ordinates to happy, and head there.

I was being mildly triggered by everyone who mentioned they were going on a holiday!!  It’s got nothing to do with the people, and I know that!   It’s got everything to do with a need for me to take a break and nurture me.  Not easy right now, but we did have my birthday weekend where as a family we just curled up together and watched movies.  We “got away” for a break by staying in the living room.  That re-charged  us after our beloved animal losses.  It might not be the beach, but it was enough to make me regain balance.  So take note of your triggers.  And look after you.

On the plus side, we have to keep our eye on the plus side! The old world is being shaken up. People of the light will be guided to be in the right place at the right time and we will get through this period of intense change and create the new world of Love.  By being Love.   Forget the old world of separation.  Today is the new world of Unity — and Comm-unity.  We must remember that our world is made up of our dreams and thoughts, So keep the faith, dream the good dreams, and let’s see with excitement where our soul footsteps take us.

It would be fabulous to hear how people’s lives are unfolding in the highest ways, so please feel free to share your stories in the comments below.

. . . . . .

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Billie Dean is an award-winning writer, and she and her family care for many animals who had nowhere else to go.  She  can be found at, and Copyright © Billie Dean, 2013. You are welcome to share this article but only in its complete form with author and website attached. Thank you!

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Libra New Moon Energy Alert

October 1, 2013

dog_in_wind-5589853521_98e67fbc6c_bCan you feel it building? We are in a time of great change! and the planets mobilising for the New Moon  this week are huge.  As I write, the wind whistles around Owl Cottage, heralding this time of change. Once again we have gale force winds. Last week they carried off our beautiful true daughter of Avalon, Faerie. She had run free here all her life, being a yearling we inherited when we bought the property. Her death was so unexpected, so sudden, it shocked me to the core. I have written her story here.

There are many souls choosing to leave as the Light rolls over the planet, for whatever reasons, and the advice I am being given is to honour this process and be grateful for every moment with every being we love. Love is the only thing that is important. Loving ourselves, loving others, being kind with all our choices.

We don’t know who will choose to go next, and instead of getting wrapped up in grief, we have to do what it takes to respect their choices, love hugely, and be gentle with ourselves.

To heal, I took rare time out to hang out with other artists, and then took teens to the beach. The beach with teens was so relaxing – the one day perfect, sunny and still. Exactly what I need for recuperation. So grateful, thank you Great Spirit! And then I was hit with light-headedness, like I was on a rolling ship. The next day, I could sense the energies build again, and there was an earthquake in New Zealand. (Prayers and blessings)

My sense is that we are still being affected by the new light flooding the planet from the Equinox portal. It is stirring up the muck and we are being asked to honour nature and be aware. Things are different now and all those people who can’t wake up to that are going to find it tough.

So what does the new world look like. How do we operate? How do we come Home to Heaven on Earth? Well, it looks like the New Moon on October 4/5 is going to help with that. It looks like change, change, change. Pluto is going to help the shift.  And there’s Jupiter to provide expansion to whatever is going on.

If you are stuck in a situation, let go, and flow where the wind leads you. Follow the Light. Does it feel light in your body to do this? Get your intellect out of the way. Get the programming out of the way. Follow your gut. Your instincts. This is the rusty Divine Feminine rising. We need to get back to honouring the lessons from the animals.  Things like, stay in the moment, play hugely and love your humans no matter what!

I was given a heads up by the birds about this coming time. I had taken the teens to the park at dusk and a magpie landed on the car and stared at me. “Do you have a message for me?” I asked.

“Be aware. Be careful. Be mindful. Be brave. There is new coming on the wind.”

Okay, I thought, and got home to the rolling sensation that made me understand that the earth was shifting again.  We’ve been having major solar flares and every sensitive I know is feeling them!!  We can all feel the hugeness of this time!!

Yesterday the wind blew such a huge gale that when I got out to open the front gate I was showered with pebbles from the road.  “You’re trying to get my attention,” I said. But the wind was silent. I was given the sense that the gale force nature was cleansing the energy, exactly like I do in a shamanic healing, cleansing the luminous energy field of the Earth. The wind smiled.

In town, I met a guy at the service station whose car had been smashed by a falling tree. The windshield glass was everywhere. A minute before the “accident” he said to himself, “The trees are going to fall” (a heads up from Higher Self) and then they did.

The rules of the world have changed. Mother Nature is speaking to us and like the animals, her behaviour is a communication. Unless you are of a sufficient frequency, on days of intense weather, stay home!

Or raise your frequency.

To understand the concept of safety in these times, see my CD/audio Safe Places, Safe People.

There are many ways to raise frequency!!

I’m also finding many people lost in the sea of these changes. Put it into the perspective of a boat sailing across a sea of wild emotions until one arrives on the golden sand of the new world, then people can more easily find their footing.  We are moving into a whole new paradigm.  The things from the old world, no longer operate in the same way.  We might have chaos and havoc, but the seeds that have been planted, are growing and will one day soon shoot into beautiful flowers of human compassion and kindness.  I hope it is soon.

We are changing and we’ve received a blast from the Equinox energies to rocket us forward. Hands up those who have been receiving wild dreams, unable to sleep, new abilities, crying, new sensititivies, shaking? This is a new one for me. I was down at the yards, shovelling manure and I started shaking. At first I thought I’d eaten too much dark chocolate! But it turns out the shaking and the kundalini rising are all part of the changes.  It was so intense I had to stop my work and lie down.  I fell asleep, woke up and then couldn’t get back to sleep.  Lots of people have reported this sleeplessness.

This new moon is really about leaving behind the things that don’t serve your highest self.  It feel like we are all moving into “position”.  The image I am shown is one of an old “mask” breaking open, to reveal the new, upgraded version.  The messages I have been receiving are all about the dance.  Moving our bodies to activate the upgrades.

If you have a desire to de-clutter, to simplify your life, this is part of the new. The image that is forming is one of a strong human race of ethical people who care about each other, the environment and animals. If you are reading this, you are one of them. This new island we’re arriving at, requires us to be magical in our care and living the highest moral codes.

In the new world we don’t hurt other species. We don’t see them as dinner. We don’t exploit or cause pain. We are the new. We are kind, we are caring, we are gentle, we are peace.

The month of Libra is all about social justice, beauty, relationships, love. This month could mean rapid shifts in everything. To all Australians who were devastated by the current politics, don’t be. This is an old paradigm whose time has come. Put your energy into the Light, into the new, into building the world of peace and plenty we all want.

At home we are building the new with our Deep Peace Farm Project and our Million Kind Hearts for Animals Campaign. There is such urgency to these projects. I hope you will be part of them.

. . . . . .

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Equinox Energy Alert: Birth and Laying New Tracks

Bare Feet

20 September 2013

Woah! Can you feel the shifting of the energies? Happy birthday New Humans!! Welcome to the energies of the September Full Moon and Equinox! It is truly an exciting time, and while on the surface it may look like chaos, many sensitives will be able to feel the shift that heralds new land. This past weekend was a turning point.

Hope you took mental notes of what was up for you.  And also dropped it — or shifted in some way.  We really are creating the world anew with our thoughts,  So what are you creating?

There is an abundance of Light pouring onto the planet – solar activity galore and the energies have been edgy and crunchy. To me it feels like the splitting of the worlds. Or perhaps we are gearing up for the solar flip that NASA says is coming any time soon. I’ve been very light-headed, and it is has been almost impossible to function for about two weeks now. (Better today!)

Lots of people reporting the same. Unsettled, lots of crying, depression, sadness. Extreme fatigue.  And stuff is up for healing and release. Time to ditch the core issues now! Spring cleaning of Self!

Those of us who are the wayshowers, the lightworkers, the trailblazers have been doing so much conscious and unconscious work to change. And now many have reached a point where we can begin to move forward.

Are we collectively mourning the Old Earth, and filled with sadness for those who are choosing to have lessons in suffering? Are we clearing and cleansing? Or are we just feeling the sadness and suffering from the collective? Perhaps all three.

Laying Down New Tracks

It’s like we are at the crossroads now, and going through the door into the New Earth. But to do that, the old paradigm has to dissolve and chaos ensues. Look how much chaos is going on in the world right now and I would urge people to remember that it is an illusion and the more energy we put into animal suffering and other atrocities, the more there will be. We can act for change of course, but work for peace, not against war. This is why I founded the Deep Peace Movement for my own animal activism. (Please join us!)

Further, to change the paradigm, we must heal the wounds within. When we hold wounds, it is reflected into the world and the collective consciousness. So heal your wounds! When more of us wake up to the way the world is made, the quicker we will see change. And the new paradigm.

Many folks are considering this Equinox the real birth of the New Human – but again, not something to happen to us suddenly, but gradually as it has been. My sense is all the storms we have been experiencing, for example, are like the birthing waters. But “ascension” isn’t immediate. If the Equinox is our birthday, then we have to learn to crawl and walk, before we can dance. Most of us anyway. I’m going to still try for baby dancing!  Who knows!!

We are all yearning for this new world! Now is the time to lay down the new tracks, and this is what we are doing with our Deep Peace Farm Project. So exciting! This is a brand new blueprint of living with the Earth and animals. It is why I am here. If you want to be involved with this, support now by donating here. This is everything about new paradigm living! Come on board the Deep Peace train now!

My Spirit Sight has seen the doors opening and lots of Otherworld help for those of us who are feeling a bit bedraggled at the finish line. And probably everyone else as well.

I hope so. On top of that the last Full Moon impacted people, asking them to really see what is up and healing it and moving on once and for all. To change your state, change your perspective and thoughts. Reframe it.

Working in the Dreamtime

Many people have reported seeing me in their dreams recently, and in my own dreams I am busy creating something new, teaching, travelling. Little wonder one wakes up tired when we are so busy in the Dreamtime.

This is not a new phenomenon or upgrade. Ancient teachings talk about the Dreamtime across many traditions, if not all. It is well known that we travel when we sleep. However it is interesting to me that so many people have seen me in the last couple of weeks. This is new. I seem to be incredibly busy and most of the people I haven’t met in person in this lifetime—but all are part of this community. Some I do know, and I know we have been together before, doing our work.

The other day I woke up with what felt like a sprained foot. How do you get that when you are sleeping? I told Andrew it was because I was exploring the ruins in South America! The foot healed itself during the day.

My sense is that what we are all doing is healing old stuff – and perhaps it has been so intense lately because we are approaching BIRTH. Clean out the old!  There’s also a lot of other work happening.

We are multidimensional beings, and our task at the moment is to come into wholeness. It’s about healing old wounds so we can move forward as beings of Unconditional Love. It is about understanding how we create the world with our thoughts, words and deeds – and choosing the good ones.

Do the Tears Flow?

The intensity of change seems to have accelerated again and I know I am not alone in “tears for no reason”. I hear so many people say they are crying, and it’s almost a daily occurrence. The tears come and the unsettledness and waves of dizziness that tell me that the world is moving and that I need to hold the energy for myself. I need to be the calm in the middle of the storm. It also tells me that there is something happening, somewhere. Lately, it is been even more of a challenge to ground. But that has to happen too.

To reach the state of peace amidst the chaos is what we are being asked to do. And this is especially hard for animal sensitives and Earth stewards – because we care and feel so much. But for the animals and the earth—we have to. And it is easier in community. It is easier to know you are not alone. And it is easiest, of course, when we laugh and for those of you who know us, it will come as no surprise that Andrew and I are offering Laughter as Medicine – as part of our fifth dimensional work. This is what we both did when we met 27 years ago, and then together, until we went bush   Watch out for our upcoming launches – coming soon.

This time for me has felt incredibly intense on one hand, with enormous amounts of light on the other. It really is a time for us to get into our fifth dimensional places – relationships, work and homes. And across the board I am seeing people struggling with their relationships and work and whatever their challenge is. That challenge is what you came here to heal. This is your core wound.  We have to learn to step into love — not fear.  It is about living in a different way to what went before.

So let’s get on with it. The new earth is exciting. Don’t despair. Put on your dancing shoes and let’s roll up our sleeves and together put down the new tracks of a new way of being. This next period is about learning to walk! We have arrived on the beach of the New Earth!

Please note I am  currently available for personal shamanic healing consults for those who need help. Please get in contact for more information.

. . . . . .

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After Election, Campaign for Change


10 September 2013

Well no doubt many people have been sitting in horror at the election result, but for me it means it is time to roll up the sleeves, get activated, and like Gandhi says, “Be the change we want to see in the world.” It’s time for grassroots rebellion and revolution. It’s time to be peace embodied – deep peace for all species.

So what are the things that call you for action? Now is the time. I want to see a world of kindness and compassion for the animals, the Earth and for each other. I want to end Live Export, and the very idea that it is okay to kill and torture animals. Humans are supposed to care for and protect the vulnerable and defenceless. Now is the time to do so. And we can do that with our every day choices and actions. Speak the truth to people and help them get excited about a new way of living that is lighter, that truly harms none, and helps people be healthier and happier.

I See a very different world coming and I see this new government unwittingly hastening the collapse of the old guard – because we, the people, can’t stomach it anymore. We are in a time of Chaos and it is up to each one of us to continue our personal work, so we can be the best we can be. We need to shine our light and ground our energies and be strong. The energies are showering the world with Light, and the split in the worlds is here but getting more and more solid. This is the split that has been foretold by many. Last week I could feel it building even more. Plus we are seeing so much unrest and seismic activity. It seems like the only place to find peace is out in nature where there is beauty and peace and strength. Being out in nature gets us away from the noise of the every day “civilised” world. Although I can’t call anyone civilised who thinks nothing of murdering an innocent animal. I think we have a way to go before we are truly civilised.

So what can each of us do? Andrew and I have been working on our Deep Peace Movement and Million Kind Hearts Campaign. We’re looking for people who want to get involved so together we can make a difference.

We’re actively seeking funding for our Deep Peace Farm Project and our forthcoming film The Farmer. All of this needs community support and you are the community! Donate now!

So my bush elf wise advice is to roll up our sleeves and get active. Get excited about creating a beautiful future without old world leadership and change your emotional state with nature and chocolate! (Lol!) Change is accelerating daily and with imagination and community , action and good, positive thought, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

By helping animals, we help each other and the planet. It’s time to be kind!

. . . . . .

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Vale Cocoa


Cocoa, around the time she first came to A Place of Peace

The little bay wild pony mare we called Cocoa was curious about her situation. She couldn’t stand up. After eight years of enjoying freedom, hay and soft mashes, while avoiding a human’s touch, she now found it to be heaven. She leaned into the oil massages, the shiatsu, the T-touch, and loved the homeopathics with apple juice, the warm mashes, the herbs, and being stroked and loved. She didn’t even get frightened when a rug was put over her at night. She told me it was surprising to her, how good being loved like this really felt. And even though she was free, it healed her mistrust of humanity. It healed her grief at the loss of her daughter.

Her daughter in spirit was hanging around. I knew in my heart, that Cocoa wouldn’t stand up again. And despite her perkiness, she wouldn’t be with us long.  She had been finding the August part of winter hard in recent years. We always fed her soft mashes until the sweet grass came.

We slept with her out on top of the little hill that was to become her final resting place. While her family sometimes visited, we were her protectors, taking it in turns around the clock, to make sure she was safe. She knew we were there.

I was teaching that weekend in town, and  my senior students and I would do healing on her at every spare opportunity, and send Divine Love energy. But when I got back home, I knew my Cocoa was no longer there. I stroked her face and gave her water to drink. I knew this would be her last night with us. Thank you for waiting for me little one. It was an honour to serve you.

I took a hot water bottle and a blanket and lay down on the grass beside her. Above us stretched the vast universe of stars and dark sky. She reached for the Lavender and Peace and Calming essential oils, as I softly sang her spirit free to the Summerlands, my hands resting lightly on her cheek. Spirit, her herd leader, came quietly up to say goodbye. He looked at her gently before he turned away. “Farewell, Grandmother”, was the essence of his exchange. I’ll never forget that moment, of being one with the herd.

Her body rested peacefully, going through the stages of leaving, while her spirit flew free with me, following me in the dark across the paddock to our home. She was curious about life and humans and she was young and vital and free. Andrew did the graveyard shift, guarding her body while it shut down. He came in the early hours of the morning, with the words that she had gone.

She was buried where she lay, after a short ceremony. Her spirit still hung there in the wind, curious, not quite ready to leave. But she would, I knew. She had a powerful message for us all – “Trust in the process of life, and know there are angels all around.”

We can all be angels. Human angels for the animals we love.

. . . . . .

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Men in Crisis and New Paradigm Thinking

Man and dog on beach

I was in a supermarket buying groceries when I saw him. His body radiated despair and tension. Anger and tears swam together in his eyes. He turned bleakly to me, and admitted to being in hell. This was the third man in the supermarket who needed to speak to someone, and find some way out of the emotional jungle they were lost in. They all had different troubles. I could sense there were even more simmering within.

And I listened.  And I spoke.

Today, there were more men in trouble. Sadness, despair, fear , irritability, tension, frustration, lost – the shadows stalked them. And I could see it. Some at more breaking point than others. But none happy.  Fragility was the order of the weekend under the influence of the Merkabah energies.

This is the time that one of my mentors, Alberto Villoldo, foretold. He said that people would be deep in emotional crisis. Increasingly so.  And that the medicine people would be needed.   And so it has come to pass.  You might not be a trained shamanic practitioner. but medicine can come in the form of a sympathetic ear, or a touch, or a kindness.

I work for animals. But guess what happens to animals when people are in crisis? It happened to a dog today. Elderly, she had lost her person and I found her, confused, on the street. I waited, my senses tracking him, while I communed with her. “Where is he?” she asked. I saw her spirit lift and looked up. An unshaven man came towards us. “She’s going a bit deaf and blind,” he shrugged, tension and irritability etched in every feature. Here’s another one I thought, and then it came – the reason for his distress. I sent a wave of calm and love out to them both as they trundled off together.  Kindness begets kindness.

When someone else cares, it helps others care for themselves and their loved ones. When someone gives love, it is nourishment to help others keep going. If someone is appreciated and helped to find their inner light, it goes a long way to helping the healing of the individual – and the planet.  It is time for women to help the menfolk through their spiritual emergence. So many are waking up. And they are lost.

This is a time when we need to “love thy neighbour”. To watch out for your fellow species and help them do better. Give them love. Listen to them. The energy of this special astrology right now is very intense and very bright, and Light, being Love, brings up everything unlike itself for healing and release.

Speaking of animals, I was surprised and saddened to hear the word “competition” used in an animal advocacy context. Once again it showed me how important a spiritual path is for those working for the beloveds.  The energy of competition is old paradigm and the world of animal rescue, advocacy and rights, is about cooperation.  It is about humans forming a net so that that each precious soul can find safety. Competition comes from the idea of lack. It says, “There is not enough to go around.”  It makes it impossible to create a new paradigm and a new non violent world.  This way of thinking contributes to tension and fear and violence – the very thing we don’t need right now. The old paradigm is cruel to animals and has not made humans happy. It is imperative we change.

The truth is, there is plenty. Money is energy. But it takes the right mindset to attract it. It takes trust and faith while living in a society that fuels the lie of scarcity and fear. Money is one of our greatest spiritual teachers.

Old thinking is death to the human spirit.   It makes people old before their time.  And so many people are stuck in a cage of society’s making. They are stifled by programming and suffocated by conformity and our culture is devoid of useful solutions to help all humans find their way out of the jungle of unhappiness and despair.  If you watch TV, then the solution to problems is to drink, do drugs,  or …shoot someone .  Not very enlightened role models.   Further, people fear the freedom thinkers and the change makers. They unconsciously project their unhealed selves onto them. In Australia, we have the tall poppy syndrome. The pressure not to shine in any way is enormous.

But why is it important to swim against this tide? Why is it vital for animal advocacy that we rebel and be free? Because by flying like eagles above the ocean of seething negative thought forms, we find new trails and new bright paths to the new world. The gentle, kind world of new solutions and new ways of being.  Of greater respect for animals and the natural world, for unconditional love, for loving kindness, for peace.   We use the inspiration from the air currents and the sylphs of the air and we soar into the new Aquarian age on glossy wings, leaving a trail for others to follow.  We become the visionaries, the leaders and the wayshowers.

The world is in the biggest state of change it has ever been in. If you want to empower yourself for new paradigm thinking and living,  then please join us for a weekend of intense, but fun, shamanic training in Set Yourself Free.

. . . . . .

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