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Welcoming the New Era

Solstice, December 2012 Well, the date I have been waiting for and working towards since 1978 is now upon us. And I certainly didn’t expect to feel like I do, which is to simply withdraw from the younger souls, the negativity, the violence, the cruelty and the rest of the barbaric nature of third dimensional reality. Lately, I have found myself so sensitive that it's challenging to go into a supermarket, be in the company of people eating the flesh of another, be on Facebook, or have anything at all to do with the third dimension. I couldn’t even go to the Farmer’s Market near Fox Studios recently, because I was so sensitive to the hunks of skinned dead animals everywhere. It just seemed too brutish, and like I was visiting a very primitive planet. I feel raw and vulnerable and “new born”, and I have a powerful need to be still, to be quiet, to go within. I’ve even started feeling nauseous when thinking about or confronted with the the sickening nature of the old humanity and social … [Read more...]