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Energy Update: November-December 2012

26 Nombember 2012 Mercury Retrograde stations direct today  and we are in the middle of a powerful eclipse season, complete with huge solar flares and planetary line ups. There are earthquakes everywhere as our Mother rumbles and shift. People are being challenged in all kinds of ways on all kinds of levels. My sense is this is a last powerful cleanse and if you watch what has come up for you at this time, perhaps you can take the opportunity to change your direction and set your new compass for alignment with your highest potential. Which is even higher than you can imagine!   This takes courage but really look at where your energy goes up and where it goes down. It seems to me the energy of love is here and if you choose it, you can go through the next few weeks with gentleness and spiritual aid. The veil is very very thin. And signs and symbols and messages from the other realms abound. Manifestation is getting faster. I've noticed that the people who are doing their work … [Read more...]