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Energy Update: Equinox Gateway

21 September 2012 This weekend is the Equinox, and it doesn’t matter which hemisphere you are in, it is going to be big.  Many people can feel it and emotion is running high.  The weeks heading into this gateway have been compressing many people into a shamanic dying process – lots of depression, tears, fears, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness, until you finally surrender, drop the last of your shadow and story, and stand there in front of the Equinox glass door, naked, vulnerable, humble, excited, content, peaceful, expectant. What I’m being shown is an image of a glass door (like a human size cat door)  to a different world - a veritable enchanted garden paradise which is the New Earth,  and it is going to be open to anyone who wants to walk through. It is no accident that people call this time a Gateway. It is. This simple vision means so much.  It shows the result of the paradigm shift.  The place we will create – we can create –  we are creating with our co-creative … [Read more...]