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Doggy Encounters of the Compassionate Kind

I was at our local market buying veggies today, when two dogs wrapped their leads around me. Their person was embarrassed, but I am always grateful for such exchanges, because I know they are not random. One dog was a rescue with a catheter sticking out of her face. She was a soft and gentle dog and asked me to help her with some healing. The plastic tube was uncomfortable and she wanted it out. Doing this kind of work is second nature to me and as I put my hand out, I could feel the energy building. So could she. She neatly put her head into my hand, asking for healing. Her person was confused, exclaiming I must have a special gift with animals, when really I was simply Listening and following the whispers of suggestion that I knew came from the heart connection this dog and I were sharing. And so I did some healing there and then between the rows of veggies, pulling out the old trauma from her last home, which was the root cause of the abscess. The woman was mumbling something … [Read more...]

Energy Update: Late August to September 2012

27 August 2012 Well July and August sucked, and here, we lost our car, wood heater, (in winter!) washing machines (twice), dish washer and fridge.  Thanks Mercury in retrograde.  And then we lost our beloved dog Dusty, after an extensive and exhausting hospice time.  It wasn't easy.   It wasn't easy with tests and lessons (still) peppered through the period as well.  It was hard to focus and be grounded, and spontaneous tears were aplenty.  I heard a  lot of other people shared those particularly wonderful 2012 symptoms as well. I know I will be able to make jokes about this time in the future.  But it's a challenge when the pressure is on and you are exhausted, grieving, and the things going wrong just go beyond funny.   However, at some point you have to laugh because it is a bit of a cosmic joke at the moment with us manifesting our lives at speeds unheard of, and the pressure piling up to make us change. I know it was very hard on others as well.   A lot of people had health … [Read more...]

Farewell, Dusty

It is with great and tender sadness that I write to inform all our friends that our beloved Dusty has passed. I was here alone and came in from the evening chores to find him sleeping peacefully in his warm and cosy basket. Only he wasn’t breathing. I checked under the blanket to feel his pulse to make sure. I didn’t want to believe he was gone – even though our dog in spirit Cedar had been here for the past four days, waiting to take him Home. When I asked Dusty why he slipped away while I was outside, he gently told me “it was perfect timing – my timing.” The house is filled with his presence still, an invisible cloak of light and love, that is the angel Dusty always was. Even though the end had been coming for a long time, and Andrew and I put in months of around the clock hospice care, his departure left a hole in the fabric of our family. He had been with us seven years. I miss tending him. I miss fussing over his blankets, making sure his bed was dry and soft, keeping … [Read more...]