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Holding the Light in a Time of Chaos – The Importance of Love

July 16, 2012 Welcome to the second half of the most important year of our lives! Don’t be surprised if it proves to go past at lightning speed, that you find yourself planning for the unexpected, that planning anything is nearly impossible and that you begin to find the work you do best is not the career you have chosen but actually who you really are, and it feels more like play. Love for self and others, and finding your Joy continues to be vital in making the shift.  That and making the choices to free yourself of old karmic debts. Do lots of forgiveness. Let go the past. Send love to everyone in your life. And note who triggers you and figure out why so you can learn to respond, rather than react. Are they wounded and hurting you from a space of the wound, projecting their wounds or mirroring your wounds? Does their light shine into your shadow making you feel uncomfortable because of something past life or some guilt you feel because deep down you want your own light … [Read more...]