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2012 June Energy Update: Eclipse – Doorway and Birth

June 11, 2012 Has the last month been intense for you? We are now in the eye of the 2012 storm, being processed, compressed and expanded. If May was big for you, June is bigger. Accept. Surrender. Let go. Allow. These  words are very very important right now. They are the words that will help you ride this period of intensity with joy and grace. Let go your resistance to change. From the May Super Full Moon, I felt like there was a pair of Divine hands ripping off that last layer of skin which is our “stuff’, stirring the pot for many and havoc for others, as people became reactionary, tense, irritable and confused. Venus was retrograde and lots of relationships came under fire. There have been many deep and difficult “cleansings” of a health nature for some – and that is also something to look at because ill health is simply imbalance, and caused by something deep that needs to be rectified.  It might be grief, a yearning for self love, anger, sadness, irritation, … [Read more...]

Don’t Let 400 Sheep Die in Vain

7 June 2012 I was thrilled to learn that Molly Brown, the one sole survivor of the horrific accident which took the lives of 399 sheep (warning, some of the photos in the reporting of this story are horrific), has now found sanctuary at Edgar's Mission. Molly has survived for a reason, and every pic I have seen of her shows me someone who is still in trauma and can't quite believe her luck. She has a strong life urge and I want to honour her with every part of my soul. She will make a difference. We did our normal Full Moon ceremony this month, and  the sheep who were killed in the road accident , came in for shamanic healing and release.  They were ANGRY. And under the anger were tears of wretched grief.   "We hate this.  We are finished suffering.  End this now.  End the suffering of our kind.  We can't take any more." Another sweet ewe came forward  - shocked and grieving that she was shot because she survived. This was the solution given by the  "animal welfare" … [Read more...]

RIP Dear Friends and Other Natural Healing

June 4, 2012 We had an intense month with animals here at home.  The full moon took away the soul of our beautiful elder pony, Bindi.  Bindi came to us 15 years ago and told us “no hooning” because somebody had “hooned" on him and broken his collarbone.  During his end time,  I did a healing and found a dark entity sitting on his back - the etheric thought form of the person who had abused him.  Bindi found it hard to let go of his feelings towards this person, and in fact all of humanity who  abuse animals and use them like slaves -- or toys.   I took him through a forgiveness process and he put his head on my shoulder as I sobbed with him in the middle of the night under the pine trees and a silver moon. When he let go, he was able to pass peacefully just a short time later.  He had 15 years living in peace and leaves behind three pony mares - his herd and friends.  He was 35. We all miss him terribly and down in the stables where the ponies sleep, there is an empty … [Read more...]

The Spiritual SIde of Animal Advocacy

June 2, 2012 Thanks to the wonderfully kind people who donated to The Billie Dean International  Deep Peace Organisation, we opened our hearts and gates to 200 beautiful young lambs who were due to go to slaughter. That’s a couple of them in the picture there, and they and their brothers and sisters are now safe forever in our front paddock, having moved in with some very surprised wild horses. It has been an emotional journey. This is the most animals we have ever taken on and they were in my dreams, haunting me and calling me  just two nights before. I couldn’t sleep. I was so relieved and incredibly grateful when they ran onto our place,  and also very, very excited. Because it is not just another 200 sheep who are safe for the term of their natural lives. It is the beginning of something far, far bigger. It is very very difficult being born a natural animal telepath and empath.  I have felt the pain and suffering of animals all around me, all my life.  And instead of … [Read more...]