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The Deep Peace Movement Gets Going!

As I said in my blog, I am completely ready for large action, and just saying "no" to animal cruelty. Something has to shift. How about the entire paradigm? I've been saying for years that the astrology of this time was going to be like the 1960s on speed, so why not massive change for animals? It is the right time! I see the government saying "sorry" to them for taking away their children and forcing unspeakable horrors onto them. I see them being treated with respect and reverence. I see an entirely different world to the one we have now and that is what the Deep Peace Movement is all about -- helping to create that new world of harmony, peace and respect. I have a number of initiatives I would like to get going with. I need supporters to help with these initiatives. It's all urgent. Animals are suffering every day, hoping that someone will help them. It's time to do more. Compassionate action is a measure of our humanity.  By continuing the cycles of violence, pain and suffering, … [Read more...]

A New Era for Animals – questions and answers

Andrew and I made a film presentation of my talk for the inaugural Awakening to Animals Conference in the UK. (The photo, by David Bell, is me on the screen as the talk was shown.) We were in the middle of flooding rains and Spirit and dogs had advised me to stay home.   The bridge was 1.2 metres under water. So I was glad I listened and we got this film presentation made. That is the beauty of listening. And now this film presentation can be seen by others to help them see the world differently and help bring in A New Era for Animals. The line up for this conference was fabulous with Margrit Coates, UK animal telepath and healer, Richard Deboo of the Animals Count Party, and others.   It sounded like an awesome time was had by all, and as animals were still on the menu, my talk about peace for all species incited a lot of debate apparently! And there were those who wrote to me and told me how they were touched, inspired and moved by the film  and my thoughts and ideas. My skype … [Read more...]

No, You are Not Going Insane

I was talking on the phone to a fellow horse rescuer when, suddenly, the world shifted and I fell into a conscious faint, heading for the newly painted old kitchen cabinet sitting on the verandah. I was able to stop myself in time and carried on the conversation as if nothing had happened. Perhaps this dizziness was part of the flu? Was I, more worriedly, reacting to the phone's EMR?  Or perhaps it was related to an earthquake. I have felt Earth Changes within my own body before, but this was almost a total loss of consciousness - except I didn't lose consciousness. Much dizziness and some dog squabbling (which is always a sign of Earth Changes in our household) later, I learned that, indeed, we had earthquakes happening in a major way all around the planet. So many sensitive people have reported dizziness, headaches, feeling faint, panic-like attacks, fatigue, restlessness, frustration, irritability and more.  And it is all connected to our Mother Earth going through her … [Read more...]