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Billie’s Blog: Surfing the Waves of the New Times

22 February 2012 Welcome to the year of the Water Dragon, to the time of Neptune in Pisces. This time is about water. Our season has been wet, wet, wet. I am grateful for the cool, and the rain. I'm also grateful it is not too much! This is the third blog post I have tried to write recently, but of course, the energies are even more speedy than last year and my bedtime is still 2 am, despite my best efforts! Spirit has demanded I spend more time with spiritual pursuits, and so I have been deep in conversation with animals, trees, the wind, the water and those from the Otherworld.  I have  been doing my spiritual work.  (And taking copious notes!) This spiritual expansion is what the astrology of the time is demanding.   It comes as no surprise being 2012 and all!!   So let's see  what else is on the immediate radar. My sense is that there are also the dangers of following false gurus, whether they be human or otherwise.  "Otherwise" could be drugs, fear, … [Read more...]

Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era

I was pleased to have again been interviewed by Nedda Wittels for the Animal Communicator Forum on February 14, 2011. It was a long (1 hour 7 minutes) discussion, covering a variety of topics under the banner Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era, and you can listen to it using the player below (requires Flash). (And you can listen to my previous interview here.) [audio:|titles=Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era for the Animal Communicator Forum] I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging discussion. … [Read more...]