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News from A Place of Peace – January 2012

January 22, 2012 It's late here at A Place of Peace, the rain falls gently, and when we step outside, we're greeted by the gentle knicker of a wild mother mare who recognises us as "The Ones Who Bring Food".   It's time for their last meal of the day, and the garden has been turned into a nursery for three mother mares and their little filly foals.  The house yard is quite large, and they go under the pine trees and the Hawthorn Tree, the little ones racing around with their tiny tails stuck high in the air.   They are so beautiful, and growing up in complete security, knowing that if they can't find mum, aunty is close by.  The mares are great mums, and very proud of their babies.  I shudder when I think these foals may never have been born, and their terrified mothers, killed horrifically in slaughter houses which should be shut down forever. During the day the wild horses graze peacefully in three herds.  Merlin the stallion has his herd which includes the baby colts … [Read more...]

Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature, and the Fae

I was pleased to have been interviewed by Nedda Wittels for the Animal Communicator Forum on June 15, 2011. It was a long (1 hour 25 minutes) discussion, covering a variety of topics under the banner Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature, and the Fae, and you can listen to it using the player below (requires Flash). [audio:|titles=Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature, and the Fae for the Animal Communicator Forum] I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging discussion. … [Read more...]

New Moon, New Year – New You?

 22 January 2012 The long awaited  year of 2012 has arrived and I'm reminded of the first time I heard about it in 1978.  I was a herb student, and after a field day identifying plants in the wild, our hosts offered a vegetarian lunch (potato patties and salad). The conversation, as we dined alfresco, me with the resident dog at my feet, turned to conspiracy theories. It was one of those days you just don't forget. I loved the company I was in, even though I was the youngest there, feeling much more at home in this alternative environment than anything else in my life to date. There were bees buzzing. The dog and I were quietly communing, and the human conversation and company were fascinating. The conversation turned to 2012.  Was it really the end of the world?  Would a UFO come and get the "good" people? Did you have to believe in Jesus to be saved? Was it all a furfy?  Our host, a very tall man with a beard and overalls, stood up and talked about the Hopi Prophecy, a … [Read more...]

Healing Through Connecting With All Life

This is a quest post by animal communicator Val Heart. You can also listen to the interview I did on Val's show The Real Doctor Doolittle. . . . . . . One day I happened to glance outside onto the shaded area of my patio deck and noticed my grey tabby cat laying in a regal pose, front arms stretched out with her paws elegantly crossed in front of her. Her eyes were half shut, she seemed to be smiling a Mona Lisa smile, and even from inside the house I could see that she seemed to be vibrating. Fascinated I watched as her energy seemed to grow and grow until it connected with every living thing and object within at least 50 feet of where she was. The air around her seemed charged with life force and peace, humming with power. I asked her what she was doing, since it was obvious something remarkable was going on, and she said: “I am blessing my space, being one with everything and everyone from the trees to the earth to the birds to the insects to the wind…, sharing … [Read more...]

Interviewed by Val Heart

I was thrilled to have been interviewed by American animal communicator Val Heart on her show The Real Doctor Dolittle. Val was a delightful host, and we had a lovely discussion. You can listen to it in the player below (requires Flash), or click through to Val's web site and have a listen there (and even if you do listen to it below, go have a look at Val's site). [audio:|titles=Billie Dean Interviewed by Val Heart on The Real Doctor Dolittle radio show] We had a lovely discussion about a lot of things during our hour together, including: What the animals want us to desperately know right now. What is behind the need for social change and compassionate action. Whether animals have an understanding of humans as carnivores (you can guess my take on that one). What an animal shaman is and what they do to care for the animals on our planet. What my New Shamanism is, and what it could mean for … [Read more...]