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Solstice, Celebration and Meaning

December 22, 2011 In our home we celebrate the Solstice, not Christmas, which is for many people becoming increasingly a time of despair and anxiety.  Solstice is one of the Sabbats that has been celebrated throughout time, and for us, it holds far more meaning than the often stress-filled day society tells us we must celebrate.  When we lived in Sydney, we used to hold a Boxing Day gathering for all our circle of friends who were traumatised by their family get togethers.  There were a lot of them!  So Boxing Day became a healing day with spiritual family. Walking through a Canberra Mall last week to get new dog tags engraved for the dogs, I was overwhelmed by the massive despair that this time of celebration and giving is still creating.  Being an empath, I was feeling teary from the collective sorrow and stress. Truly, it is time for a massive overhaul of how we consider celebrating Christmas. Talking to people in that mall, I found many were embracing a different … [Read more...]

Festive Sweets

December 21, 2012 The following is one of the recipes from our new ebook Loving Kindness Chocolate Indulgence: A Vegan Recipe Book for Animal-Loving Chocoholics, which we released yesterday, and which people are loving. The Festive Sweets recipe is perfect for this time of year, and fun to do with the kids. This recipe was generously donated by Vegan Family, and our ebook is a fundraiser for the animals of A Place of Peace. Festive Sweets Making your own sweets is actually quite fun - children have a great time with this too.  They are also nice gifts if placed in a pretty box or packet. Ingredients Vegan chocolate - I recommend Maya Gold for these - it's orange spiciness is perfect for this time of year. Nuts of your choice (hazel, walnut, pecan, almond, brazil) Vegan marzipan (many supermarkets stock this) Dates Desiccated coconut Cocoa Icing sugar Crystallised angelica Glace cherries Flaked almonds Directions It's very simple! Melt the … [Read more...]

Surviving the Current Energies

December 8, 2012 It has to be a cosmic joke. Christmas is usually an emotionally frayed enough time without Mercury in retrograde, but we’ve had three weeks of it! Mercury goes forward on December 13. Hooray! When Mercury goes, retrograde it is a good time to go within.  And with the energies of the moment being particularly touchy, if you can go within I would highly advise it. Eat lunch alone! Out in nature. It’s a good time to duck and hide. Hibernate even. Because this Mercury Retrograde is heightened by the December 10th Lunar Eclipse, the 12/12/11 Gateway, and solar flares, it might makes people very stressed if they don’t understand what is going on. Here at home, we put our heads down and work and tend animals, and it is like we are in our own world. But the number of cries for help are coming in good and fast, so I know people are struggling with this, this time. Don’t worry. We’ll have a new gateway soon. But the essence of it is that we have to do our personal … [Read more...]