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Divine Love Healing Circle – December 11, 2011

Hi everyone, My next Divine Love Healing Circle will be held at the Full Moon, December 11, 2011. Here is how it works. If you would like one or more animals included in this particular Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal's name and breed.  On the the above date, I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care. To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked. Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment … [Read more...]

11/11/11 Gateway – Guidance from Nature

November 10, 2011 This is the second part of a two-part series on the 11/11/11 Gateway. You might like to check out part one, as well as this video about the 11/11/11 opportunity. I was walking the dogs in the green back hills of my home, and as usual the wind and the trees were talking to me. I was told to “be aware but not afraid”. I was also told to embody peace and know that the fifth dimension was already here. So the tree/wind guidance was to make decisions and actions from that beautiful place of the fifth dimension, and this was everything I had been sensing. The 11/11/11 gateway is almost upon us and you might be feeling  its impending with a drum roll. I am! The weather here in our own little Avalon is unsettled and restless, yet I sense a downpouring of light and hope. In my own self I am incredibly excited for the changes this gateway will bring. And I have learnt to trust the feelings within my body. Look at the photo above that I snapped just recently … [Read more...]

The Opportunity of 11/11/11

10 November 2011 I invite you to join me in meditating for peace for eleven minutes on 11/11/11 starting at 11:00 and finishing at 11:11.  As I have written about here and here, together we can help bring in the new world that we all want. Here's a short video where I cover the most important aspects. So, again, please join me and thousands of people from around the world, as we create a morphic field together, blanketing the world with peace, and as I always say, deep peace for all species. … [Read more...]