Equinox Energies and Animal Transmissions

September 23, 2011

The Equinox is a special day for doing fire ceremony and setting your intention for what you want, after shedding whatever it is you don’t want.  It is a day of balance and harmony.  It is made even more powerful by coinciding with the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar and truly a time to let go any old stories of the past forever.  A good time to ask the fire to help you dissolve the chains of karma.

The world needs us to be happy and alive because of the morphogenic field factor.  This means that we affect the world around us with our mood and emotions.  If we raise our vibration, we can shift the experience of the world around us.  So this is why I keep talking about finding out what it is that brings you joy, and setting your intention to do more of it.

What are your priorities? And think of this not so much in an old third dimensional way, because that way no longer exists for so many of us.  Think of it as new.  Really think.  What is it you want?  What are five simple things that bring you happiness?

The month ahead is one of solar flares and thinning veils.  Many of us who walk the path of the heart are sensing the winds of change.   It is time to be truly authentic and ethical.  My sense is of things going down the plughole, swept away by the winds, and wiping the slate clean for those with inspiration and the courage to manifest that inspiration with action for the New Earth.

On the physical plane, it could get crunchy. So make sure you spend time in nature – to calm and to nurture yourself.

It is a time of transition – which is why so many souls are taking advantage of the time to leave.  And others will be born.

This is the time of Libra – of justice and balance, partnership, relationship, beauty, love and compassion.  Embrace the goddess with love and surrender, or feel the knife edge of change being forced upon you.  We are really crowning now in this time of the birth of the new human – but we cannot go into the new, still wearing the dirty clothes of the old, and the lower vibrations.

So help the planet by singing, dancing, loving fiercely and deeply, passionately and with aliveness, by heart and soul connections with animals and nature and by the sheer joy of being human (or otherwise) in this amazing time of change – on this planet today.

Animal Transmissions

Today in my meditation, Lion, a solar deity and “king of the animals” came forward to request peace.  He said that in order for humans to experience “heaven on earth” we had to “be heaven on earth”.  He asked that humans stop abusing each other.  He said that people did this because “they couldn’t see the truth in front of them– the veil of sleepiness was in the way.”  He said “rub your eyes children and allow your Ego to stretch and grow wings.”   He wanted people to “grow as tall as trees and see Love and Light all around them and in everything.”  “You are loved,” he said.  “No matter what you think or shame you carry.  You are loved.”

Grey Kangaroo also came in.  She represents the Divine Feminine and made yet another request for people to stop killing her kind.  Her grief was palpable and I had tears in my heart and in my eyes as I wrote her message.    “It is time to stop .  Be gentle.  Honour us all.  You don’t know our souls and who we really are.  I might be you sister.  I might be your kin.  I just wear the clothes of another kind.  Please respect my kind.”

Grey Kangaroo comes in all the time to my meditations for healing and release of their earthbound spirits.  The ones who are shot and tortured.  The message from a huge male Grey Kangaroo today was” humans you hold the world so small in your mind.  Open up to the freedom of the magic of the limitless.  ”

The veil is very thin.  The animal spirits whisper in the wind.  It is time to shift your perception to the nature of ordinary reality and expand the vision of non-ordinary reality.

. . . . . .

Billie Dean


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R.I.P. Clea, the Beautiful German Shephard, and Mari, the Goose

Clea with Billie

Clea, with Billie

September 23, 2011

Clea’s shade is in the bedroom, next to the bed, urging me out for a walk.  “Come on, my dear,” she says enthusiastically.  “Let’s go and experience the day.”

When I agree, she swishes her elegant sweeping tail and glides out of the house, a huge smile on her face – just as she did in life.

Later, her shade is in the kitchen, where I am at the computer in the wee hours trying to finish some work.

“Come to bed, my dear,” she says.  “You need your rest.”

I can’t help the tears when I look up and she isn’t there.  She always waited for me to go to bed.

Clea was a 13-year-old German Shepherd who came to us for hospice care.  She needed a home and we loved her and swore to make every day a jewel.  We believe in the healing ability of the joy factor.  And Clea’s time with us was pure joy.

“Do you want dinner, Clea?”  Her eyes would light up and she would run again, to her spot on the verandah where we put her bowl on a table for her to eat – her nasal cancer made it difficult for her to eat anything at ground level.  She never complained.  She loved miso soup.  She had liver cancer, too, so miso soup was healing and well-tolerated.

We gave her homeopathy three times a day, herbs two and three times a day, daily oils and lots of fun.  It was so rewarding to have a dog who was so grateful for car rides and walks.

She never left my side.

She was a teacher in every sense of the word.  Immediately accepted as the pack elder, she made all the other dogs seem so young.  She taught them how to behave at the beach, grinning in her gracious way as she paddled at the water’s edge.

Despite all the healings from various modalities, Clea refused to heal.  I  wondered what was in the way.  But deep down I knew she wanted to be reunited with the man who had been her main carer, an elder man who had dementia and passed when his beloved dog had finally found a home.  Clea knew he had passed, and her health took a dive from then, even as she made herself more at home with us.

She loved people and would greet everyone who came.  She adored my students and loved to sit in circle with them.   She wove her essence deep into our hearts.

In healing, we talk about healing and  cure.  Ultimately you want both a healing and a cure.  You can cure the symptoms and not heal the soul.  You can heal a soul without curing the body.  And the latter is what happened with Clea.

She made her peace.

She loved Raffi and died, briefly, an hour after he did.  But she came back from the other side.  My red heeler in spirit Cedar had told me it wasn’t Clea’s time, so we stood her up and she took a breath.  She gave us two more blissful weeks to pace our grief.

Mari, the Goose

Mari, the Goose

In that time, we also lost Mari, the precious goose who had had surgery on her beak.  It was healing so well, and then she broke it again.  She had a night in the vet hospital, beautiful surgery again – and died just as the vet was finishing.   We were all heartbroken – even though the signs were there.  I knew, even though I didn’t want to know, that she probably wouldn’t come back from the vet alive even though we had to try and give her our best.

Later, she told me she had a tumour.  Her soul was done.

Hard lessons from the animals.

Clea went for a walk on her last day on earth.  With her usual smile on her face.  Her nasal tumour had shrunk and was healing.   She had breakfast.  And then she died in our arms at sunset.  Peacefully.  We were left in shock.   She left such a giant hole, and even though we knew she wasn’t going to stay forever, you always hope they will.

Meanwhile, Willow was stressed by all the leavings and seizured on an off from the morning of Raffi’s death, to now.  I  began diffiusing Peace and Calming for her as she slept, rubbing Joy on her heart chakra and Valor on her paws, and jasmine on her head.    She appreciated that.

We were also treating an alpaca with an injury and diarrohea  And the day after we buried Clea, one of our thoroughbreds, Tessa, who happened to be in the house paddock for extra TLC with Dakota and Hedgerose, came to the kitchen side of the house and showed me she was dying.  She lay down pathetically and closed her eyes.

Hedgerose asked me if I could do anything.  “No,” I said, too numb for words.  But I did.   Her gums were pale so I gave her Rescue Remedy, and the  homeopathic Aconite for shock.  And in case she was experiencing colic, I treated her with Nux Vom, and then intensively with Carbo Veg and  Ars Alb.  I could hear gut noises and I remembered that Tessa had done this dramatic thing several years ago, standing up as if nothing had happened when the vet was at the front gate.

I  had also anointed her with the oils Valor, Joy and Aroma Life ( on the heart chakra) and despite the drama I could sense a shift.  She was no longer “dying”.

Andrew had long gone to bed and I was on night duty with Tessa.  I told her she was going to be fine and gave her a dose of Peace and Calming, with Peppermint and Di-Gize in apple juice.  The look on her face was comical.  I went off to get some hay, and when I returned she trotted towards me., hungry and alive.

And she still is.


I think the “letting go” period is over now.

Andrew and Tamsin and I are feeling a little shell-shocked, because even though it is the nature of life in the third dimension to lose those who are frail and elderly, loss still hurts.  Even as we see shades and talk to spirits and all of that, you still miss their amazing presence.

It just makes you love even more every day.  Because you never know how much time a soul has got.

I would encourage everyone to have the honour and privilege of taking an older animal on, because, simply, they rock.  Clea said to me, “You got to experience my essence”.

I did.  And her essence, and the experiences we shared, linger.  There is nothing in life more precious than that.

. . . . .

Billie Dean


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Divine Love Healing Circle – September 27, 2011

Emrys, September 2011

Hi everyone,

My next Divine Love Healing Circle will be held at the New Moon, September 27, 2011.

Here is how it works.

If you would like one or more animals included in this particular Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal’s name and breed.  On the the above date, I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care.

To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked.

Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment below on this bog post (or click the Leave a Comment link above).  Note that comments are moderated on my blog, so your comment will not appear instantly.

Note that I am doing this for free as a service to you and your animals.  Having said that, donations toward helping us take care of our Ballyoncree animals are always appreciated.

Oh, if you experience a change that you can attribute to the healing circle, please feel free to leave that as a comment as well. Also, it is worth checking back on this page once the Circle is done, as I sometimes leave comments and suggestions.  So have a look.

Warm blessings,



Photo credit: Billie Dean, © 2011. All rights reserved.

The Current Energies and Transition

Leaves in Transition

Full Moon, September 12, 2011

It has been a very rough few months, with the dying of the old dark energy of the wounded male archetype (which can be seen in women too).   We’ve seen lots of abuse and unnecessary  attack.  And so much animal grief – and grief for animals.  It truly has been horrendous.  My sense is that it has been, and still is triggered by the rise of the Divine Feminine.

But we have also seen human beings standing up and saying no to this abuse and as I keep mentioning, the astrology we are in, is the same as the 1960s.  We all said “no” then to the things we didn’t want.  And we can say “no” now.  The 1960s saw tremendous social change.  This time around, it will be faster – so be prepared to change with it.  Wake up to the fact that the world is changing and nothing is the same as it was before.

The great Divine Feminine is on the rise and this  is setting off a lot of change.  This is not something outside of us, it is within.  It is a return of an ancient way of being in the world that has been suppressed for a very long time.

The Divine Feminine is that which is alive, vital, unbridled joy and passion, intuitive, empathetic and instinctive.  We have all been taught to be asleep and live mundane lives.  That’s all changing as people rediscover their true spiritual nature – walking with their inner male and female in harmonious balance and incredible respect for animals and nature.

This is evolution.  And it is unstoppable.

This is what I focus on, instead of all the old third dimensional drama, even as we act compassionately to help those in true need stuck in that drama.  And animals are definitely stuck in that drama and need our help.

So this period now is about letting go our limitations and fears and all that does not serve us, so we can fully step into who we are meant to be.

We are right now facing the end of the ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calender, according to the translation by Carl Johan Calleman (Amazon affiliate link).  It ends on October 28, 2011.

It’s time to really walk our talk of peace, by being still and centred in the middle of drama and chaos,  It’s not easy, but this is something I teach, as I think it is so important.

The veils are definitely thinning and may disappear completely sooner than we think.  Already I have moved into living with my multi-dimensional selves, which could be disconcerting for people who might not understand what is happening.  I foretell a period of spiritual emergency for many, and lightworkers are needed to help people through that experience.  It’s all fantastic, but can be, as I said, unnerving for those going through it.  You are not going mad.  You are simply coming home to your true self.

As the layers of sleep dust fall away, realise that you are not living in a fantasy novel.  That you have had past lives and you are multi-dimensional.

The new era we are moving into demands that we open, allow and let go all those old chains holding us to the coarse, third dimensional way of doing things.

I have found that even though I have always communicated with the world, now I am the world.  If you go within and find your stillness and your other senses, you will find that you are too.  It is called “oneness”.  How can one be angry when the peace of the rivers live within us, and the wind, and the birds who chirp and sing?   When the trees are within us, and the gentle sunshine.

Find a place in nature to be and see how by hurting nature and the animals, we hurt ourselves.  It is time to be gentle and kind and compassionate and patient and tolerant.

Our Mother, the Earth, cannot take our pain anymore, and neither can the animals.  Leave the wounds and old stories behind and become peace.

This year’s Equinox comes at the Mayan Sixth Night.  This is a time of balance and an important time that ancients around the globe would always celebrate with ceremony.

So please join us in meditation and light a candle or a fire – for this very special day.

. . . . . .


Billie Dean


Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2011.  Please share this article in its entirety with author’s name. 

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Dealing with Death, and R.I.P Raffi, the Movie Star Dog

Raffi, August 2011

Raffi, from August 2011, taken about two weeks before his passing.

Death is one of those mysteries that informs our life, but is never really discussed in our society.  We are not taught to grieve.  And especially not over the loss of an animal companion.  Death and dying is, however, one of the things we discuss in detail during my animal shamanism classes because you want an animal professional to be clear about an animal’s last journey.

In our society, it is common practise by the veterinary profession and others to suggest an animal be “put out of his misery”, not understanding that there is a soul journey involved and a sentient being inside a furry coat with desires of their own.  Death is a natural process, like birth.  It’s only sometimes that help is needed.  And as I teach, sometimes all that is in the way of them leaving naturally, is telling us one final message, or  making one final request.

Having assisted the natural deaths of many, many animals, I am always amazed at the impeccable timing of the animal’s chosen time.  And so it was with our beloved Raffi – a passing so great that it has left all of us feeling delicate.  Having been  emotionally strong when Raffi was passing, I recognised the symptoms of my heart unravelling when Andrew and Tamsin left me alone on the normal homeschool group activity day in Canberra a few days afterwards.

Normally I love my “me” days.  I write.  I hang out with the animals.  I listen to the music and stuff I want to listen to without a teenager rolling her eyes.  But the day began with the brumbies having broken a fence, and there were cuts and loose stools and mares lying down.  The only way I could treat these wild ones was with energetic medicine, colloidal silver, and homeopathics in the drinking water.

The energy medicine worked, the mares got to their feet and the rest of the day was uneventful until I completed the evening chores with my heart suddenly pounding in my chest.  I took a deep breath and tuned into my higher guidance.  A hot water bottle was suggested.  So I lit the fire, got a hot bottle, dowsed my heart chakra in Aroma Life essential oil, and sat with my unravelling wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle on my chest.

It felt like my skin was raw.  The thought of the mundane, gross and shrill TV, or even movies, was horror to me.  I needed quiet and stillness.  I needed to grieve.  My chest was burning.   I thought it would burst open if I let it.   I took deep, calming breaths.  Raw and traumatised. I realised that I was holding grief for so many beloveds.  During recent ceremonies, all the killed farm animals – the so called “stock” of the meat industry –had come in for healing and release.  The heaviness in the room afterwards was palpable and it took a while to clear.  Grief was up in the animal world, and I was carrying that, as well as my own for Raffi.

It was time to let it go.

After about an hour, I had recovered enough to make dog dinners and hold the fort until Andrew got home to take over and I gratefully sunk into a deep and healing sleep.

I’m still feeling the fragility that comes with the loss of a loved one even though my head is clear, and I feel integrated and grounded again. To lose Raffi was like losing the heartbeat of our home, because he touched so many through his films and teaching.  He was officially Tamsin’s dog.  She named him the moment she saw him, exhausted, hungry and begging a place to live.  They adored each other.

Years later, his lifeless form lay on the dog bed under a yellow blanket – the colour of sunshine – which is what he was to us, to his fans, and to his animal communication students.

His passing to the world of spirit was very Raffi: charming, peaceful – and his way.  He gave orders right to the end, while we held space and offered remedies and Transition essence.

There is nothing like a life well lived, and a peaceful natural crossing to the other side.  It was an honour to sit in silence with him – and then behold his last breath and his joyful freedom.  He was thrilled to be able to see again, (he’d had cataracts) and said he would be back very soon.

I still feel his presence all around me.   Especially when it hits me that another precious beloved has left us and my heart starts to shake.  Raffi is like an angel then, a comforting blanket of unconditional love.

Raffi knew he was leaving and he knew when.  When I held him crying, and singing a song that had come through in a dream the night before, he waited patiently and gave me a little lick.  He let me grieve and I let him know how much he was loved.

I knew he was leaving, because I was crying and singing – and also because Cedar, our red heeler in spirit, left me a strong sign.

I was down at the stables and picked up a dog tag.  As soon as I read the name “Cedar”, I knew something was up.  Cedar had been gone for over a year.  She appeared in spirit and said she would look after Raffi.  And she did.  She was there at the end, waiting for him in the light.

Raffi rallied for about three weeks after that – and as often happens, looked healthier on the day he died, than he had on that day I mourned him with a song.

He was eating and enjoying life in the gentle spring sun.  He sat in his last circle of animal shamanism students, and was grateful for all the healing we did late in the night.  I kidded myself that he had changed his mind and would stay.  But he hadn’t.  He just changed his date.

Raffi came into our lives in the winter of 1999.  He turned up  on our doorstep as I was writing Finding Joy and turned out to be the perfect star.  Our telepathic connection meant that he was never trained, but he could “hit his mark” for the camera, look depressed on cue, and ad-libbed to make our film even better. Here is the song I wrote and sang for him in Finding Joy.

He was a bit annoyed he wasn’t the star of 7 Days with 7 Dogs – and had to share the lime light with the others.  But in typical Raffi form, he made sure he stole the show more than once.  He knew how to work the camera.

He hasn’t told me when he will be back or what form he will take.  He just said we would recognise him.  Our gentle, cheeky movie star, leaves a huge hole in the tapestry of our sacred weaving here at home.  A lively thread is missing — of brilliant colour.

He left me with a message to give others: “Be happy and love lots.”

And in these times of intense transition, make sure you make every day a jewel.

. . . . . .

Billie Dean


Copyright ©  Billie Dean, 2011.  Please share this article in its entirety with author’s name. 

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