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Equinox Energies and Animal Transmissions

September 23, 2011 The Equinox is a special day for doing fire ceremony and setting your intention for what you want, after shedding whatever it is you don’t want.  It is a day of balance and harmony.  It is made even more powerful by coinciding with the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar and truly a time to let go any old stories of the past forever.  A good time to ask the fire to help you dissolve the chains of karma. The world needs us to be happy and alive because of the morphogenic field factor.  This means that we affect the world around us with our mood and emotions.  If we raise our vibration, we can shift the experience of the world around us.  So this is why I keep talking about finding out what it is that brings you joy, and setting your intention to do more of it. What are your priorities? And think of this not so much in an old third dimensional way, because that way no longer exists for so many of us.  Think of it as new.  Really think.  What is it you want?  … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Clea, the Beautiful German Shephard, and Mari, the Goose

September 23, 2011 Clea’s shade is in the bedroom, next to the bed, urging me out for a walk.  “Come on, my dear,” she says enthusiastically.  “Let’s go and experience the day.” When I agree, she swishes her elegant sweeping tail and glides out of the house, a huge smile on her face – just as she did in life. Later, her shade is in the kitchen, where I am at the computer in the wee hours trying to finish some work. “Come to bed, my dear,” she says.  “You need your rest.” I can’t help the tears when I look up and she isn’t there.  She always waited for me to go to bed. Clea was a 13-year-old German Shepherd who came to us for hospice care.  She needed a home and we loved her and swore to make every day a jewel.  We believe in the healing ability of the joy factor.  And Clea’s time with us was pure joy. “Do you want dinner, Clea?”  Her eyes would light up and she would run again, to her spot on the verandah where we put her bowl on a table for her to eat – her nasal … [Read more...]

Divine Love Healing Circle – September 27, 2011

Hi everyone, My next Divine Love Healing Circle will be held at the New Moon, September 27, 2011. Here is how it works. If you would like one or more animals included in this particular Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal's name and breed.  On the the above date, I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care. To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked. Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment … [Read more...]

The Current Energies and Transition

Full Moon, September 12, 2011 It has been a very rough few months, with the dying of the old dark energy of the wounded male archetype (which can be seen in women too).   We’ve seen lots of abuse and unnecessary  attack.  And so much animal grief – and grief for animals.  It truly has been horrendous.  My sense is that it has been, and still is triggered by the rise of the Divine Feminine. But we have also seen human beings standing up and saying no to this abuse and as I keep mentioning, the astrology we are in, is the same as the 1960s.  We all said “no” then to the things we didn’t want.  And we can say “no” now.  The 1960s saw tremendous social change.  This time around, it will be faster – so be prepared to change with it.  Wake up to the fact that the world is changing and nothing is the same as it was before. The great Divine Feminine is on the rise and this  is setting off a lot of change.  This is not something outside of us, it is within.  It is a return of an … [Read more...]

Dealing with Death, and R.I.P Raffi, the Movie Star Dog

Death is one of those mysteries that informs our life, but is never really discussed in our society.  We are not taught to grieve.  And especially not over the loss of an animal companion.  Death and dying is, however, one of the things we discuss in detail during my animal shamanism classes because you want an animal professional to be clear about an animal’s last journey. In our society, it is common practise by the veterinary profession and others to suggest an animal be “put out of his misery”, not understanding that there is a soul journey involved and a sentient being inside a furry coat with desires of their own.  Death is a natural process, like birth.  It’s only sometimes that help is needed.  And as I teach, sometimes all that is in the way of them leaving naturally, is telling us one final message, or  making one final request. Having assisted the natural deaths of many, many animals, I am always amazed at the impeccable timing of the animal’s chosen time.  And so it … [Read more...]