Riding the Energies of the Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar EclipseThis Friday (July 1, 2011) heralds the end of the current eclipse season with the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse.  It is a very powerful and potent day.

Whereas the beginning of the eclipse season felt like a purging, the energies post solstice have felt like, “Okay, now you have let go of the past, step into the new dawn of a new era.”  Consciously.

It really is time to let out the authentic you without the inhibitions of your upbringing and culture.  Really ask yourself, what is it that makes you grin and feel excited?  What makes you feel peaceful?  What makes you feel alive?  Who are you?

We have a tremendous opportunity with all the planets behind us to move forward.  It’s a time of intuition and heart.  A new place.

We can expect more change globally.  I feel the old guard trying to keep control and keep a lid on the eruption of people restlessly awakening.   So this is being acted out in crazy ways.  Just be strong, keep your eye on the big picture, and if you don’t know what that is, please see our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon.

My sense is there will be an answering call to the wilderness of the dark by a light-filled explosion of new ideas and creative thinking.   People will create social change.  Remember, this is the energy of the 1960s, multiplied. So let’s create the kinder, more gentle world we all yearn for.

Many people think the new era is something that will just happen.  They don’t understand that we are creating that new dawn with every thought and action right now, which is why it is so important to live ethically and to fly high as an eagle.  Living from the heart intelligence is the way through any wilderness – and this will be the way through the dreaming forest we call the new reality.

This is why it is important to nurture and have joy and keep your vibration high.  Because that is the frequency and energy needed for the new era.  Instead of being a victim, see life as a game.   Be curious about it.

Here at Owl Cottage, I am taking the advice of the animals and doing what I can to de-clutter a house which has really suffered the loss, a few years ago, of the mudroom/laundry!  (Our house is over 100 years old and in dire need of patching.)

Clutter is dense energy.  There is an urgency that the animals have been feeling the last few years to really get our homes turned into sanctuaries of peace.  The animals think this is really important, and I can understand why.   So while our kitchen table holds a treasure map of  magazine cutouts of light-filled rooms, with storage for dog towels and dog bedding, and delicious warm laundries where a lamb or a goat baby might be happy to spend the night,  I wrap my head around  these possible renovations, which seem to be coming together in beautiful synchronicity.  We have found recycled timbers and windows and doors in our local area.  And I am tremendously excited to think we might soon have a west wall back up again after three years without one.  (Before the cold wind season, please!)

I’ve found lots of people are feeling “nesty” and trying to find their special place in the world.  Home seems to be a focus for many, many people.  This feels important as we humans embark on a new social movement to become more attuned to the land on which we live, honouring the spirits of place, growing our own food and becoming more involved in local community.  This is an ultra-green movement, with an emphasis on sustainability with heart.  It’s been building but watch it mushroom over the next year or so.

For many lightworkers, it feels as if the hard work we have done is now complete.  Wow. So it means we can now turn our attention to service in a new way. A lighter way. A fun way.  A heart way.

It’s time to leave the past struggle behind, drop the old suit of despair and “woe is me”, and move into trust, faith, love and fun.


The new framework of the new world is standing there now.  It takes new skills to live there.  Duality is a thing of the past.  So is density.   All the skills we have been learning about setting intention and watching our thoughts really need to come into play now.  It’s like we have been human apprentices to our God/Goddess natures and now we can begin to step up into a more expanded state of being.  This eclipse and solstice season was a period of initiation for many.

If you are still waking up or not yet awoken, know the energies will continue to create situations in your life so that you do.  So best to go with the flow with the awareness that we are the new humans walking on a new earth in a new era of peace.  It’s not time to resist.  The world of scientific materialism hasn’t worked.  So try something else!  Accept the changes!  And join in the fun, creating a new world with the very best our collaborative imaginations have to offer.

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Divine Love Healing Circle – July 1, 2011

Divine Love Healing Circle

Hi everyone,

It is time to get ready for my next Divine Love Healing Circle.  This one will be held on the New Moon, July 1, 2011.

Here is how it works.

If you would like one or more animals included in this particular Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal’s name and breed.  On the the above date, I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care.

To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked.

Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment below on this bog post (or click the Leave a Comment link above).  Note that comments are moderated on my blog, so your comment will not appear instantly.

Note that I am doing this for free as a service to you and your animals.  Having said that, donations toward helping us take care of our Ballyoncree animals are always appreciated.

Oh, if you experience a change that you can attribute to the healing circle, please feel free to leave that as a comment as well.

Warm blessings,



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More Crunchy Times – Yipeeeeeeeeee!

Full Moon with LeafThe full moon beckons me outside, where a light rain makes me grateful for beanie and gumboots as I set off toward the ponies. I can sense the Otherworld so close right now. The moon’s gentle light bathes me with light. Grandfather Healing Bear whispers in my ear, as small black kelpies dance around me and Clea the German Shepherd pads beside me like a gentle wolf. In the dark, a bird flies. It is indeed a time for Listening.

This is the time of the eclipses – powerful, transformative, thoroughly exciting and hugely dramatic. There is about a six-week period where, if you use this time and journal, you will notice just how transformed you will become!

A Period of Emotional Distress

It began with a bang on June 1st, with a partial solar eclipse marked by an intensity of emotional distress unlike I have ever known. I called it a “tsunami of distress”. After ten days of helping others, I reset my own boundaries, took the phone off the hook and shut down my email. I needed a me day. A day for my own family and to rest and balance, and consider the energies.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised I needed more balance in my life – and what it would look and feel like if I did that. Something needed to change. My heart told me to play more, and that that was important. I asked Andrew to bring out his guitar and wondered if I could learn the penny whistle. I could see a future me in a Celtic folk band, playing uplifting songs that I had written! This would be my play – my balance.

And then I thought, what do I want to do with my time? And images of writing and hanging out with animals and nature still came up strongly. I am a Listener. I am a Bard. It’s time to embrace all that I am, using my internal I AM, guided by my heart.

Stepping into Our Heart Selves

This is a message for all of us. Now more than ever, it is time to step into our heart selves.

So while I was happy to help – especially animals in need – there was something unusual about this time. And I knew that it would change the way I lived forever.

The eclipse had brought a wave of distress and the big issues were up. Each person experienced it uniquely. We are all energy systems, and during intense times like these, it depends how you interface with it. It doesn’t matter if you are new to awakening or have been treading the path for decades. Each person is perfectly placed. Each person is beauty unfolding. And for each of us, it is a perfect opportunity to see the triggers and act on them, caterpaulting you into the direction your heart really wants to go.

As an animal shaman, I saw how conventional medicine was failing animals at a time when conventional and holistic medicine could work together. That week it was in sharp relief, with most of the distress calls coming from people who the conventional world had failed. All people needed to know was that there another way other than the needle. And there was.

Many souls were saved that week. And it made me realize I needed another platform for healing. I launched the Divine Love Healing Circle – and committed to more books about my work. And taking the time to write them. It felt more important than ever to empower others.

My friends in the Otherworld were pleased. They told me books would take too long. They suggested I blog. I asked them how I would be supported so I could support my family and the animals in my care. They told me to trust. And that felt right. The old money systems really do feel outmoded now. I can sense them crumbling.

So if you are one of those people having your buttons pushed right now, please know that you are not alone. We are in Eclipse season, and they stir the pot. They make life intense and they make change. They are like a boil underneath the surface of the skin, ready to pop. They will make you look clearly at yourself, and ask you to shift and grow and move with the energies – into an upgraded model of yourself.

You are especially being asked to sit in your centre and follow your heart. In this time, mind-centered decisions no longer work – the heart must lead your way. We all need to step into the present moment with trust. Even if you can’t see the new future clearly, just take the next step. One foot in front of the other, following your heart.

Change in the Time of the Full Lunar Eclipse

In the bigger world, change, too, is being called for.

Today and tomorrow (June 15-16, 2011) is the time of the full lunar eclipse with a powerful full moon. This eclipse will last 100 minutes.

Hot on its heels is the Solstice – another powerful time energetically – and this is followed by another Partial Solar Eclipse on July 1st’s New moon in Cancer. A good time to stay at home and self nurture. Be cosy, be calm. And Listen.

We are in a time when many beloveds might choose to leave this dimension or planet, and indeed as I write this, I learned of a client – a Maltese called Emily – who passed last night and had a powerful message for us all. She said she was off to the fifth dimension to play, and that playing would help raise the vibration of the planet. So we had to do it too. She is one of many working on the other side to ensure we have this shift.

My sense of this current Eclipse period is that the first week felt like a layer of skin being ripped away. Lots of people’s stuff was up. There were tears and overwhelm, boundary issues and fear. The Eclipse season was intensified by big solar flare activity. There were wildfires, floods, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes.

As all species are the children of Mother Earth, we are all connected.  So, of course our own systems are being stirred up, and vice versa. What is within is without – and peace is being demanded of us.

In Australia there was a huge outcry against the inhumanity towards animals – in particular for cows being slaughtered in Indonesia.  As I write, I know it heralds a more compassionate era for all animals. People are waking up, and many meat eaters are turning vegetarian, sickened by the cruelty. A kinder, more gentler world will come from this.

In Japan Fukushima is being heralded as a disaster worse than Chernobyl and the videos of the 20,000 animals left to die in the dead zone brought further outcry. Animal rescue is doing what they can – but what about the Japanese government? Why aren’t animals considered important enough to be taken care of during a disaster? This, too, will be an area of change.

We are seeing a push to bestow legal rights on Mother Earth.

Governments around the world are coming clean with UFO disclosure and the presence of non-Earth beings on our planet.

More disclosure about vaccines and fluoride in the water are coming out. (I even read there is talk of adding lithium to the water, which just made it  feel like desperate clutching to control a waking populace – I could only laugh.) And so it goes on.

Restless and Relentless

The energies are restless and relentless.It may feel like chaos – but when you look at it from a high place, it is a world cleansing itself for more beautiful and better things. I can now see clearly the world of tomorrow that this planet will become – and it is indeed heaven on Earth. We are being asked to become more earth honouring, more self sufficient, more green, kind, compassionate, community minded and peaceful. The “wealth” industries, with their success at any cost, just seem crude and things of a darker age.

It is a time to simplify, to grow your own food and herbs as disasters push up the price of food or simply make it less available. It’s time to truly consider exploring veganism. It’s time to realize that a new era of peace comes from people taking peaceful action and to roll with the inevitable. We are in the era of change.

This is the cleansing year and we are right now in the eye of the storm.

My sense with the full moon energy and this Lunar Eclipse is that we are being flooded with Divine Light and Love. The planet feels bathed in love. A sweet, gentle full moon light. And the rusty door to our sleeping mind is being gently yanked open.

While others are being challenged, pushed, prodded and cleansed, there are some of us who are definitely adrift in a new world. Rejuvenating. Having spiritual breakthroughs and “aha” moments, finding the joy of being alive in this incredible time.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the river of evolution – keep swimming, knowing that a surfboard awaits you!

This is a time for laughter and doing those things that make you come alive. It’s a time to let inspiration flow, to figure that we are all undergoing change and to have compassion for each other, as well as the other species on our planet. So get creative and bold in your thinking!!

Drop anger and hate – live gracefully.

Be kind to each other, as well as to yourself.

Anything you wanted to change in your life, will be brought into sharp focus and you can use these energies to allow your dreams to come true.

Your heart knows the way through the wilderness – let it take you by the hand and lead the way!

Billie Dean


June/July Eclipse season – 2011

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Ballyoncree News – June 2011

The Ballyoncree Diaries

Solar Eclipse – June 1, 2011


Dusty, at Ballyoncree, June 2011

Something pushed me awake.  I lay in bed, desperate to return to sleep.  I’d only had a few hours.  “Dusty,” I thought.  He had woken me up in that silent world of telepathy. I put my psychic attention onto the dog who slept in the office, the one who travelled away from us yesterday after one of his turns.  His heart had still beat weakly, but Dusty was not at home. I’d done a healing with him, reaching for Source and allowing the Divine energy of Light and Love to do whatever was needed for Highest Good.  And I’d left him, finally, on a cosy blue knit patchwork covered with a soft baby blanket, feeling so grateful for the donations of both of these and the kind generosity of the people who supported us this way. Our blanket collection had been getting thin.

As I went to record his condition in the Ballyoncree animal health book, I noticed the words ARS ALB 1M.  This is a homeopathic I use often for horses needing to make up their minds to stay or go.  And when I looked it up in the materia medica I found it perfect for Dusty’ s condition.  Weakness, debility, fever.  I gave it to him at 2.30 am, and left him travelling peacefully.  Now it was nearly 6 am and the sun was glimpsing on the dark horizon.

“I want a drink,” came the silent words, which had me leaving my cosy nest of husband and dogs and pulling on jumpers and jeans to tend him.

“I only have transition essence in the office,” I sent.

“That will do.”

I padded into the room adjoining ours, gave him another dose of homeopathic ARS ALB, and dribbled Transition Essence into his mouth.  Dusty stirred.

“Welcome home,” I said quietly, smiling with relief.  “Thank you for coming home.”

Dusty indicated he had to relieve himself, so I picked him up in my arms and padded outside, where we took in the dawn of a new day together.  He showed me he was stronger now, and we went to the kitchen for the fluids he needed for strength.  Rice milk and slippery elm is my favourite fasting and post-fasting food, and Vital Greens.  I had to syringe it in.

He slept again peacefully, and later was able to drink and take a few steps on his own.  Tomorrow he will be stronger still and we are all grateful for the heart returned still beating.

Dusty’s journey to us was a difficult one.  He has suffered kill pounds and shocking abuse.  But he is the sweetest brown kelpie you have ever met.  And we are grateful for his gentle presence. Still.  Every day is a jewel.

June 15, 2011, 3:00 am

I have just come in from moving the ponies into their stables for the few hours until dawn.  They are happily munching hay and keeping Bindi company.  Bindi is the most senior horse here, and it wasn’t long ago that we found him lying down in the morning after an autumn cold snap – in pain, not wanting to eat, and  blood in his stools.

For the blood, I started working with the herb yarrow, and gave him nettle for his alarming paleness.  The blood in his stools was from an intestinal ulcer.  (Comfrey and golden seal.)   My aim was to reassure him that he could live and recover.  I gave him anti-inflammatory herbs for the pain – things like white willow bark and others.  Oils, homoeopathy,  herbs and shamanic energy healing all worked together synergistically to bring him back to health.  It took a few days of intense nursing and then suddenly he was looking more comfortable, starting to eat, and the blood in his stool disappeared, as all the herbs and medicines kicked in and did their healing repair.

No vet.  Just healer friends, holistic medicine, and me.

Now he is eating well, has more strength in his greeting neigh, has well formed stools , free of blood and happily potters around with his girl ponies.   But his condition is delicate and I like to stable him at night for a few hours every now and then to check his elimination.

He also gets blood purifying herbs twice a day and Young Living Di-Gize before his three meals a day.

Every day he is with us, is a jewel.

Madness, these late hours.  I am high on cocoa – and the energy of the full moon.  Who can sleep in these exciting times, when the wind speaks late in the night, and the trees call, and the Otherworld beckons?  It is intoxicating to be wild, in nature, even if it is just carrying hay to the stables, shivering in my beanie and tying a scarf more securely around my neck.

Grandfather Healing Bear, my healing spirit guide, assures me that our latest rescue dog, Clea, will heal.  She tells me she feels better than she has for a long time.  She might have funny lumps and bumps and be very thin, but she dashes out the door at the mention of a walk or a car ride, is eager for food and stays by my side.  Just the other day, she chased a horse.

Happiness is half the battle in health challenges.  And so long as I don’t look at her with any concern, she remains happy.  She doesn’t want me to fuss or worry.  She is strict about that.  So we all remain cheerful and expect a miracle.  She, too, is on a synergistic mix of therapeutic oils, immune boosting supplements, homeopathy , herbs and constitutional drops.

I love seeing her happy.  And she is insisting I learn the lesson of never fearing dis-ease – to always remain positive .  I can see in her eyes when my eyes express concern.  So I look at her bumps and lumps and keep affirming her good health with truth in my heart.  She relaxes then.  It is what I teach my students to do as well.  Be cheerful.  See past the dis-ease.  See the beauty of the original blueprint.  Don’t  affirm their health challenge – help them resonate higher than the dis-ease so they can heal.

It truly doesn’t matter what the outcome is, so long as the journey is filled with love and happiness.  When you are doing all you can do to provide a being with the opportunity to heal, it is ultimately up to them to decide.  And right now, Clea wants to live, and is living with gusto!  And we are supporting her to do that, and benefiting as well.  She makes me take walks even more than the lively kelpies do – because it is part of her healing.

Tamsin is doing a great job being my assistant.  I have her giving constitutional drops from Vitality Health Centre to Willow and Clea, homeopathy from Holistic Animal Medicines to Raffi Dusty, Clea and Willow, and herbs and oils and supplements to Clea as well.  I do the oil treatments at the moment, and tend Red the cat’s eye, which went cloudy after he scratched it.  I simply use healing herbs and homeopathy in silver colloid and he is getting better daily.  Beautifully.


Red, one of the Ballyoncree cats

Many thanks to Elaine Cebuliak of Animal Wellness for the suggestion of Copaiba oil (one of the Young Living oils). Duh.  It is the best anti-inflammatory, and I use it all the time.  Elaine suggested I put some on the back of Red’s neck.  As cats are very sensitive to the oils, I diluted with V6 oil (although Elaine shared that she makes up her own vegetable oil combination to mix in with the Young Living oil).

If you don’t know the story of the Ballyoncree cats, here’s a quick summary. They were found living in a cage outside the home of a backyard breeder around 12 years ago.  I thought they were kittens, and was shocked to find they were full grown cats, and had spent all their lives in this cage.  I brought home all of them.  Red was last to be rescued, as the breeder considered breeding from him.  The cats all lived in our old kitchen, used as a pantry, because they were too scared to move out of a small space.

Eventually, and with coaxing and healing, they began to explore the house, and then the property.  They would all come home at night and sleep by the fire with the dogs.  Often they would come for walks with the dogs.  Even across the creek.

There are only two left now, and they are enjoying being inside by choice.  Red is sitting on my lap purring as I write, and he features in my next book with lots of feline wisdom.

Smokey at Ballyoncree

Smokey, enjoying a nibble of grass at Ballyoncree

Smokey the 11 year old latest rescue horse is very happy and healing his trust issues. and his previous person is thrilled we have taken him because, “No one else up here would.”    He hangs out with the thoroughbreds, standing out amongst the bays and chestnuts and I know we will talk and play – when the time is right.  Recently he had his feet done for the first time by our wonderful farrier Darrell Bosley who we are very sad to see retire after 13 years of beautiful service.  Darrel never needed to halter our horses to trim their hooves.  They worked together in mutual trust and harmony.

Willow found the working bee a bit of a trigger, and had a seizure cluster of 20 seizures.  But right now she is great, and I have to thank Vitality for their help once again, and also Leanne at Holistic Animal Medicines.  Willow is on a ton of supplements and holistic medicines, including Young Living oils like Aroma Seize. and we love her just the way she is.  Sometimes she doesn’t seizure for months.  This year has been hard for her.   She is an awesome teacher and we have a history of past lives together.   We are her third home, and she’s deaf as well — but a bright and funny soul who has taken me on many inner journeys seeking help for her in this and other dimensions.

During one of my recent many explorations into the Otherworld, I realised that the reason Willow was so resistant to healing was because Willow  is actually healing me – pushing me to explore my connection to Source. my I AM consciousness, and the ability to invoke Divine Love for the Highest Good.

This was one of the biggest “aha’s” I recieved from the current Eclipse season that is creating change everywhere and opening our hearts to the Higher Consciousness flooding the planet.  I feel so humble in Willow’s great presence – that she trusted me to heal and remember who I truly am, so she could then finally be healed herself.

It left me feeling a little shaky.

Thanks for listening.   Watch for more Ballyoncree Diaries as they bubble up!

Peace and Blessings for All beings,

Billie Dean

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Divine Love Healing Circle for June 2011

Healing Dog

As I really can’t meet the demand for my service as an animal shaman, I thought I would give you an opportunity to receive “healing” for your animals through my Divine Love Healing Circle.

Here is how it works.

If you would like one or more animals included in my Divine Love Healing Circle, leave a comment on this blog post giving the animal’s name and breed.  On the full moon (this month it is June 16th), I will conduct  a Divine Love Healing Circle, where I will send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to the animals listed here, along with the ones who are in my care.

To be clear, I don’t send healing. I send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, which is like a blessing for the Highest Good.  That is because I believe it is not up to us to send healing, especially when there is no permission from the person to whom that healing is directed.  Every being has their own soul journey.  By sending Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness, all human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked.

Again, if you want to register your animal for this healing circle, leave a comment below on this bog post (or click the Leave a Comment link above).  Note that comments are moderated on my blog, so your comment will not appear instantly.

Note that I am doing this for free as a service to you and your animals.  Having said that, donations toward helping us take care of our Ballyoncree animals are always appreciated.

Oh, if you experience a change that you can attribute to the healing circle, please feel free to leave that as a comment as well.

Warm blessings,



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