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An Open Letter to Our Local MP, Dr. Mike Kelly, About Stopping Live Animal Exports

Here is the letter that Andrew and I sent to our local member Dr. Mike Kelly on May 31, 2011 Dear Dr Kelly, I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my wife, Billie Dean, in your capacity as our local member for Eden-Monaro and as Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. We must express our deepest concern, and indeed, outrage at the live export trade as conducted by Australia. While many of us have long felt that the current practice of shipping of animals to other countries is nothing short of evil incarnate, the images seen on 4Corners on ABC1 last night, May 30, 2011, including the treatment of animals and the slaughter practices in Indonesia, have once again brought into sharp relief just how unacceptable this is. We feel that Australia should not be involved in this form of trade and slaughter either actively or passively. It is no longer acceptable to treat animals in this way. We urge the Australian Government to stop this live trade … [Read more...]

Crunchy Times: You Are Not Alone

After a couple of super-charged, high emotion weeks where many animals and people suddenly left the planet causing shock and grief:  many people  were very emotional and  others in plain overwhelm, I thought it best to quickly write another post to make sure all my friends were not feeling alone. Don’t feel alone.  Everything, and I mean everything, is up right now for healing and release.  Everything.  For everyone. So, if you know you still have forgiveness to do and issues to work out – do it.  Do your personal work. There is much anger and irritability about, and all those ghosts of the past  are being drawn into your world – as I said – for healing and release.  It really is a time to notice, notice, notice who the Universe is sending your way and all those conversations you are having.  What’s being said?  What’s triggering you?  This is your clue to what is needing your attention.   It could  also be that you find old friends and /or family have shifted again and have … [Read more...]

Our Language and How We Treat Animals

For years I have been agitating for a change to the language we use around animals.  I've written about it in my article How Can You Own a Soul? and extensively about it in my book Secret Animal Business. (The short version: words like "it", "pet", "owner" and "stock" are out, words like "he" or "she", "animal companion", "animal carer" and addressing animals by name are in.) I teach this to my students and I gave two lectures on it just on Sunday at the Sydney Vegan Expo. I truly believe if we change our language we can effect animal welfare in a very positive way.  We can help people understand that animals are not things or toys and they aren't disposable.  They are true members of our family.  They are teachers, guardians and kin.  They deserve love and respect.  They are intelligent and sentient -- and they have souls. Language is very, very important.  It's time we stopped using language around animals that depersonalises, that creates distance, that in any way shape or … [Read more...]