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2012 Phenomenon: Times of Change

This is cross-posted from my other blog, at our company web site for Wild Pure Heart Productions. You can see the original blog post there. I’m writing on the Autumn Equinox from a very wet little Avalon, which feels more Irish than country Australia. It is green, misty, cool and calm here but I feel around the planet, so much brewing. I feel the world is so different now.   There is an energetic shift firmly in place. We have arrived on that part of the ladder that is just underneath the cloud door called the Fifth World , The Fifth Hoop, The Fifth Dimension -- or perhaps simply Ascension. If you are feeling worried about the chaos in the world, please  elevate your emotions and awareness..  Simply shine your light and stay positive because I have tapped into this New Era and it is amazing!   It is full of grace and beauty.  Going down the path of sorrow, pain, fear and anxiety will simply create more universal darkness. Instead it is time to light the lamp within and … [Read more...]

My interview with Supreme Master TV

Supreme Master TV broadcast an extensive interview with me.  Here it is, in two parts. Part I Part II … [Read more...]