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Staying in Love, Not Fear, for Queensland and Northern NSW

I just wanted to thank everyone on the call last night for coming and holding space with me during our meditation to lift the vibration, send DIvine Love and Peace, ask for balance, for the highest good of all concerned, and step out of fear into love. As I said to the group, when I did this meditation at home with Andrew, it stopped raining. The best thing we can do at the moment is keep on expecting the best, keep staying in love, keep positive and keep compassionate, rolling up our sleeves and doing what we can to help everyone in Queensland and Northern NSW during these floods. A lot of people are blaming the floods on climate change, and indigenous people around the world have talked about the Earth Changes for a long long time.  It was in the early '90s that  a native American elder phoned me and told me I had to start writing about the coming Earth Changes.  Well, here we are. According to Aboriginal elder Minmia, who I interviewed for This Sacred Earth: The 2012 … [Read more...]