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The Road to 2012 and Intense Astrology for the Next Bit of the Journey

We are in for an interesting time ahead and I really wanted to do some research with my favourite skywatchers to help you make the most of the coming period. To begin with, there's been lots of what are loosely called Ascension symptoms. If you've been wiped out with fatigue, know you are not alone. Cleansing illnesses - stomach wogs and flus have been giving people an opportunity to cleanse and the dream time has been very busy, making people tired when they wake up. There's also been more physical challenges like bumps, lumps and cell changes. Many of these can be dissolved through simple and heart felt forgiveness. We are also seeing many more animals leaving us for many reasons - suddenly, sadly, opening hearts with grief and loss, and leaving a trail of lessons from words which should not have been spoken, angers which could have been better directed, and other human guilts making the humans strive to be better. And others have just left because it was … [Read more...]