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How to Pray Rain

Please join me in praying rain the old and sacred way. Most of NSW is currently in drought.  In our area, we haven’t had decent rain for a year. You often see people say they want to pray “for” rain.  This pushes rain away. It makes it in the future and it continues the drought. Read more

Crop Circles and the Promise of Hope

Solstice, June 21, 2016 This morning, being full moon with Solstice energies blaring, I received a loud message to share. It came with a discussion with my guides about choosing worlds and healing worlds. So I Listened. This message was for all of us: It is up to you all now to choose the world you Read more

Twilight Zone

Eclipse, Equinox, Easter, Serpent Energy and A Message from Gypsy, the Centaur Queen of Avalon 16 March 2016 March is a month in which surrender is the best thing we can all do! The biggest month astrologically this year, it is a time for endings. For re-set. For re-think. For letting go. For going within. Read more

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